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  1. 17 points
    Headed out after work last night in chance of capturing the arch for the last time before summer nights really take a grip. I had a idea of a location and it worked out better than planned. theres a slight glow to the north ( left of the image) as the auroa kicked off at 1:30am sadly the mountain was in my way but i like the purple hue's. Sony a7rii Tokina F2 FIRIN lens 21x12" iso 6400
  2. 10 points
    I took some pictures last night not realising I'd captured the X and V, but L as well? 12" Dob with Baader 17mm connected to a Canon 500D. 40th of a second at ISO100
  3. 10 points
    Walking back from shooting the arch around the other side of the lake i saw a small hill, so at 3am i hauled my bsackside up this hill and quite glad i did. you never know whats there till you look. this is 30 x 12" ISO 6400 Sonya7rii Tokina F2 FIRIN lens
  4. 10 points
    Up early to a beautiful clear sky... And good seeing apparently? But it clouded over at 8-00! So no closeups as yet. It is supposed to be clearing by 11 o'clock? (Lunt50 SS Non-barlowed w/Chameleon)
  5. 9 points
    M100 and supernova 2019 ehk, imaged last night with the Celestron C8 at f.5 and the Starlight Xpress SXV-H9C. 7x300 secs and 3x600 secs. The supernova is the star nearest the core.
  6. 9 points
    My first attempt. Lunt Herschel wedge, TV 76 with 2x powermate, EOS M. AR2740 also just visible.
  7. 8 points
    best skys this year so far this cursed year. seeing steady near perfect. AR2741 is looking very nice with a bright area which looks to be flaring. only 1 mid sized proms on the off going upper limb but there other small proms around the disk. kit starwave 102 and st120mm. quark, asi120mc. wishing you all clear. thanks for looking. charl. AR2741 WIDE. ST120. And again 10min later. ar2741 102. and again a few min later. proms upper off going limb. 102.
  8. 8 points
    New camera for solar work Altair gpcam3 178m
  9. 7 points
    Lunt LS50THa & Altair GPCAM2 130M. Disk both prime focus and with a barlow element (2x3 mosaic).
  10. 7 points
    Hi All Like many managed to get a little time for imaging today, very unsteady seeing, between clouds AR2471
  11. 7 points
    I took a snap last night and had another look today and seem to have got some of the lunar alphabet as well !
  12. 6 points
    It's a lovely day, well worth getting out there if you have a solar scope. I've not had a chance so far to observe the two active regions currently on show, so it's great that today is clear! They are nicely visible in white light, one of them quite large and showing plenty of detail. These pictures don't show anything like the visual view which is pretty stunning when the seeing settles; it's very variable today but has good moments. The larger AR has a lovely bright light bridge across the umbra, and there is beautiful petal like structure in the penumbra, plus also plenty to see in the umbra itself. The granulation is coming and going, but when the seeing steadies there is lovely detail visible in it too, tiny pores in amongst knots and swirls. The smaller AR is less dramatic, but there is a lovely loop of small spots arcing away from it. I'm using my normal setup, 4" scope with Herschel Wedge and binoviewers at about x200. The first two are as I see them with a green continuum filter, then converted to B&W, finally my setup today. I use a fairly bizarre combination of binoviewers with 25mm Orthos, a x1.7 GPC plus an AP Barcon with extension tubes to get up to high power. It's strange, but the results are excellent. Finally, I've just fitted some knobs to replace the Allen bolts holding the mount head to the pillar. This will make swapping the head onto a tripod easier. I did buy some plastic spacers too but they actually didn't work so I replaced them with nuts wound all the way up against the bottom of the knob and they work very well indeed. Very pleased with them. Enjoy if you are out there.
  13. 6 points
    A few lunar shots through my 4" F11 frac. Used a barlowed 6mm BCO giving about x375... not bad for a 4" scope! Pics straight off phone, no processing at all.
  14. 6 points
    qwick moon i could not resist, a lovely colour today and seeings quite good. ive took some close up vids too so ill add when done. kit Oldfaithful 127 f9.5. 1200d "now giving me electric shocks for some reason" . hope you all have clear. thanks for looking. charl. wide. closer. heres the first closer shot. sorry there a bit noisy but its the bain of day vids. 2 3
  15. 6 points
    Made an early start to try and catch the best of the weather / seeing. Paid off reasonably well. Lots going on with 2 AR's, proms and the like across three lights. Shot white light first Than Ca-K. Proms were a bit scarce today. Lastly bought the PST out for a look.
