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  1. Hello everybody,

    Today and for the first time, I got some time to get a photo of the SUN. It was 4.00 p.m.

    I took my achromat 100mm f10 in my EQ5 without motor.

    I´ve used the EOS 350D in primefocus (without barlow or other), just used filter IR/UV, and took 2 photos JPG, one in color and oNE in P&B.

    The photo JPG in COLOR - PRIME FOCUS:

    CANON 350D

    v 1/640 seg.

    The photo JPG in P&B - PRIME FOCUS: (the last image shows the Sun spots detail in real size 100% of the B&w photo)

    CANON 350D

    v 1/400 seg.

    Was my first experience in the SUN :)




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