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  1. Don't start Me off again... I went back to visual... Then... . . . .
  2. Ha.. Ha... Very good!!! Oi..... Just noticed my can of Fosters!!!!!
  3. we had no visual LP... The cameras picked it up only in the East though!!
  4. Should have gone into rally driving!!! I'm phoning the site later today to say a big thankyou to them for being so helpful and accomodating... Also to look at booking two dates next year (Spring and Autumn) Greg
  5. Go with Jessops Sam... Go and look at one in your nearest Jessops store and they'll match the online price anyway.. Thats what I did with my 650D
  6. I'm buying another caravan.... With big awning Even Nettie thinks its a good idea..... She made me get rid of the last one!
  7. Greg


    Fred... Willma and Bam Bam!
  8. Ahhhh.... Teaspoon thievery......... James and myself had an indepth conversation about a missing teaspoon... He was ready to call in CID!!! ..... However... I think he looked in my direction when he was missing a tent peg puller .... ...... And I seem to be missing a tea bag! At least the pot noodles and chocolate bars were not touched.. Can a mod split this thread or re name it to SWAP thread.. (South West Astro Party) In answer to some questions amd emails I've had, I'm looking at organising another one in April and again inSeptember... Details to follow in a few months time.
  9. And thanks for your company too...reminded me of the good old days when we used to stargaze together at my place... It was a very good sky... Suprised me (Which takes some doing with my sky!!) As for next year.. will look at dates.. possibly a Spring and Autumn one as it was soooo much fun...So watch this space.. Greg
  10. After setting up with James at the far end of the field with the SN10 and WO66 the dew strap on the SN10 wasn't playinhg ball... So after an hour or so of frustration I gave up and wandered around. I watched JonH with his Canon doing some widefield shots and became inspired.. So here's my first widefield shot from the SP.. Many thanks for your help Jon..
  11. Well .... A big thank you to all that turned up, after the weather Thursday and Friday night last night was absolutely spectacular! I'll post up my pics in a bit after a bath, van tidy, errrr tent wash!!!! And family cuddle. The bad weather on the Thursday and Friday did us all a huge favour as we all had to shelter in James tent and socialise and get to know one and other, a big thank you to James for the use of his tent...
  12. Not on Exmoor but I remember SGL1 and 2 and possibly 3 when it was so bad people slept in their cars!!!.. I had a caravan at the time.. Greg
  13. Hi guys, I'll be on site from mid afternoon today.... I dont care about the weather... im still going to meet people and have a good time..!!! If anyone wants my mobile number then please pm me.. Greg
  14. Looks as though it may be improving.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2650804 This one looks better!!! http://uk.weather.com/weather/10day-Dulverton-UKXX0520 The way I look at it is that its a great way to meest fellow astronomers and generally have a great time... The clear skys are a bonus!!
  15. I can remember the second SGL star party in the Snowdonia National Park... I towed my caravan down some very scary mountain roads with white knuckles and shaking like a leaf... Reminded me of the road in the Italian Job!
  16. No problem.. look forward to meeting you.. As for the weather..... Not to worry we'll all have a good time whatever the weather... I need to catch up on my wine tasting anyway! If the weather is a bit iffy (Not that it will be) We can have the most pretentious wine tasting evening.... Bring a bottle and and slurp whilst making comments .. Ie.. "It’s as if they took my childhood summers in Provence and put them in a glass. Don’t you agree?" Or “What kind of barrels was this wine aged in?” Ha ha.....
  17. Bless.. a big one me thinks.. I'll be there Thursday to set up ..I'll have to nip off Friday AM for an hour or so to do a few jobsbut will be back for mid morning... Someone have the kettle on for when I get back!! I'll probably take my 9 yr old lad out of school for the one day as it will be an educational trip for him.. Wife and daughter will probably join us Friday night or saturday AM.. Well..... Someone has to do the washing up!!! . . . . Incoming........
  18. Pub....... Did I hear someone mention Pub.....!!!! I'll actually be arriving Thursday afternoonish.. Greg
  19. Nearest supermarket is in dulverton a small spar... We can all chip in and do a minhead run for provisions with fish and chips and a pint!!
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