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    Second to last image of the season. Taken at @wimvb Wims magnificent dark skies, north of Stockholm. The skies are so good (Bortle sky 4) that this image was actually possible. Despite a terrible error in my HEQ5, which made it drift badly in RA, and thus shortening the session to a little more than three hours in total. But I had to throw away some subs because it was evident that they will do more harm than good, and I ended up with one hour of Luminance and half an hour each RGB. While preprocessing I really thought this one will end up unworthy to be worked out and eventually neglected. But I wanted to see if anything can be saved. So I fire up Pixinsight and I processed with straight forward attitude rather than my meditative style of processing (Photons have travled millions of years, you should spend some time getting them right). I think I pulled out what can be pulled from an embarrassingly short session of 2.5 hours. Yet some stuff like the bleaching of color over stars wasn't manageable because of a combination of imprecise focus and the elongated stars caused by the RA drift. I chose to tone it down although there was some room for more stretching, but this level gave pleasing dynamics, it seemed. Next season will deliver better for sure. Wim have generously allowed me to have a pier besides his at the under construction observatory, and my gear will be controlled through the net, thanks to his expertise. A truly great step in this wild hobby, that I am most thrilled about. No more bad skies in inner city lights, and no more uncomfortable balcony stuff. I will still miss the hustle though.. Any critics are most welcome. Clear skies /Firas
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    Another clear night here oop North. Being bank holiday i thought i`d make the most of it. I`m starting a new job tomorrow so its early nights from now on... Best night of the 3. Crystal clear all night. So here we have an un named object as far i know. Saw it on a Cygnus mosiac image and thought i`d give it a bash. Modded 450 d / Samyang 135 mm f 2 @ f 2.8 / 12 nm Ha clip filter / Vixen GPDX with skysensor 2000 pc. 50 x 4 mins @ iso 1600 (unguided). Captured via BYEOS. Stacked in DSS with calibration frames. Processed in Photoshop. Thanks for looking Alan
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    WO 132 ZWO 178MC ADC x 2.5 P/M
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    c925 and 294mc pro bin 2 mosaic of 2 panels best 15% of 1,000 frames processed in photoshop.
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    Hi All, Here's my latest image. I'm not entirely happy with the results but then again here i am posting this image for comments and criticism and looking for ways to improve. Ha: 80 x 300s SII: 80 x 300s OII: 80 x 300s Processed in Pixinsight so kindly let me know what i can do in PI to improve this image because that's all i know Thanks in advance. Regards,
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    I went out in my car to a fairly dark site last night, Margaret Roding in Essex. It has been mentioned a few times on here as a good location. The last time I went it was in winter and everything dewed/ frosted up. I now have I dew heater and a hair dryer. I just needed the hair dryer a little bit on my Telrad, but otherwise it was fine. I got there when it was still light and got in a good couple of hours before the moon came up. After many years of trying I finally saw M51 the spiral galaxy. Using my 14 inch dobsonian which I made myself. So I am very happy. I could see maybe a hint of the spiral arms. i found it using a Telrad, I looked up where is should be in relation to Alkaid in Ursa Major, using a telrad chart from the internet-also in Stellarium, before I set off. I tried to find the Leo triplet but didn't succeed, but I didn't prepare how to find them as well, so probably just missed them. Hopefully next time. Still, I am very happy to have seen M51, it is totally invisible from my garden on the outskirts of London. It has taken me so long because it is rarely clear skies when I have a day off work the next day and can go somewhere dark, it seems to be cloudy for months at a time at the weekends!
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    Thanks everyone
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    Taken in the early hours of the 20th April. Another brilliant floodlit clear night It’s a stack of about 50 using the 60mm Tak with the 1.7 extender & Canon 450D, so about F10, 1/750, ISO400 processed in Pixinsight. Thanks for looking.
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    Hi, Below some color moon images. The first is a 6-panel mosaic, made using FLT132 and ASI 224MC. Taken @ f/7 this is a rather low resolution image. Image was combines using Adobe Photoshop Photomerge The other images are parts of the large mosaic I posted earlier. I used the colors of the color full disc image. So these are IR-RGB. Rima Hyginus region: Including also triesnecker and Rimae Triesnecker. Mare fecunditatis: Zith the obligue crater duo Messier. Mare Nectaris: Wit the Crater trio Theophillus, Cyrillus and Catharina. Posidonius, and the rim of Mare Serenitatis. I guess I'm finally getting the hang of colorizing my high res images, with low res color data. Next would tbe to get higher res color data. But that would require an ADC as even in these images some dispersion is creeping in. Enjoy the images. Feel free to share your thoughts. Clear skies, Wouter.
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    C925 12 panel mosaic with 385c camera 4 panel mosaic with 294mc pro camera bin 2
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