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    A big thanks to @peter shah for inspiring me with his 'Boy and the Milky Way' photo. I took a similar image with my son and just won my local Astronomy Society annual astrophotography competition. ☺
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    First full on summer's day here in Lowestoft. We went for a walk across the marsh. Lots of butterflies - Orange tip, peacock and one variety we didn't recognise. Walked through a full on swarm of bees. Heard them first and then suddenly they were all around us. Saw a snipe, a marsh harrier, swifts, marsh tits and a white egret. Surprised a roe deer by the railway track or did it surprise us? Great day in warm sunshine. Nighty night stargazers George tired but not stung in Lowestoft.
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    Mr Blue SKY. stunning skys here in south wales, goodluck guys.
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    full milkyway arch pano shot last night with REFLECTIONS !!!!
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    Finally setting up again for the first time in close to 6 months! Feels good (even if I have spent all day finding cables)
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    fighting fit again but nothing to do, skys are like Venus, ive watched so many old sky@night eps my eyes hurt. come on weather give us a chance please !.
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    It's "Prom Day" on the Sun today, if you have H Alpha or Ca-K get out there and have a look
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