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  1. Thanks for the reminder James. This is something that I keep forgetting, especially with the very wet and cloudy weather at the moment....
  2. Hi Nigel Sorry about the slow reply and thank you for your advice. I have tried zooming in out but have not made any aperture adjustments- sounds like it is worth a go. Now I just have to wait for the weather... I also include a picture of my setup if that is any use. Thanks again.
  3. thabo

    Hi from Devon

    Thanks again for the warm welcome here. I see there is quite a few folk from Devon. I am laid up after surgery at the moment ( busy browsing the web for another eyepiece!!) but will hopefully meet a few of you once I am up and about and start going to meetings. This really looks like a great forum and I have had good answers to couple of questions I recently asked.
  4. thabo

    Hi from Devon

    I really hope that happens. Think it will make a huge difference although the lightpollution in Torbay is not half as bad as Plymouth or Exeter.
  5. Thanks guys. I never thougt about using Sky and Telescope or Stellarium- somehow I forgot that you can zoom in for detail with these programs. You have both now given me a further challenge- seeing Titan with binos and the other moons with my scope, did not think I could do that. This hobby really gets interesting when you start looking beyond the obvious...
  6. Thanks for the reply Luke- that sounds like it makes sense-(24mm better than 13mm) . I am away at the moment but when I get back home I will upload a picture of my assembly- I don't think I can do it any better.
  7. thabo

    Hi from Devon

    Thanks for the friendly welcome guys! Yes I did have some wonderfully clear but very COLD nights here. Do prefer them over the cloudy mild nights though! It seems the best viewing is going to be in the cold but I usually prepare with a hot chocolate and warmwater bottle. Clear nights everyone!
  8. I have a Celestron 127 SLT and a 13mm and recently also a 24mm Baader Hyperion eyepiece. I have ordered the specific ring to securely attach my Panasonic Lumix camera to my eyepieces. I have not yet tried it with the 24mm lens but was very disappointed when I tried it with the 13mm. When looking at the camera viewfinder it seemed that I had an impossibly small field of view and was unable to keep anything apart from the moon in it. I was able to get glimpses of Jupiter but it vanished again just as quickly. The focussing was of course another problem! My question is if I could expect to see a larger field of view in the viewfinder(with the 24mm) and if it is a more suitable eyepiece for afocal photography? Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. I hope this is not a ridiculous question. I was looking at Saturn with my Celestron SLT 127 and 13mm eyepiece 9 days ago. It was beautifull and surreal and I was out in the cold for 4 hours! I could see the Cassini division and what I thought was belts on Saturn. The puzzle was a bright object I saw slightly to the left of Saturn in the eyepiece.It appeared to move with Saturn over the sky during this time. I merely assume this is Titan but was not sure if I should have been able to see it -any comments?
  10. thabo

    Hi from Devon

    A belated hello from Torbay. I have been lurking for 2 years and took the plunge over Xmas. Got a lot of useful information from the the lounge and decided to get myself a Celestron 127 SLT from FLO. Had a few great night over that time where I saw Jupiter very clearly. Then we had a long cloudy time up until recently when I saw Saturn a week ago. I think Im hooked !
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