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    Two nights in a row out under the stars. No cloud at all tonight so excellent! Managed to see Comet 2019 Y4 (ATLAS) through my big bins and now hopefully imaging it with my widefield mini- rig. Self isolating in a big way as the rest of Lowestoft's residents appear to be asleep in bed. Don't remember ever seeing Coma Berenices quite so bright with the naked eye and spectacular through my bins. What a great night for stargazers.
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    I have just noticed I have been a member of SGL for ten years.
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    Beautiful Mars and waning gibbous Moon conjunction. Took a few images with my Canon DSLR at f=300mm. Interesting how the naked eye and brain can better accommodate the difference in brightness between the Moon and Mars than can the camera. To my eyes Mars shone like a pink jewel whilst the Mare on the Moon were in dark contrast to the southern highlands. My camera, set to show lunar detail, rendered Mars a very dull and tiny disc. Looks like a job tomorrow for 'photo editing software'! Now in bed in Lowestoft. Nighty night stargazers.
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    Glad you got your Gazebo back after it 's maiden flight. I am happy to report that ours is still in place, but earlier today, it required some emergency running repairs with an adjustable spanner. Best regards from George in Lowestoft where it is still raining.
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    here i stand broken hearted thay forcast clear and the clouds never parted. solar imaging is just a illusion filled with sadness and confusion..
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    Seeing looks better today....I think!
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    Lovely night again after quite a poor day here on the East Coast. Managed to get some views through my 11x80mm bins of the star clouds and Messiers in and around Sagittarius. Scraping the roofs to my south but remarkably clear and steady. Jupiter and Saturn still too low to be observed through my pier mounted refractor, but very bright to the naked eye. Saturn usually dim is surprisingly bright. I don't often get to see Sagittarius from our Backyard, so a bit of a treat. From our front door looking North Comet NEOWISE is easily visible with the naked eye even before the street lighting is extinguished. Very beautiful in the environs of the Great Bear. Not much photography tonight, just looking and enjoying the beauty of it all. Fabulous evening under the stars! Night all stargazers wherever you are.
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    When you see wide field photos in AN and S@N they usually have a wonderful foreground landscape. A wild lake, a dark forest, a deserted beach with abandoned lighthouse or an engineering masterpiece all adding grandeur to the night sky phenomenon pictured. So tonight I give you Comet 2020F3 NEOWISE over my neighbours' guttering - awesome !
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    Yet another beautiful day on the east coast. Went for a walk along the dunes at Winterton on Sea. Watched the little terns fishing and return to shore beaks crammed with silver fish. Was watched in turn by a suspicious seal. As the evening was clear I decided to photograph Jupiter and Saturn rising up over the sea from a vantage point on Corton Cliffs near Lowestoft. Got some nice widefield images with my Canon Dslr simply mounted on a standard tripod at f=18/mm. and ISO 1600 and 3200 - 10sec exposures. Will try stacking them tomorrow to bring out fainter background stars and increase signal to noise. Got back home just after midnight. Waxing Moon setting in the west was very red nestling in the trees near the horizon. Night all - from George in bed in Lowestoft
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    Just took a quick handheld snap from the bedroom window. The extra elevation enabled my first views of Saturn and Jupiter this year, low over my neighbours' roofs. Oh for a clear view of the southern horizon! George now tucked up in bed.
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    Getting ever so close to completion of this mirror, I hope to have it finished this weekend. It is now a 20" F-4.6 after 175 hours work decided it would be to high at F-5.125 so reground the focal down to make it shorter.
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    Fell for a sucker-hole
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    Don't you just love it when the forecast promises clear skies, only to change at the last minute...
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    New toy has arrived! Did run to the postoffice!
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    Yes definitely worth considering the skywatcher 150ED if it was my money most probably would especially if you considered the higher end refractors have money left over for a nice imaging set up also
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    After another day in isolation we decided to go for a walk at about 21:00 BST. After a morning on which we had a short snow shower and lots of cloud, we were surprised to see some stars. The crescent Moon, Venus, Hyades and Pleiades conjunction was a real visual treat. Quite unexpectedly, the Space Station went over accompanied by a retinue of Elon Musk's Stsrlink Satellites. By heck there were a lot of them and quite bright! When we got home I grabbed a camera and tried to get a handheld image of the conjunction before the clouds rolled in. I hope to post something tomorrow. Quite excited as we have made our first batch of yoghurt today and will be trying it in the morning for breakfast. We could have made one small step towards dairy self sufficiency or a biological weapon of mass destruction. Only time will tell! Now in bed awaiting sleep in Lowestoft
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    New scope incoming? Exciting!! ??
  18. 1 point
    Well, my astro sabbatical didn't last long. New scope inbound, but keeping it modest this time...honestly
  19. 1 point
    Wind and rain! Rain and wind! So rather than "pining for the fjords", I thought to try a bit of astro 'DIY' light. Managed to fit an old Orion EZ red dot finder onto my Altair astro 66mm Lightwave refractor. Also decided to reuse my redundant QHY5v planetary camera for obtaining low res spectra. Managed to complete a few basic calculations and mount a transmission grating at an appropriate distance from the imaging chip. Then set about getting my laptop to communicate with the old camera. Went to QHY site and downloaded the most recent driver for the QHY5v. Downloaded a more recent version of Sharpcap which seems to work with the QHY5v using ASCOM. Need to work on settings as first captures were hyper noisy. Not really sure what I am doing but I've never let this stop me in the past. "Ever backwards and downwards"! George now tucked up and pleasantly cosy in my sleeping chariot.
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    I saw your question on the ASA site about sky flats and Sequence. If you are still interested, I have managed to get this to work quite well on my installation at E-Eye. After setting up the filter sequence configuration file, you just click on "Dusk Flats" and then select the configuration file from the window which pops up. Do not press START NOW or START@TIME. As soon as the sun reaches 0 degrees, the mount will slew and start to make flats. Therefore, you do need to make sure that the roof/dome is open! In this mode, Sequence does not open the roof/dome automatically. (It would help if they told you that in the Manual.....) The trick is to get the configuration file set up correctly. I have mine set to make dusk flats with the following filter sequence: SII, Ha, OIII, R, G, B, Lum. I make 5 exposures with each filter. That seems to work well in relation to the speed at which the sun sets. Of course, if you want to make dawn flats, you need to reverse the filter sequence. Hope that helps!
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    back at figuring my 20, here is where it stands right now, still some to go but headed in the right direction.
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    Updated my profile picture in memory of Neil Peart who passed away this week at the young age of 67.
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    Happy New Year all. may all your dreams come true ! charl.
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    Windy, and not far off a full moon, but got a good view of Uranus just north of the moon through my 120mm ‘frac and 5mm EP. Nice to see a planet again!
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    70 years old today and I remain unsure as to what I want to be when I grow up.
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    hi all im still here just going through a bout of fishflue hoping for some clear soon , darn weather im sick of it and my 1200d died. charl.
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    Well despite the clouds, rain and wind a few captures of Mercury were made. Now to process them....
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    Those in the north with clear skys you're in for a treat!!!
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    'rah'! - finally, I was able to spot Comet W2 AFRICANO sailing through Andromeda. Managed to get a few widefield images of it but sadly through high level cloud and brightening moonlight that rather spoilt an otherwise good night with my little 66mm Altair Astro Lightwave scope. Will have a go tomorrow at processing what I gathered tonight. Weather forecast for Lowestoft over the next couple of days is quite poor so I need to make the best of my blurry images as I'm unlikely to capture anymore anytime soon. Nighty-night Stargazers
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