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  1. 9 points
    A two pane mosaic of Sinus Iridum, The bay of rainbows. A lovely pointed shadow at the bottom. The usual set up, C9.25, Asi290mm, 642 filter. Stacked 15% of 5000 frames captured.
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    I say this with a little tongue in cheek and with some lightheartedness but I think the rubbish uk weather has a lot to do with this very topic. I was only thinking the other day that when the weather is rubbish many of us get our Astro fix (me especially) by spending time looking for the next Astro bit or thinking about what we’d like to improve our experience. If the weather was better we’d most likely get our fix by spending more time observing or imaging and then we might not need to spend so much time pondering or searching for the ideal next bit of kit. Anyway, whilst the bad uk weather stops us getting our fix, it must be good for the Astro retail business and without a strong Astro supply and a strong used market (which is good for us all) we’d have nothing to look at when the weather’s bad. . Steve
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    Cloud dodging and poor seeing aside, managed to get some data. C925 and 294mc pro.
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    I know I should have long since have accepted this but the the desire to purchase new equipment seems never ending! I’ve spent most of the last two years being one or two purchases away from having “everything I want”. Despite having spent a fair bit on my travel setup, that I’m very happy with, I’m now thinking about a Nagler 3-6mm Zoom. It’ll work well with both my scopes. I’d like to think that after that I’ll find peace and serenity with two great scopes and a full eyepiece case but I know that a Pentax XW 7mm would make a nice addition to the collection. Those Vixen HRs seem right up my street too. Has anyone ever reached the end of the equipment buying road? I need to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel as I’m running out of kidneys!
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    A very bright planetary nebula in the constellation of Draco. 68h30m total integration (52x1800s OIII, 75x1800s Ha, RGB all 20x300s). Captured on my dual rig APM TMB 152 setup. The core was captured on my Celestron C11 in London (500x10s luminance) e-Eye, Spain 15/3-28/4/2019.
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    NASA video about their future missions to the Moon and Mars.
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    As long as there is light at the end of the telescope this problem will arise. I have been very good at buying equipment and very bad at selling any. Consequently I'm running out of money as well as space.
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    Both shots taken with a x2 barlow and imaging source camera
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    Made an early start and found clear-ish skies, a bit hazy but much better than the last 2 days. Didn't expect much with all the active regions now on the far side but I was pleasantly surprised! White light was quiet as expected although the seeing was not bad at all and visually the granulation was quite impressive. I didn't do close ups with the ASI today as there were no AR's, just an FD via DSLR. Ca-K disk looked pretty quiet too Then I switched to look for proms and found a whole bunch of stuff going on. After reading a few articles / posts recently I had a play around with binning 2x today. This really helps capture proms with shorter exposure times and faster frame rates. The first 2 images below are at native 1000mm focal length, the last 2 using the 2.5x barlow.
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    That's wonderful! Sorry, I couldn't help myself:
  12. 4 points
    TS 130mm f6.6 Riccardi APO Reducer und Korrektor 0,75x SkyEye Observatory 70x300 L40x300 R40x300 G40x300 B Here, the background is 1 priority.I have tried to get the most out of the deep sky.There are many small galaxies in this area.The picture is much cropped and much stretched, and the resolution is a bit broken because of this.But I think it was pretty ok.Feel free to come up with constructive feedback
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    Two rules that I've applied over all the years that I've been in this hobby are: 1. Keep house / family and astro budgets completely separate. If the money was not "disposable" it did not get spent on the hobby. 2. No loans to fund hobbies.
  14. 4 points
    Astronomy in comparison to other interests I like to indulge in such as cycling, hill walking, wild camping etc, is the front runner by a fair margin in terms of cost of each selective item. Not that other activities are inexpensive, efficient dependable equipment can be costly including whether or not second hand. Mixing up astronomy with other interests becomes a beneficial distraction and in some ways a complementary pursuit, which retains a balanced overall approach to what you do and the extent of equipment you may have. As had been mentioned, you may in time arrive at some kind of clarity of awareness that you have accomplished a core set-up, where by each part is interconnected, a kind of objective jigsaw, which if one component was taken away i.e. sold, it may unpick or unravel. The main requirement is retaining the passion and dedication, that despite the frequent unfavourable weather, gives you a feeling of uplifting and contentment each time, whether in a suburban back garden, sharing on an outreach event or venturing out on a dark sky trip, those moments become priceless.
