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  1. A closer look at the sunspot AR2833, reveals the dark feature of the Umbra and some details around the lighter Penumbra. The image was captured on 06/18/2021 at 1:15 PM ET, using a Daystar Quark H-Alpha filter with an internal 4x telecentric barlow, at 0.5 Angstrom bandwidth and a UV/IR filter to reduce scattered UV light & heating. The telescope used was a Lunt 80mm MT APO refractor and an Altair 174M Hypercam - monochrome, fan cooled camera, using 504 recorded SER images. The software used was AutoStakkert 3.1.4 & Registax 6 for stacking the image and wavelet enhancement.
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  2. The Sunspot AR2833 was recorded on 06/18/2021 at 1:40 PM ET. You will notice the faculae all around AR2833 and on the suns disk. The Umbra & Penumbra are also visible in AR2833. The activity has been recorded on Spaceweather.com as AR2824, after being on the far side of the sun, and now has been renumbered to AR2833. The image was captured using a Daystar Quark Calcium H-Line filter, at 3968.5A (angstrom). The solar scope used was a Lunt 80mm MT APO refractor and Altair 174M Hypercam monochrome, fan cooled camera using 136, recorded SER images. Resources: Spacewather.com https://lnkd.in/dS_4CBV National Aeronautics and Space Administration https://lnkd.in/dBTqhBH
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  3. The Sunflower Galaxy, in Canes Venatici boast approximately 400 billion stars. The image was captured on May 05/17/2021 at 3:07 AM ET, using 59 minutes of exposure time. The instrument used was a six-inch APO triplet refractor and CMOS color camera with a temperature of -22 Celsius; the Optolong L-Pro filter was used to reduce the light pollution.
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