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  1. I am a hoarder so never throw away stuff that might come in useful. Being a tad environmental I try to re-purpose, re-engineer and re-use old kit that I purchased back in the day when I was gainfully employed. My old pre digital SLR lenses were first connected to my DSLR with a shiny new adaptor but then fell into disuse when I realised my EOS lenses performed better. Now retired, with more time and reduced cashflow, I decided that rather than modding my DSLR, if I could attach my old lenses to my QHY5L-ii mono and colour cameras, I had the makings of a wide-field camera that would b
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  2. This has been a long time in gestation - first I built the 3d printer from a kit my son gave me for Christmas 2018, then I had to pluck up the courage to turn it on. The whirring and flashing lights are all a bit much for a man more accustomed to using Crayola 'chubby' crayons than digital vernier calipers. Then I had to get my head round Sketch-Up, Netfabb, Repetier Host , Slicer3 and how to stop molten filament from blocking up a very small hole in a very hot bit of metal. In my shed I have some 500lines/mm holographic film and a QHY5L-ii mono camera and three telescopes of varying fo
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