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    I think I would leave out 6, if anyone is interested and missed it they could use the Q&A section. I would merge 1 and 5 together as they are linked, target object and size of lens used (whether camera lens or telescope) that way you get wide field in there as well. Here I would have sample images to show from a still from your wide field camera to a nebula in NB to a planet. Just a couple thoughts and agree what a wide subject to fit in to 40 minutes.
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    I'll start with some photos of the observatory taken a few years ago. From the north looking roughly south and then from the south at various angles.
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    I designed a perpetual calendar mechanism to go into my longcase clock and had it installed and working. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the clock working so the calendar had no trigger at midnight. I decided that the clock was far too crowded, so I dumped the calendar section from the clock. I really want a decent sized and clear to read calendar as the digital clock/calendar I have is almost unreadable, particularly in the evening. The perpetual calendar has thus bean moved into another project, and this is it. The whole mechanism has been 3D printed and all the parts are there but they need a new host. The original calendar mechanism was weight driven with a fly fan to regulate it. It was triggered from the main clock at midnight from a 2:1 gearing down from the hour shaft and a snail cam.
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