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  1. Mmmm... Hard bargain time... £113... Quavers... (1bag, original flavour) Tescos value baked beans (1tin... Mint condition, hardly used.) and two Jaffa cakes....... The leg weights are a good idea, I now a few people on here have used those dum bell weights... Cheaper than the skywatcher ones. Greg
  2. Very nice... The first one shows what's a dark cold lonely place it is... Excellent pics.. Haven't seen that grey blob for some time ... Too cloudy down south, I'm very jealous.. Greg
  3. I understand that there is no need to polar align an Alt Az mount... But without searching the various retailers, I was unfamiliar with the set up so thought best to give both options. And apart from that after being several years on this forum, you'd be surprised what people have tried to do:) Good luck tonight.. Let us know how you get on.. Greg
  4. Is it a alt/Az or German equitorial.. If its a GEM Ensure your tripod is level on all three axis. Ensure scope is correctly balanced. Polar align the scope. Input date ..time ..year in the American format. Mm..dd..yy Input your coordinates. (Google earth will show you this or use a gps.) Daylight saving time to no. Choose three star alignment.. Now this is the interesting bit... The first star will be fairly close, the second star will be quite a way off and the third star will be close.. The reason being is that the mount is "learning" Try and choose the three alignment stars the goto offers you. On each star slew the scope till the star is in the center of a medium power ep and press enter. Et voila .. Most errors on a goto mount are caused by users error, we've all done it so don't panick. Just set your scope up in a methodical way every time and it will eliminate mistakes. If it an ALT/AZ iirc... You have to point the mount and scope at a group gf bright visible stars and do a brightest or two star alignment.. Brightest star will give you the choice to slew the scope to the brightest star in you current location.. The Two star alignment will give you two stars at you location, usually in different sides of the meridian, after you've done the first alignment the hand controller will give you a list of second stars, the scope will slew to that star and stop, center it In your eyepiece and press enter. Now the dreaded part.. The hand controller will say ..... Alignment successful and your away Or..... Alignment failed... Check everything and start again.. HTH Greg
  5. I've had stuff dripping wet before now... My SN10 has been soaking from dew before now, so don't worry. Just let everything dry out naturally, including your eyepieces and diagonals. Greg
  6. I've had stuff dripping wet before now... My SN10 has been soaking from dew before now, so don't worry. Just let everything dry out naturally, including your eyepieces and diagonals. Greg
  7. I wrote a report on the Cak PST... If I can find it I'll post the link.. In short no, I couldn't see much, but my eyesight is poor and the view does depend on you eyesight being good. You almost need to be dark eye adapted as its a very dim image in the viewfinder. I think it's more suited to imaging unless you have very good eyesight. Greg.
  8. £110 cash..... As the others have said.. Put the diagonal and an eyepiece in ... Put at least another counterweight on.. If it still doesn't balance then you need a longer dovetail bar to slide the scope further back on the mount.. Greg.
  9. Observing The night Sky With Binoculars... Phillips Deep Sky Observers Handbook.. I've never actually looked at Turn Left At Orion, but it gets good reviews... Greg
  10. When you say too heavy at the front do you mean the scope is front heavy?? Is that dew shield fully forward?? If not extend it fully and slide the scope backwards. And that counterweight doesn't look enough to me.
  11. Unfortunatly in England It can be seen as tresspass so be wary just wandering onto land... Remember you're trying to make a friend for his land not alienate youself and the whole astro community.. My advice would be as above, approach the farmer, be polite tell him exactly what your going to be doing..If he agrees, take him a bottle of something once in a while and you'll have a mate for life...And you'll probably get odd lamb, pork or beef joint....Or bags of swedes and potatoes!! HTH Greg PS... Most of the farmers round my place are good as gold (But thats for another hobby!).. It's the savage collies you haver to make friends with....
  12. I had an original HEQ5 (Non Pro) ran silently and smoothly, when I upgraded it to the pro version with lower gear ratios it used to grate whist spooling up. I stripped it and altered the angle of the gears, which improved it.. It's a bit of trial and error. I fiddled about altering the angle for ages, run it with the covers off and keep twiddling! I sold it and later bought the white HEQ5 Pro... Just the same ... Don't have the gears fitting too snugly, offset them slightly and use a good quality lithium grease. HTH Greg
  13. You need one of these... Order the Canon one.. First Light Optics - T Rings And one of these in 2" First Light Optics - FLO 2-inch T mount camera adapter The t ring connects to you canon camera and the tube crews into the adapter to connect to your telescope...