  15. 4 points
    Ha, you'll now have university fees to contend with. i didn’t get beyond a cheap alt-az until our youngest was finished her Masters 4 yrs ago. am man, did my expenditure on Astro kit rise then
  16. 4 points
    Bear in mind you already have the most precious optical devices you could ever hope for, your own eyes. You can drink in the splendour of the universe just by using them. Might not curb your desire to spend on more Astro Gems, but just being aware that there is nothing you can buy that can ever compete with what you already have may temper your spending a bit . Ron.
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  18. 3 points
    I couldn't resist making the most of what could be the last clear sky for a while. Also, I'd been searching on-line to see if I could find any original sketches produced by Sir Patrick Moore. Sadly I wasn't finding any of his work, but I stumbled across a drawing of "Bulliasladus" by Erika Rix, which was just fantastic. I noticed along with other things, she'd used a larger magnification than I tend to so I really wanted to get out and try something around 300x magnification. Once again I was slightly limited for space in my back garden, and it was too bright when I started to do any alignment using the stars so I set the scope onto auto tracking which seemed to help a little although I was once again forced to continually move the scope to keep the view in the eyepiece. I ended up using 440x magnification and started drawing the Gassendi Crater, which again I have already drawn, but at least this time I recognized it and remembered I had already drawn it; so I'm getting better! Anyway enough waffle. Here's the sketch done at the telescope. A bit rough and ready as always with me, but I was pleased that I did manage to capture more detail than in my first attempt again. Clear skies everyone. (And please do search for Bulliasladus - Erika Rix if you've got time. And if anyone knows where you can see details of Patrick Moor's drawings please let me know). Thanks!
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    Headed out after work last night in chance of capturing the arch for the last time before summer nights really take a grip. I had a idea of a location and it worked out better than planned. theres a slight glow to the north ( left of the image) as the auroa kicked off at 1:30am sadly the mountain was in my way but i like the purple hue's. Sony a7rii Tokina F2 FIRIN lens 21x12" iso 6400
  20. 3 points
    Just a quick image of the friday nights moon interacting with clouds. //Johan
  21. 3 points
    A very detailed photo of Jupiter with a close up on the GRS. Interesting to notice the clouds that are circling around you, but the most notable is to see how it flattened. According to John Rogers, as you all know, the GRS region is of special interest at present with the remarkable dark band that is streaming around it, and more retrograding rings approaching on the SEBs. Hi-res images of this region in both RGB and CH4, as often as possible, will be very valuable over the next few weeks. Clyde Foster and Shinji Mizumoto are particularly following these features, and they point out that an especially large retrograding ring is approaching the GRS. It should arrive about a week from now -- if it does not slow down or stop, as these large rings often do.
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    My wife's family gifted us a weekend away in a wonderful little cottage in Stone in Oxney in Kent. Despite a wet Saturday day time, the forecast for the evening and night looked very promising so I took long my 4.5" refractor. It proved to be a night of globular clusters and a few surprises. Observing report on the link below: http://alpha-lyrae.co.uk/2019/05/18/a-night-of-astronomy-in-stone-in-oxney-in-kent/ The scope all set up and ready to go, with not a cloud in sight. Clear Skies!
  23. 3 points
    Good clear nights lately. Two images taken through a C6 and C9.25 recently. Always worth a look along the terminator
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    skywatcher 150p with a cheapo web cam... the 2nd and 3rd were with a 2x barlow
  25. 3 points
    It's a big universe and there aint no telescope that's big enough. Look at the Event Horizon Telescope - it is the size of the Earth, and it is still too small.
  26. 3 points
    I'm certainly at some sort of peak in terms of kit currently. I have quite a variety of scopes, each of which I have a totally watertight case for keeping I suspect the next moves may be downward to free some cash but we will see. Some of my purchases are completely spur of the moment based on what comes up on the used market. For instance, my 14" Sumerian Alkaid was something I had not considered, or even knew existed in that size (it was a custom build I believe). The chance to own a scope with decent aperture but which is manageable and fits in with my lifestyle was something I couldn't pass up. I dont suppose I will ever stop tinkering, but any major changes/purchases will have to be funded by sales.
  27. 3 points
    I have been meaning to catch Hesiodus A and Dionysius dark rays for a quite a while. Very pleased with these images. Hesiodus A is a very curious crater, with an odd doughnut appearance. The dark rays of Dionysius are most visible when the Sun is high and they come out quite well. Captured with my C9.25, Asi290mm, Astronomik 642 filter. Stacked the best 15% of 5,000 frames captured.
