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  1. It's rather good considering you used DSS for it
  2. Absolutely typical, after months of waiting to see the GRS, three of them appear at once! The reason I'd never seen the GRS before was my Stellarium settings, which showed the GRS in the wrong positions Anyway, here are my afocal shots. Original Jupiter shot, stacked from just 10s of video, using SW 150P, 2x Barlow, 10mm EP, Casio EXZ850 w/ 3x op. zoom and a bit more digital (I know, I know!) Same image split into component parts Highly saturated and unsharpmasked version Is it me or does the GRS look more like a GWS? Losing its red colour, it seems.
  3. Firstly, never use DeepSkyStacker for this kind of image, DSS is used for very faint, far away objects, not bright planets. For Deep Sky - transparency is most important. For Planetary - visibility is most important (ie, the image must be stable, and not wobbling everywhere) Since there are few moments of good 'seeing' (visibility), still photographs are hardly ever used, and videos take their place. A video is basically 25 pictures per second. Of a 30s clip, you can get 15s or so of good quality images. A planetary program such as Registax takes the best of the video frames and finds an average between them all, thus eliminating any video artefacts such as messy pixels. Therefore with your current setup, you can try just lining up the camera lens with the eyepiece lens, and video record Jupiter drifting across the field of view. Then, take the AVI file, and feed it into Registax, which is very easy to use once you get the hang of it. Hope I helped
  4. That's brilliant, the moons are no longer a confusing colour and Jupiter's looking sharper.
  5. Due to a combination of holidays and an entire MONTH of clouds I have only just got back into astronomy. I am promising myself I will collimate my scope soon, but in the meantime I am practising afocal pictures. Got one of the moon and one of Jupiter with Io and Europa close by. I was looking for the GRS yesterday but it completely evaded me. I knew I was looking in the right place but I suppose opposition might make a difference, and I hear high solar activity makes it redder, so there is still hope I suppose! and the moon
  6. On holiday at the moment, but with a full moon floodlighting everything the only thing I could snap was star trails. I did one last January, but other from that I'm a bit of a newbie. There are some gaps between the trails, this is because my little compact, although being able to do 60s exposures, takes 5s or so to process them and let me take the next pic. Apparently holding down the shutter in burst mode with a rubber band is good for eliminating a bit of this, so I will try this in future! I was initially unsure as to whether it is commonplace to get rid of a blue background or leave it in so I left it in There's a church on a hill just visible from one spot, so the first pic shows the original image of the trails, the church being lit up only by moonlight, and the second is the same image with a picture of the church with its lights on superimposed.
  7. I have personally have never been inconvenienced by loggers, though a few of our Amazonian users may have had different experiences
  8. Antimatter around the Earth? Dare you to touch it
  9. I haven't given much thought yet to the dew shield, and I think I will go for the easy option of foam, after I've built the main structure. The lens's page says it has an outside diameter of 95mm and a lip that can butt against anything up to 100mm I have recently found out about baffles and would like to put some in, as they do look rather clever, my understand is that they 'follow' the light's angle and cut off the very edge's unwanted light. For the focuser, I am going to either buy or make a Crayford focuser, and use my 2 eyepieces (25mm and 10mm) with it. As far as tube rings are concerned, I'm still trying to think of some designs, but will post as soon as I find something good enough! Thanks alot for your advice, it was very helpful!
  10. NASA believes they have found flowing water on the surface of Mars Edit: Removed link which was previously showing live press conference.
  11. Renting out a SQM seems great, I doubt many people want to purchase something that is used once or twice, hiring it is much better!
  12. I haven't really ever used a refracter but have become interested in the prospect of building one. First of all, I plan to buy a 80/900 Dialyte lens from US based Surplus Shed, has anyone here ever used them? MTD 80MM DIA OBJECTIVE, 900MM FL - Surplus Shed Secondly, this is my design, would it work (with a Skywatcher MA eyepiece at the end)? Thanks in advance
  13. Ethos is a Greek word, and Greek masculine does go Ethos > Ethoi. (I only know a little Ancient Greek, no new Greek however!) Anyway, it's still all Greek Double Dutch to me
  14. Thank you, that should help me get the best range for the focuser, as I know where the focal point is
  15. One more destroyed = one less to do any harm to anyone!
  16. Thanks for the answer, I understand now I think I'll do the focus thing by sight then, next simplest thing!
  17. I'm drawing some plans for a small home built refractor. The lens I will be using is an 80mm dialyte with a focal length of 900mm. MTD 80MM DIA OBJECTIVE, 900MM FL - Surplus Shed However, for the focuser I need to be able to know where my eyepieces will reach focus in relation to the focal point. So: Does the measure of focal length begin from the first or second lens in a doublet? and Is there an equation to work out how far from the focal point an EP of x focal length must be to focus? Many thanks
  18. Umm, I know I sound stupid asking this, but how come the dew shield doesn't cut out some of the FOV, in the way that you see less if you look through a pipe/kitchen roll tube?
  19. Having said that, it is a truly magnificent dome door, one of most excellent quality, adding value to the image Which on-line telescope was this, the setup seems good; there's a plethora of stars in the middle of the constellation!
  20. Just seen a tiny 'star' near Jupiter and later identified it as Ganymede ! I'll probably see the rest throughout the next few months as it rises earlier and I can go outside instead of looking through a double glazed window!
  21. Easy, cheap and can give some very nice results! I'm currently making a map of the solar system using it http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-planetary/148597-my-solar-system-family-portrait-project-part-1-a.html
  22. Cheers, just got it working, star hopping is going to be a lot easier now!
  23. great_bear, your finderscope circles look very neat. Do you have an idea of the size of the FoV on a 6x30 finder?
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