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    Taken last night with a Saxon 10" Newtonian reflector on a SkyWatcher EQ5. Handheld afocal shot with a 10mp FujiFilm A170 compact digital camera through a Celestron 32mm Plossl eyepiece. ISO 100, 1/150 sec, -1 exposure, 2 x optical zoom. Edited in PaintDotNet. Image has been reduced in size.
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    What a fabulous observatory you've built! Well done, enjoy. Dave
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    Thanks! Honestly I tought, if I have alt-az mount, the best way to gather light in short time, if I take a picture about that light, what is already concentrated in the eyepiece. I saw in the astroshop website, there are more types of smartphone adapter, than I tought, it's not impossible to do this with phone. The first try was surprise to me, a monochrome attempt on M42. Till this day I use my phone to take pictures and I like it Now I want to make a gallery here, than I can share my pictures with the sgl users and with my friends too.
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    Excellent results, I too was inspired by Astrophotography on the Go to try and use a light altaz mounts and light scopes to image DSOs. Throughout the last year I have imaged many objects using a SW AZ-GTi and four scopes (SW 80/400, Bresser 102/460, Meade 2045D and SW MAK-90) plus a few camera lenses. My Blog with images and technical discussion about altaz imaging. My astrobin page.
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    Congrats! ? I use 30 sec on nebulas, 10-15 on clusters. With planets I can't do good pictures, they are too bright for my cam to take a video about them and stack the frames. With one shot this is the best, what I have:
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    Have a look at this thread, just a bit of fun really but some useful stuff about smartphone imaging. This my M42 attempt is on there, plus a decent one of Jupiter. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/282996-the-inaugural-stupod-winner-announced/?tab=comments#comment-3097056
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    These sketches are works of art!!! Well done, you're very talented indeed.
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