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    I think, unless something "mind-blowingly impressive" comes along re. Astro Technology, my *major* purchasings are pretty much complete? I have spent "far to much"! lol. But I like to think *much* of it had some justification and was fairly(?) carefully thought out? As a Astro-Generalist (Visual... imaging... video... solar... etc.) I have been *innocently* lured to explore a WIDE variety of setups. May you find contentment in ONE?!? Another birthday yesterday reminded me of my "limited mortality"? lol Enough "unrequited" (Non-Astro too) hobbies to last another lifetime? OR: "Jack of all trades... Master of none"!
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    If you think that’s where financial support for your children stops, you are SO wrong ...
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    tak 102 x2.5 pm ZWO178 cam just as it was starting to lighten up
  31. 2 points
    Last week, I didn't know what else to shoot with my Samyang 135mm f2 lens and I remembered that I had a RGB photo of the Cygnus region shot with a 50mm f1.8 lens. I decided to try and shoot some Ha with the same lens to see if there's an improvement. Very glad I did. I really like the outcome. I hope you like it too. RGB - 10x600sec ISO800, IDAS LPS-D1 CLIP filter Ha - 36x300sec ISO1600, Astronomik 6nm Ha clip in filter Emil
  32. 2 points
    I was never satisfied with this image. It was one of the first images I took with the FSQ 106 and .6x reducer. This was taken when I did not yet know what was wrong with the setup--either spacing of sensor orthogonality--something was wrong since the stars were deformed in the corners. The good news is I sent the FSQ back to TNR and they recollimated it--it had come to me slightly out of collimation. Cant wait to test it. But the stars were only one thing I could not get right. My inclination was always to push the data too far--trying to bring out faint details, like the reflection nebula surrounding the core. This would invariably cause a background issue around stars. The data could just not handle it. I think I have finally found a middle ground Red: 214 30 sec Green: 168 30 sec Blue: 118 30 sec Lum: 172 30 sec
  33. 2 points
    Blue Moon in Scorpius! The third of four full moons in a given season is called a "blue moon", and this one is passing through the constellation of Scorpius, the scorpion, or Nanaboujou, the warrior in Ojibwe skylore. The blue moon is illuminating the scorpion's stinger! Watch out! Reggie
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    About time, its so easy to get to the Moon but they should have dragged the Mir space station into Lunar orbit rather than let it crash and burn as a first way point. Alan
  35. 2 points
    Noooooo. The incomparable Mr Peach reckons that the 9.25 gets close to what's possible under UK skies and second hand SCTs come up cheaply because lots of people buy them ill-advisedly for long exposure imaging and sell them. They are easy to collimate with spherical primaries and make great planetary imaging scopes. There are bargains galore on the used market. Olly
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    Funnily enough so did I!! Phew.
  37. 2 points
    I confess to a disturbing yen to own an Espirit 150, but I've also hankered for a Star adventurer, and a RedCat51 also. I have to stop.browsing through that Sweet shop called First Light Optics. I wouldn't care as I have so many toys as it is, and unused for the most part. It's a love of all this modern gear that was totally unavailable in my early years. It's now a test of will power, and and circumventing a very observant wife. Ron.
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    Struggled over the last few days--the more I processed the more unnatural things appeared. I just was not satisfied with ful resolution viewing--even with a down sampled version. I'll admit that these changes may seem at first subtle and unworthy of mention. But its the last few honing sweeps that make a blade truly sharp. To my eye the improvement in "naturalness" to the flower are obvious. Also, I lifted the dust lanes without brightening the stars. getting there.
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    Taken at astro camp in East Sussex on 13th May during a first quarter Moon. I last attempted this 5 years ago and have been meaning to come back to it. Hubble palette plus RGB stars. My first image with a Baader 3.5nm Ha filter, Still not sure whether it is any improvement on the 7nm. Atik428EX & SWED120 + FRHa 3.5nm 15 x 600Oiii & Sii binned 300 x 8 eachRGB 4 x 100 binned EachMount HEQ5Total imaging time 3 hours 50 mins on narrowband with a further 21mins for star colour in RGB.
