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    Nice to see your looking forward to using your new 200p The 200mm newt range of scopes are just such good all rounders, and provide plenty of increased aperture for you. But at the same time so manageable to transport around with you. The 200 newt is what I class as a "proper" scope as it can provide you with all the benefits of quality viewing , but at a sensible price. I think you will get years of enjoyment out of this scope. To get the best out of it, take it to a really dark site from time to time for faint fuzzy hunting. You will be amazed at the difference a dark sky makes to your viewing pleasure of faint fuzzies, they pop , just amazing Enjoy
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    I am rubbish a ps and gimp but just merging the two gave me this!!!
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    Love your enthusiasm! That's a great scope you have there. It was every aspiring astronomers dream to own an 8in Newt. Now they are so affordable and available that they are taken for granted. But that aint no starter scope you have there. It is a serious instrument. It will serve you well, Enjoy!
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    Yes, a tweak based on eyeballing the perimiter stars will be needed. My method also allows you to find out whether or not you can still operate pen and paper... lly
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    I didn't have time to set up my usual astro cam, so here's a quick grab stacked from just 20 pics through my 200PDS with a DSLR. The most interesting thing for me is that it's not just a coloured-in half moon but you can also see some of the shaded part. That made my wife take notice.... As an astronomer, it's just odd that I saw a near-full moon last night then it rose above the horizon as a half moon, just one night later. But suddenly it's a full moon again! It's a bit soft - the seeing wasn't exactly great so close to the horizon...
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    Congratulations on your new scope Is it the 200P dobsonian that you have bought ?
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    Very nice scope and I like the storage solution - thoughtfully kept in the middle of the room so it's easy to walk around it when having to do those non astronomy things we have to do from time to time.
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    Well, I'm the new owner of a Bresser Messier NT 150s
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