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    brantuk LOL:) Its good to know my efforts haven't fallen on fallow ground irony rules
  2. You have some good replies to your question already, I add, although in theory you should use an active lead, often a good quality usb lead will work fine over that length ( even with an additional usb to usb extender connector
  3. freesaxon


    Just like to say hello to everyone, and `Happy Christmas’ ! I live in the `once Great’ Britain in North Wales at a location that should be ideal for Astronomy. I am 58, and have never ( up until now ? ) had enough time or money to pursue the hobby, due to family etc. Seeing the way the family have turned out my time would have been better spent in Astronomy ! I have signed up to this and one other forum, in the hope of belatedly gaining some knowledge of ATM and the hobby in general. There doesn’t seem to be an introduce yourself section so I am posting here.
  4. I got a toblerone, and a pack of walnut whips
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