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    Last night the sky gave avg conditions with the MW showing a bit of structure and the split in the southern portion was easily visible. Cleardarksky rated the NELM at 6.3. Seeing seemed pretty good. I'm still shocked this morning! M17 was an absolute treasure in the eyepiece, unbelievable. Sometimes views grab you and stay with you- this was one of them! Large, bright, showing mottled green (UHC) and structure in the object, the neck area was one of them. This object was VG in the 20mm Lunt HDC but the 17mm Nikon HW stole the show, hands down. Upping the mag using the 14mm HW option diminished the object- fine tuning these objects is crucial IMHO... speaking of which- I inadvertently had the 14HW in trying IC1318- which shows great in this scope, well the 14mm just killed it..so important to try different things to see what works and what doesn't. Jupiter is very l;ow obviously but the 24" gave great views up to 275X+ a bit using the Zeiss Vario zoom, same as @Piero. Very good contrast, detail, and color- I just can't wait until its higher. This was my first use of DSC- thanks Sky Commander! very accurate, many new (to me) objects found including some great planetsaries such as NGC 7008- the Fetus nebula- I has structure showing and once my excitement settles down I'll fine tune these objects- this view of it was an excellent beginning! What a fantastic 1.5 hrs of observing! ps- who put that bright galaxy with its glowing core and nice elongation next to M13?
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    This dark nebula can be seen in the southern constellation of Lupus the Wolf. The dark and dusty clouds are part of the Lupus Molecular Cloud some 500 light-years from earth. Photo details: 22 x 5Min Lumi = 110Min 6 x 5Min for each RGB channel = 90Min Total Expo: 200Min Equipment used: Telescope: ASA 12'' F3.6 Mount: DDM 85 Unguided Camera: FLI 16200 Mono Filters: Astrodon Date and Location: June 2019, Namibia Thanks for watching Haim Huli My Flickr Page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/101543943@N04/?
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    Apparently Saturn is quite calm, you do not notice any outstanding activities in your atmosphere. This photo although there are still some artifacts, I was very pleased to have been very clear. Even in color the hexagon and eye of the polar hurricane stand out well, bands on the globe defined and ring with well cleaned divisions, being highlighted the C ring that shows weakly in its characteristic blue color steel. https://www.astrobin.com/full/411565/0/?nc=
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    I've been away from the hobby for about 5 years due to personal reasons. However, I couldn't resist this Celestron 80 EDR and go to mount for £20 yesterday!!! It needs a diagonal and some eyepieces, but is a very cheap way for me to get back into the hobby. I'm mostly interested in the Moon, the larger planets and some faint fuzzies! Clear skies!
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    Yesterday's Moon with the straight wall. Rupes Recta (middle right) and the crater Pitatus (bottom left).
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    I've finally succeeded in squeezing ten+ decent hours out of six sessions into this image, with my first NGC showing satisfactory detail, and overall what I think is a pretty picture. 10h 37m of 3m subs, with 75 calibration frames each, from DSS to PS, taken with the modded T6i and gear listed below. Please, suggestions or comments would be most helpful for this rookie.
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    Dont think either of your scopes would look outta place between the Dob mobs..! Left to right..mapstars 22".Mike's 20".my 18".Steve's 20".
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    SHO palette TS130 f6.6 reducer G3- 16200 Integration: 22.8 hours SkyEye Observatory
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    Another avi of the transit on 21/06/2019 of Io, shadow and GRS. Now, all I need is an ADC, some clear sky and an airline ticket for the southern hemisphere! Chris
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    Hi everyone Not an easy one this. With the big 10" reflector doing duty elsewhere, we had to make do with something smaller. Followed it up to the meridian for around an hour before the haze took 30 minutes after the flip. Not enough time. Need a bit of a breeze. Again, the biggest discussion point must be the colour. To me, it's too orange but then look away from the cluster and there are blue stars too. Thanks for looking and do tell us what you think Cheers and clear skies. 450d on pn208
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