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  41. 2 points
    Agreed. When it comes to stargazing, my eyes need the very best help that I can afford!! Maybe one of those NV monoculars? Wouldn’t they work well in binoviewers? And, I did promise myself a set of Ethos at some stage...... However, I have found that after a couple of years, I hit a cruising altitude re overall value of kit. If I want to buy something, I sell something to finance the new addition. Equilibrium maintained. So provided I stay away from extreme thoughts (see above), yes, it does end! Paul
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    I woke up in the early hours and could see Vega shining brightly through the bedroom window and decided to get the 12 inch Dob out and have a look at Jupiter and Saturn which were both high overhead at 5am here. The sun wasn't up for another 2 hours and the nearly full moon had sunk below the hilltop, the sky was clear and steady and with no wind conditions were as good as it gets. I was keen to try out my new Skywatcher Planetary 4mm for the first time since it arrived from FLO two weeks ago. With the Baader zoom at 8mm I did a quick star test on Vega to get collimation as good as possible and swung the 12 inch Dob right up overhead to Saturn. A bit of fine tuning with the new Lacerta 10:1 focuser and it was looking nice and sharp. Out with the zoom and in went the SW 4mm, refocus, fine tune and oh boy! My, my, without a doubt the most stunning view of Saturn I've had, it was all there, pin sharp, Cassini, the Encke minima, the C Ring, several bands on the disc and a definite pale blue polar region. Four moons, Dione, Tethys, Mimas and even Enceladus all strung out in a line below the rings. Just breathtaking! I spent so long marveling at Saturn I hadn't noticed Jupiter was about to disappear behind the tree tops, so I quickly swung over to him and managed to catch Ganymede. Callisto, Europa and Io all close by, no shadows on the planet but wonderful views of all the main bands and just a hint of the GRS beginning to appear on the very edge. Being so close to the trees the seeing was a bit fuzzy (eucalyptus trees give off a lot of vapour), not as clear as Saturn but still a wonderful bright contrasty view. I've debated long and hard whether it is worth spending a lot of money (which I don't have) on exotic eyepieces instead of decent budget ones and now I know. Given really good seeing conditions and a well collimated scope, for just £37 you can have the most wonderful views imaginable!
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    Yep. They’ll be heading for university / needing cars / houses. Then there will be grandchildren....... So, put in context, some enthusiastic Astro shopping should be barely noticed! Wouldn’t mind a car that is big enough to get my Dob into and reliable enough to get to the odd star party, and a new tent.... Paul
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    Twenty easy and simple years owning a visual dob spoiled me into thinking that doing the research, getting input from various sources, and springing for a basic imaging rig was as far as the cost would go, but I underestimated by a good deal the cost of all the 'extras' necessary to get another step closer to better photos, or simply to acquire necessary gear that was overlooked in the original research. SGL was a great source of information and encouragement as I sourced my rig, but nobody ever pointed out that once you think you've reached the end of the road and can now order all your stuff and away you go, there is always another, smaller road that continues the journey, and the cost. I don't say this in blame, I am, after all, responsible for everything I do, and of course everyone here wants to support a budding fellow amateur astronomer just as I encourage people following behind me, I just wish I could believe that the next time I tell my wife that this purchase will finally complete my setup, it will actually be true.
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    This data was captured on the 9th July 2018. I decided to come back to it as I felt it wasn't as good as I could do, and my processing skill has improved since then. Atik 383L+ 24 x 300s 12nm Astronomik hydrogen alpha Canon 40d 14 x 300s ISO1600 12nm Astronomik Oiii Total integration time = 3 hours 10 mins. Stacked in APP, and processed in PS. The Oiii signal was very very weak, so the colour balance isnt quite as I liked but I'm still happy with the improvement. However sometimes I cannot see the problems until pointed out so please feel free to comment. I added the original version below. If you feel it is better in some aspects please also comment! All the best Adam.
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    Quite. I find contemplation of the childrens' school fees generally helps to calm impulsive thoughts James
  47. 2 points
    The 7mm Nirvana is better for observing the moon really but just wanted to try the 4mm. Might use it on nights of great seeing.
  48. 2 points
    Greetings Observers, Here is a link telling us about Jupiter being in opposition. It will be very bright and large : https://in-the-sky.org/news.php?id=20190610_12_100 Hope the weather is excellent on the 10-June-19. Jeremy.
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    ok so with the right lens with IRcut filter, doesn't seem too aflicted by the IR lighting thinks the focus will need tweaking tho as I think I've over-reached the infinity focus but wasn't anything useful to fix to with the dull cloudy skies today, but in principle its not too bad. Just missed a bat crossing the camera as I screen grabbed, there's a couple of them that flit around which is nice to see. So now its just a wait for the wider lenses and the 5MP module...
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    Hi, not exactly what you asked, but i use the Dark Sky Meter app on my Iphone, the results are quite accurate, comparing with SQM meter. As i recall it was only a few €.
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