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  1. Thanks Mark..... I think that settles it..... I've got the wallet twitch again..
  2. One thing.. If you buy a leisure battery, you'll need a charger to keep it topped up.. Don't buy an "intelligent" charger as they won't charge a totally discharged battery, the intelligent chargers need a few amps in the battery to kick off the charger. Buy a professional type charger, they tend to be a bit cheaper and have a boost mode on them for giving the battery a high initial charge. Greg
  3. As James has said.. Don't bother with a power tank.. You'll pay for stuff you'll never use like the jumper cables and stuff.. Get youself an 85ah leisure battery with some crocodile clip conectors and away you go.. Shame you dont live closer I have loads of them as I use 4 at a time in my van for running pumps, they get changed every 6 months.. I've just binned 3 power tanks ... The batteries are only 17ah and once fully discharged they are useless.. The jumper cables are next to useless.. (Just try starting a car with a 17ah battery..) The lights on them .. You'll never use.. All this is IMHO of course.. HTH Greg
  4. Thanks Helen, How do you get on with the bino viewers under normal observing conditions?? Greg
  5. I'm curious.. Has anyone tried or has got this configuration??? Does it reach focus?? Or does it even work.. Greg
  6. Thats no problem... In a month or so I shall confirm numbers and book the pitches. I think we're up to about 10 so far.. Greg
  7. I ride motorbikes all yaer round and use heated clothing for that... Oxford do a heated waistcoat, recharchable battery type.. Pretty good.. http://www.motocentral.co.uk/Oxford-INOX-Heated-Vest-Bike-Powered-Heated-Clothing_AWK95.aspx It wont create thermals around your scope and you wont get any smoke either... Unless... Cheaper end of the market.. http://www.primrose.co.uk/heated-gloves-heated-waistcoats-jackets-c-37_753.html?source=googleads&gclid=CJKd7OTg6LACFZMctAod8VgiGA The ones I use run from the bike so not really any good for astro.. HTH Greg
  8. A couple of years ago I was in the similar position to you.. I chose the OU route, the backup and support were superb. My tutor phoned me every month (If I didn't phone him sooner). He used to phone me and chat for about an hour on a Sunday night.. They have an active forum for you chosen subject and you can use your local Universty libraries.. there's lots of back up and support.. HTH.. Greg
  9. Hi Helen, I did a similar thing a few weeks ago... All of the above posts are totally relevant .. However.. I didnt let any of the kids look through a scope, I projected everything either using a laptop onto the classroom computerised whiteboard screens or projected onto paper on the playground floor.. the risk for me was too great.. A lot of these kids will have the concentration span on a gnat.. I could see them all rushing home looking through toy telescopes or binos at the sun... Good luck.. Greg
  10. Amazon sell this for £9.00 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Astronomy-Eyewitness-Companions-Ian-Ridpath/dp/1405312912/ref=sr_1_cc_2?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1340537817&sr=1-2-catcorr I purchased it yesterday for for £3.99 (As i'm a sucker for astro books!!) In The Works in the Guildhall Shopping Center, Exeter...A bit of an all round book store come gift shop.. They had a whole stack of them.. Greg
  11. You can use a tripod head fitted to a short dovetail bar.. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B002CVU4G0/ref=asc_df_B002CVU4G08462927?smid=AVIUJK0SIWBFQ&tag=googlecouk06-21&linkCode=asn&creative=22242&creativeASIN=B002CVU4G0 Greg
  12. Most excellent... I shall save a bowl of something hot and meaty for you..
  13. No problem Robin, I'm going up to the site over the next week or so to have look for myself and meet the owners and I can find out exactly what the facilities are like. I'll report back soon. They phoned me today and were very receptive to our needs and are keen to get involved with the astronomy crowd. Greg
  14. I should be there and will probably be with my son Lewys as starting to show an interest in the wonders of the night sky..
  15. There doesn't sem to be many members around the Tiverton/Exe Valley area.. Most of the Exeter Torbay crowd meet at the NLO.. Greg
  16. Does anyone on here go to the TIVAS Meetings.. Here.. http://www.tivas.org.uk/ I've gone a few times and it's very informative and some of the talks they have are superb.. Greg
  17. Thanks for all the support guys... Unfortunatly I can't organise the weather, but will do my best (If the clouds roll in..) to participte In the ancient past-time (Before Facebook & Twitter) Of actually having a conversation over a few beers and putting the world to rights... Greg
  18. Prices are here..But i'm hoping they give us a bit of a discount for a block booking.. But hey ho if they don't ..... http://www.halsefarm.co.uk/booking.htm I agree James as I live in a dark site... its the social..(Beer drinking ) For me..
  19. I'm looking at arranging a South West starparty for the weekend 12th/13th/14th October 2012..Here.. http://www.halsefarm.co.uk/index.htm The Starparty will be at a registered dark sky location on Exmoor at a family run farm/campsite, which has good reviews with all the amenities.. I'm just looking at a general who's interested and would like to come along to an informal, family friendly starparty. http://www.exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk/visiting/things-to-do/?a=164534 For those who don't know me, i'm used to organising starparty's as any of the MODs will verify as it was myself who found the Lucksall site and did most of the arranging of the fist one. Anyway any one who's interesed then post here... Cheers Greg
  20. I did a clean years ago on my SN10.... Didn't need it, but I like taking things apart:D Most mirrors are covered in dust.. Just leave alone. Shining a torch down the tube is too scary.. Shows up everything.. Trust me, dust and the odd spider does not affect mirror performance. Greg
  21. Well done... I can remember my first view of Saturn in an ETX70' I dragged the wife out of bed at 2am for a look:) Greg
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