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  1. Thank you so much everyone for all the help. Thanks to Dave for the detailed explanation of the alignment, it's very much appreciated. Ethannic, excellent info there, thank you! All being well this evening, I will try to view m42 as you suggested. Jimmy Stix, I will certainly let you know how my evening goes and my experience of setting it up (this time in a place with much less light pollution!) The power pack sounds like an excellent option, I will definitely be looking into one of those! When it says "tip positive" does that mean the outer metal sheath on the connector? Making the centre core terminal inside the negative contact. Thanks again to all, I will hopefully report back from this evening with some good results
  2. Good evening guys. I've checked out the weather forecast and fingers crossed, Sunday night looks good. I've found a spot out of the light pollution, with reasonable elevation and have enlisted an interested friend to come with me. Sooooo, a few very much novice questions before I venture out. I should add that this is also my first telescope, so these really are probably quite basic questions. I have been playing with my new scope (skywatcher skymax 127 Goto) in the back garden initially. Whilst attempting to set it up using brightest star option, I have come across a couple of issues. I'm using Stellarium to help me as my knowledge of the sky is dire. But, does anyone know if there are slightly different spellings of some stars between the stellarium software and the lists within the synscan controller? How accurate do your current location co-ords need to be? Is it setup up to autotrack the selected objects by default? With regards the capabilities of the optics themselves, I'd love to start by having a look at Jupiter. Its a 127mm aperture which I believe should be good enough for reasonable clarity. With a focal length of 1500mm, my 10mm eyepiece should allow 150x magnification. Is this good enough for viewing jupiter and actually seeing some detail on the planet or will I still be looking at an orangey dot? Or should I in fact be using the 25mm eyepiece? With the scope, I got a barlow 2x adaptor for the eyepiece, which presumably would increase the magnification to 300x (on the 10mm eyepiece). Is this stretching the capabilities of my scope too far expecting this kind of magnification? Finally, I am slightly short sighted and have glasses for driving. I also have contact lenses which I use sometimes. Will contacts improve the viewing or are they unnecessary with using the focus adjustment on the scope? Apologies if there are some really dumb questions there and many thanks in advance for any help and advice. Thanks Chris
  3. Thanks to everyone for the welcome. It really is a great site you guys have here, with a huge amount of knowledge and help on tap. That looks extremely interesting, thank you for the heads up Is there usually a good turn out of people there and are they a friendly bunch? I would need to pluck up some courage I think, being such a novice would be daunting there . Thanks very much, where abouts in the region are you? I'm down in Cheadle area. Do you visit the astronomy centre at all? Are there any other favourite spots for good viewing (or is it known as "seeing" in these circles?). I've been checking out the weather forecast and Sunday night seems to indicate little cloud, so I've identified a decent looking spot on the southern edge of Lyme Park south of Stockport which I'm going to try. My first proper outing, so fingers crossed I manage to have some success Cheers Chris
  4. Hi Guys Thank you very much for the warm welcome... quite the opposite temperature to my first night's trial run with the new scope! As was mentioned, I lost track of time and only realised that I'd probably been outside long enough when I lost feeling in my toes. A few teething problems, but I will broach those things in the beginners forum. I took the advice and downloaded the stellarium software. It is absolutely fantastic and a huge credit to all involved that it's been kept open source and free! @donkeyears, I hear that the celestron version has some better accessories with it, so I'm sure it will be worth the wait I didn't realise this till this evening, but certainly not complaining as the clarity seems excellent with the optics and there is plenty to keep me occupied I'm fortunate enough to have Stockport binocular and telescope centre about 5 minutes away who had one left. Right, more reading to be done
  5. Hi all, Just popping a quick post up to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Chris and I'm as new as they come to looking at the stars (just so you guys are prepared for the inevitable stupid questions!) I've long stared up at the sky in wonder, especially those times away from the neon fuzz of the city and have wanted to get a scope for many years, but never got around to it. Today I bought myself a Christmas present, a Skymax 127 with the GOTO mount thingy. It seemed to get decent reviews for the price, be small enough to move around, yet offer a reasonable aperture and hopefully with the goto system will allow me to find things of interest a little quicker than trying to figure it out from scratch. I guess initially, I'm interested in viewing planets and the moon (do we all start there?) and will hopefully progress to deeper sky objects soon enough. I look forward to discovering many amazing things and will be trawling through these forums with interest. Any tips and advice is appreciated and positively encouraged! Cheers Chris
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