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  1. Thanks astropeople, Hope I am going to encourage people in start imaging. Its very cool! Regards, Luis
  2. The TSA realy Rocks in the moon! Great image!
  3. Yesterday I became ice and got stuffed up for beeing out in the froze outside to see the moon. I shoot the moon with the ED120/900 SkyWatcher ProSeries in the EQ5 without motor. Afterwards by weeks with clouds, I took advantage of the open, therefore could be the last before finalizes 2010. Its a single photo jpeg unstacked, in a DSLR canon. The second image, is barely the enlargement of the detail of the famous crater plato. Regards and a happy new year! Luis
  4. Hello from Portugal, Its the first time I post a picture here This picture is taken with my refractor antares 127/1200 F9 + sony A350 in prime focus + EQ5 without motor. It´s a single photo jpeg. I didn´t use filters. I like refractors to get a fast shoot on the moon, because it has no need to cooldown or colimate to get a high performance. But when I have time, I use a reflector ou a SCT. Regards, and Merry Christmas!
  5. luis

    Mare Tranquillitatis

    Skywatcher 150
  6. luis

    Hello All,

    Thank you all the welcome!
  7. luis

    Hello All,

    Hello All, Since new when saw the TV programs of Carl Sagan, that I like astronomy, specially planets. Also like photography, so I decided to explore a little of astrophotografy with my cameras and a few scopes. Great site! Regards, Luis
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