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  1. Yes I put some choccy in the chili... The wife had some of the [removed word]'s 100% cacao stuff which I used to grate in which makes a super chili... although at that price it had better improve the flavour.. The second Lucksall weekend Me, Kai, Kevstar and Jamie (Admin) made a chili for about 100. Ian (Lunator, was the debt collector and accountant ) ... Great fun.. A bit stressfull cooking for that number on a camp coolker... I don't do rice though ... too fiddly, Just a lump of french stick to go on the side..
  2. Nice set up by the way....
  3. In a nut shell...... Yes.. I've shortened mine just nip em off.. And a wee bit of soldering and away you go.. Greg
  4. I used to be a chef so for the Saturday night there will be a chili.. All I ask is that anyone who wants one please chip in with the cost and help with washing up..... It usually works out at about 2 or 3 quid a head.... Just remember to keep chef topped up with beer.....
  5. Me (Wrinkled) Wife (Very Wrinkly) Son (Aged 10) Daughter (Aged 6) Buzz (The Dog... No Wrinkles, Furry !) One pitch, with electric.
  6. This thread is for who's going ... No Chat please.. Just so I get an accurate number. Thanks Greg.
  7. Folks.. i've started a thread for "Who's Going To The South West Starparty" Just keep that one for Who's going and booked ... No Chat.. Please...and keep this one for general banter and chat.. Greg
  8. There's no discount price I'm afraid.... I did try.. But they weren't too keen, but as you say if we fill the 21 pitches .........
  9. My kids are going... there's a little play park across from the pitches, so there'll be other children to play with.. Greg
  10. We can cover the light with red film and if we take over the whole site... We can turn out the toilet block lights!
  11. Ok.. I've been up to the campsite this afternoon and introduced myself and told the owners what our requirements are... They have two fields.. Both South facing with little or no no light polution south, one has 21 hookup pitches the other has no hook up. The two fiedlds are split by a hedge and the loo block..North facing (Or behind us) there is a sheltering hedge. So .. If we want to be in the field on our own then we need to book 21 pitches.. If you want to come to the Starparty please book directly with the campsite quoting "South West Starparty". I'll start another thread about who's booked and use this one for chat and general banter.. I'm currently sorting out B&B's in the area. There are quite a few in Dulverton, but thats a little too far away, so investigations are on going. There are a couple of nice pubs close by. Anyway get booking..... Greg
  12. I use a 2" 32mm in my SN10 and again in my ED80 for lovely widefield views... Cracking EP.. Greg..
  13. Same here in Devon.... Cracking white light shot .. Well done. Greg
  14. Hi Dave, before any bookings are made I need to sort out a discount price for us and also I'd like to meet the owners and explain exactly what's our needs will be... We don't want to in the field with the toilet block pumping out 2 giga watts of light pollution and no way of turning them off!! (Been there and got the t-shirt.) Once things have been sorted a booking thread will be started and you will be able to book pitches with the campsite, quoting a reference number so hat we will all be together in the same field..... Nice and cosy!! . Several members have expressed an interest in b&b's this is another area that needs looking at, one of my clients is the Exmoor National Park So I'll shortly be in touch with them to see what they can recommend.... Greg
  15. Excellent... Looks as though we'll all have a great time whatever the weather..(Hopefully Clear!!).. You'll need a break by then Steve.. And there's nothing like a good pick me up like a good, meaty hot chili....
  16. http://myastroimages..._by_Jason_Dale/ This piece of software shows you where Polaris should be in relation to your polar scope. I make sure my mount is level and in the parked position facing north.. I look through the polar scope and Polaris is usually in the big circle. I then use the above piece of software and rotate the mount so Polaris is lined up with the small circle ( Tweaking the mounts alt ans Az bolts to get it spot on in the little circle). Job done! HTH.. Greg
  17. Have a look at these.. Greg Ah.. I see someones already posted the vids.... Apologies.
  18. Glue a couple of squares of old bicycle inner tubes to the inside of the rings, that will take up the imperfections and help grip the tube.. Greg
  19. Unfortunatly there are no statics or chalets on site, but when I go up there possibly later this week or next, i'll grap some info re B&B's in the area. HTH Greg
  20. Very nice.... Don't keep that sunshine all to yourself.... Let some of us down south have some.... Greg
  21. Ah... Apologies, I was informed by Mrs Greg that on SWAF date I shall be driving through Europe ...... Yipee for the holiday but not so yipee for the astro meet up... Greg
  22. In a nut shell... YES.. Although not only for the longer nights, but the weather seems to be a bit more stable. the last few years we''ve been camping around the October time and its been fantstic weather. Greg
  23. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/binocular-accessories/l-type-binocular-tripod-adapters.html Here you go.. I have the same bins and this metal mount.. Greg
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