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  1. When I get my nexstar 6se I will have another go :-)
  2. Took this just now using my panasonic tz7 through a 25mm eye piece using a nexstar 5se, Im well chuffed
  3. Sorry for the late reply, I have spoken to the guy I bought the scope from and he said he is more than happy to refund me in full. I know this could be just a handset re-flash problem but if not it could get expensive, Anyway I am still going to get a nexstar but may just buy a new 6se(unless someones selling a working secondhand one lol)
  4. Thanks for the help guys, Right I entered my long/lat manually,Made no difference at all, I had it wrong regarding zone 3 and changed to universal time but it made no difference, In fact Ive done everything including using a 12v adapter in to the mains which powered the scope fine but made no difference, My conclusion is that the handset either needs re-flashing or is knackered, As soon as I get to the screen "use the following screens to select three stars.press enter to continue" and press enter the screen just freezes, Luckily I spoke to the guy I bought it from and he said I can have a ful
  5. I think Im going to have to buy a cable and try re-flashing the handset, I tried for ages last night and it just freezes whenever you press enter , Thanks for the help though guys Sean.
  6. I have to switch off the scope and turn on to get it to restart?
  7. Just changed to new duracell batteries,Screen freezes still even if I prees align after enter :-(
  8. Im using batteries, The scope turns fine, Would low batteries cause the screen to freeze?
  9. Hi all, I apologise If Im being stupid but Im struggling here. I got my first view of Jupiter tonight and am really chuffed, It clouded over so I thought I would practice setting up the skyalign feature but the handset keeps freezing on the screen that says" use the following screens to select three bright stars-press enter to continue" I press enter and the screen just freezes,Ive entered my local city as plymouth,Zone 3,correct time,daylight saving,etc Its a nexstar 5se, Any ideas? Thanks Sean.
  10. Picked the scope up, And it is like brand new It still had plastic covers over the logo etc. The goto motors work fine, Mirrors look good just got to wait for clear skies now :-) Sean
  11. Well T-day today, Picking the scope up tonight, Pretty excited I must say, Forecast is for partly cloudy tonight so with some luck and plenty of batteries lol(until I get a maplins power tank) I may even manage first light,Will keep you updated and thanks again for all the advice Ive recieved in my short time on here. Sean
  12. Got some clear skies here at the moment......Typical lol.
  13. Im planning on taking a trip to Maplins to buy a 12v battery pack as Ive heard the Nexstars eat batteries
  14. Thats what Im hoping Russ, Getting excited now :-)
  15. Basically the scope was used over the christmas period 2-3 times and then put away as the daughter lost interest,She wants a laptop instead now hence the sale. But I will try my best to check everything as advised
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