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  1. Hi Cashman yeah its great! i went for the goto as i wasnt very confident that i would be able to find things in the sky. but to be honest i wish i had gone for a bigger scope. I take my laptop out in the garden with me and turn on the redeye feature on stellarium and just point with the scope and Et Viola!! I have used the goto feature, but mostly i look up and wonder whats the paticular feature im looking at and stellarium tells me... you will be happy either way im sure Good luck
  2. Really interesting that. would like to of seen the screen diagrams when she was explaining things, but good, easy to understand science. I for one shall be buying my xmas pressies for sure
  3. £22.50 to send an eyepiece!!!! WOW!
  4. check out youtube. put in "az synscan goto" and there is a good description by "astronmy and adventure" on how to set up the scope. very easy to follow, it must be as i managed to do it!!
  5. To have a box thats so full of so many bits and bobs comes with years of star gazing by the sounds of it!!! what do you have in your box that you think other people might not have in theirs?
  6. Walked into my garage yesterday evening to get some fire wood and bashed my shins on something. turned on the light and there it was, A box containihg my 130p az goto ! courier had left it there for me! Anyway, i have set it all up(very easy) but i feel i need a nik nak box for the eye pieces, spare batteries, pencils and things. So wondered what you people were using as your nik nak box?. I know there are the aluminium type boxes but wondered if anybody had any clever adaptions of boxes from other uses that are ingenious. Also, what do you have in yours? comments on ideas and pics of your boxes gratefully received. And what do you have in yours that you think other people might not? Mike
  7. Why avoid the zoom bins? If used with a tripod would they be ok????
  8. I really enjoyed it too. I felt ross didnt have/show any respect. he could of at least tried to show a bit more genuine interest. Hawai....would of liked to of seen the views from the telescopes showing the skies to allow people to see the amazing things up there in the heavens and not how sunny it is there in hawai. Brian and Dara work well together i think. Thumbs up from me
  9. Hi nffc...I also had the same scope for xmas too. fortunately, my girlfriend bought it at argos (other stores are available:) ) so was able to return it easily. if you take it back without a receipt they may give you a credit slip for their store??? just a thought... good luck mike
  10. I am not too sure which moon filter i need for my 130p goto. There are so many...13%, 25%, orange, blue, neutral density and polarising!!!!! I'm sure they all have a specific ideal use, but, all i need is a happy medium filter for a new starter to have a look at the moon. Your help and advice is greatly appreciated Mike p.s....happy new year
  11. Happy new year zipdrive.
  12. moogy

    happy new year

    happy new year! and yes, for a scot at hogmanay you have done well
  13. moogy

    new boy

    Hi from pembrokeshire mike
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