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  1. i'm up in my garden shed with the heater going while the camera is on scope outside on time lapse so there is no need for me to be out there aswell
  2. That's a truly amazing shot and at 10 hrs + shooting time u certainly put the time and effort and I hate to think how much post processing time
  3. just got in from work and checked camera and it has take 452
  4. Intervalometer runs from 1 to 999 Have tried it again this morning indoors with camera settings as last night and got 150 shots before it stopped Have changed settings before I left for work to 5s intervals will see wots happened tonight
  5. i hope someone can help with a problem i'm experiencing this evening my camera is a nikon d5000 i'm using it prime focus taking 4s subs with a 1s interval in time lapse mode ( cant seem to be able to get any longer subs tonight with getting bloated starts ,i dont know y as i have done before ) anyway back to problem my camera seems to stop shooting after about 100 shots in raw ???????
  6. Thanks Luke but i have just been out side and its cloudy now and after checking met office dont think any pics will be taken tonight typical .....
  7. I'm hoping someone can give me advise please... I want to try and capture the Orion nebula does it matter how long my subs are ? Can light polution be removed from pics ? I will be using a Nikon d5000 dslr in prime focus with a skywatcher 150p with an RA motor and lp filter, the reason i ask is because of the light polution is really bad if i do 5min subs . any tips gratefully received Dan
  8. dont quote me on this but i think what i'm about to say is right sorry wroung info so i deleted it b4 i get shot but there is a good source of video info on youtube form Astronomyshed
  9. i agree thats how i do mine on eq3-2 ( if i need to take counter balance then so b it ) i use pole finder to find out where ncp should be , i then rotate in ra to line up then make any adjustments till its in Little circle on the edge of the big circle thats it job done
  10. Done it did'nt make any difference But i think i have cracked it just running it through a stack now will reveal all after it works lol
  11. just checked ! yeah thats ticked
  12. I'm hoping this isnt terminal But i'm having grief with dss not working Right back to the start the other day i stacked pics as usual without any probs !The only thing has changed since is i have installed another 1gb of ram hoping to speed things up , memory seems to be working fine system recognises it ( i'm running a hp g70 laptop with win 7 and now 4gb ram) but ever since putting in the extra ram dss has stopped working I can open and select all my files . I can register checked pics . i can change all setting as usual ( not that i know what i'm doing ) . then i press ok and it starts its magic i can see it working everthing seems to be working fine BUT finishes with no image (cthere is no resulting pic) i have spent the last few days trying different things , i have uninstalled twice and even tried stacking 4 pics with 2 darks still no joy i'm just uploading a 2min video so you can see exactly whats goning on Can any 1 tell me whats goin on
  13. Here my first attempt at M42 i happy with the level of detail but i cant stand the colour and being colour blind isnt a great help doesnt help, but we all have to start somewhere
  14. Well if we dont know where space ends do we know where it begins LOL After reading through this tread it has started me thinking again of ------ i have a wierd thinking since seeing the matrix that we the collective may not even be real .... I think / feel that we are all part of somebody elses dreams , my reasoning is this initially started by the above , when we dream we think our dreams are real so if thats the case are the people we dream about are those real ? have they got lives while we sleep ..... I dont know but i do think about it ... Dan
  15. you can see orion nicely as is but without the use of a tripod any longish exposure will show movement !
  16. well after reading a post tonight i think PE periodic error PEC periodic error correction should / need to be added Ps Please no more chat about dvd please i think most people know wot that means or they've got there interpetation of wot they think in means .......
  17. i'm using rechargables in mine and i have not noticed any ill effects but i dont have anything to compare against , i use aa rechargables in a d size adapter but no probs yet tracks fine ( to the fact that i have left it tracking and after 2 hrs object is still in view )
  18. Sorry peeps got i got a few questions about upgrades If you had a choice between heq5 pro and a cg5-gt which one would you go for and Y ???? i'm using a sw 150p at the mo i will want to add a guide scope to the above , any suggestions ??? is it possible to use sw 150p as guide and get better frac for imaging so i could use either scope or would you just use 2 frac's 1 gude 1 image ??? Cheers Dan
  19. great idea off to rummage throw my rc kit i must have some servo's ( i know i aint using my good 1s at nearly £70 each lol)
  20. nothing wrong with that shot ,very nice its the best time to see london
  21. i have just pumped details into CCDcalc and fov for a canon 1000d is in arc mins is 67.6 x 101.5
  22. @ Merlin thanks for that So if i have work this out right , my scope 750mm f5 with my eps 25mm with 50' fov = 97 arc mins 10mm with 52' fov = 84 arc mins @ Luke camera settings was easy got them from ccdcalc but you need the arc mins not the chip size like i first thought
  23. guys how do u work out the fov in arc mins of eps
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