  14. Try Calsky or heavens above for websites.. Download stellarium, a free planetarium software program for the computer.. If you have an iPad or iPhone I've just found this excellent free app goskywatch. Bring up what you want to look at in the menu and it has a mini goto with arrows that direct you to your chosen object... Great fun and again free.. HTH. Greg..
  15. Hook ups at these campsites tend to be 16 amp so running a heater is no problem. As Mike has already mentioned an RCD camping socket is a must for safety. A small cheap fan heater in the sleeping area of the tent and a good quality sleeping bag are also a must. I made the mistake once at Kelling Heath Not having a high enough tog bag.. I ended up in Cromer the following morning buying a mutz mutz bag! Good hat and scarf and insulated boots and thermal socks... Have lots of thinner layers on with a quality waterproof jacket will keep you warm and keep out the damp.. Cold frosty nights camping I can cope with... Cold and damp nights are miserable.. If the clouds roll in have a scope cover ready to sling over your scope, I use a motorcycle cover which has a fleecy lining. And a couple of straps to tie around it to stop the wind blowing it off. And importantly.... A bottle of single malt! A wee snifter before bed time helps keep the cold out.. And the boogie man away! There will be a few experienced campers there so help and advice will always be available. HTH Greg
  16. ......And it's been mostly cloudy:rolleyes: Sorry it's all my fault. The wife bought me a PST for my birthday and it's been on the patio, in between the clouds and rain.. What a cracking bit of kit. I've borowed and used the CaK PST before but apart from a quick peek at star parties i've never reall used Ha one in anger. My eyesight is quite poor so a little re-training is required to pick out good detail on the surface, but the prominances are stunning... Experimenting with eyepieces, the best combination for me seems to be a 20mm with a barlow as this gives you good eye relief and good detail.. I'll be experimenting with some imaging using the Atik and will post up any successful images in the imaging section. Greg
  17. Just to emphasise the filter safety.. I check it before I put it on the scope by holding it up agaist a filament bulb , checking to make sure theres no light coming through... if you can se pinholes or cracks.. bin it and get another. The sun with a white light filter makes an excellent imaging target.. I use my digital camera ant take loads of pics and stack them to pull out loads of detail.. http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-solar/81040-ss-1019-a.html HTH Greg
  18. If your're using the mount outside near your property then run it off the mains with a suitable adapter and an RCD.. If in a remote location use a car battery.. (I use a diesel one) Or leisure battery which gives me sufficient power to run dew heaters lappy and mount with no problem.. Greg
  19. I've got my Skywatcher ED80 out ready and waiting so we shall see
  20. http://astroblogger.blogspot.com/2011/06/supernova-sn2011dh-in-m51-is.html Comparing these pics with the one I took at SGL6 I think I may have caught it ..It's certainly getting brighter.. Will have a go tonight..
  21. You'll get widefield with the dslr.... I took a load with my Canon and the WO66, just trying to find them, I used my ED80 with the dslr, but I remember taking widefield using the 66. If i find them i'll post them for you to see.. Greg
  22. Great scope.. I have one, took this with it at Lucksall... Portable.. Rotatable focuser Just great.. Taken with an Atik Titan.. Guided on an HEQ5
  23. I look forward the peace and tranquilty of an evenings observing or imaging... Getting the technicalities right when i'm imaging... (Doesn't happen that often!!) The planning and preparation... Sharing my experiences on the forum..
  24. Inputting your location into Calsky comes up with these sattelites.. 21h41m42s ARGOS (25634 1999-008-A) →Ground track →Star chart Appears 21h34m22s 6.6mag az:191.4° SSW horizon Culmination 21h41m42s 5.6mag az:264.7° W h:32.5° distance: 1369.9km height above Earth: 828.9km elevation of Sun: -9° angular velocity: 0.31°/s Disappears 21h49m07s 10.7mag az:338.2° NNW horizon 21h42m12s Cosmos 2082 Rocket (20625 1990-046- →Ground track →Star chart Appears 21h34m01s 10.4mag az:331.0° NNW horizon Culmination 21h42m12s 3.1mag az: 58.1° ENE h:69.6° distance: 900.0km height above Earth: 850.6km elevation of Sun: -9° angular velocity: 0.46°/s Disappears 21h47m30s 4.6mag az:141.6° SE h:11.7° 21h42m58s 11015C (37389 2011-015-C) →Ground track →Star chart Appears 21h37m34s 7.7mag az:157.2° SSE h:9.7° Culmination 21h42m58s 5.9mag az: 72.1° ENE h:78.0° distance: 835.9km height above Earth: 819.6km elevation of Sun: -9° angular velocity: 0.52°/s Disappears 21h50m37s 12.0mag az:346.4° NNW horizon
  25. Very Nice Tony... You've set my benchmark.. Greg
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