  16. 5 points
    Captured this on Friday morning at ~9am. Fire Capture, stacked in AS!3 and processed in Imppg and PS. I also have some AVIs of AR2740 so will see what I can pull out of those.
  17. 5 points
    Been doing a bit of solar this afternoon and fired a quick minute at the moon. Pales compared to the other images in here but it's nice to image in the daytime! ASI1600MM red filter. Taken with Sharpcap. Stacked in AS3.
  18. 5 points
    C925 and 385c camera with Baader neodymium filter. best 15% of 1,000 frames.
  19. 5 points
    The Sun was out and I had time for some imaging today - even better as there is some activity! AR 2741 - 200/4000 frames with the ZWO ASI 120mm mono camera. The seeing was pretty poor!
  20. 4 points
    This is my take on M101. 36 x 600s Lum, 12 each RGB @ 600s. Processed in Pixinsight. Comments and criticisms welcomed as always. i@v encluded a cropped version too although there seems to be a lot of things going on in the background of the widefield. Link to hi-res below. https://astrob.in/405374/0/
  21. 4 points
    Well I went up and personal on the sun this morning. AR 2741 and 2740 at 08.30 UT. Altair Astro 102 ED-R and Daystar Quark with the DMK 31 camera. But this time no reducer. I reckon one around 0.8x would be OK. Plus a quick shot in white light with the Baader photo film, continuum filter and IR blocker.
  22. 4 points
    BBC FOUR Freeview channel 9. 9pm Horizon about Mars and 10pm The Sky at Night.
  23. 4 points
    This is my first astronomy picture ever. I took it with an iPhone 8. I know it’s not very good but it has piqued my interest in astrophotography! I use an LX70 EQ mount but don’t have the motor drive yet. Plan on getting it soon, but have no idea how to set it up! Any suggestions?
  24. 4 points
    I realised I hadn't posted an updated shot of my "high power" eyepiece case, with the latest Vixen HR. Bottom row L to R: Vixen HR 2.0mm, 2.4 mm, 3.4 mm and TeleVue Nagler Zoom 3 - 6 mm
  25. 4 points
    My turn to add to the great solar images posted today. This was a day of firsts today. First solar image for 2019 and the first taken with my new William Optics Z103 scope. Close up of AR2741 showing the umbra and penumbra as well as a small plage to the bottom left of the spot. Thanks for checking in.
  26. 4 points
    It started off well in white light but as the day went on Calcium K & Ha images went a bit squiffy so this is the best of a bad bunch. White light images taken using an ED100, Lunt Herchel Wedge, ASI 120 MM camera with 2X then 3X Barlow lens to try & get up close. Calcium K & Ha images taken using a DMK41 camera, CAK PST, HA PST Double Stacked.
  27. 4 points
    Hi, Lunar V is a transient phenomenon visible only a couple of hrs during First Quarter Moon. The below image was taken with CFF CC300 f/20 ZWO ASI 174MM Astronomik Proplanet 807 processing with Autostakkert 2 Lynkeos Adobe Photoshop. Conditions were less than favorable with rather poor seeing and a lot of wind. It also wasn't dark yet but that was less of an issue due to the use of the IR pass filter. First just the image. And below the image with captions for the most prominent features: Lunar V is not a specific feature on the moon. It is just the illumination of the mountain ranges surrounding the crater Ukert. Enjoy the image. Feel free to share your thoughts. Wouter.
  28. 4 points
    This project was a long time coming. While not an observatory per se, it marks a big step for me. I have been leaving my rig set up under the 24/7/365 cover for months at a time-0-with no security, other than a fairly hidden location next to a farm. When I worked at home it was one thing--but now I have to go to work everyday, and I have been worrying about my scope and mount (not to mention all the other stuff that is part of the rig. I couldn't afford a roil off observatory--even the material for a DIY one would have been too muchj. But I had to do something--after being spoiled by just walking out, plugging in and imaging, I was not relishing the prospect of starting from scratch every night (as if-once a month these days) Anyway--here is my solution--a roll off box that can be locked for security, Now I will not worry so much. Wind is my biggest concern now. A big gale glow up and I will take the scope inside. Another benefit to the experience, is now I will feel confident building my 8'x8' observatory (8'x8' because plywood is 4'x8' and it would not require cuts!)
  29. 4 points
    Today finally some time outside with the dob. The moon now 48% illuminated schould give some nice detail along the terminator. First up Mare Imbruim, the Terminator splitting up both craters Aristillus (55 KM) and Autolycus (39 KM). The daylight side showing some spectacular force of nature caused by the impact. And these two are just small craters. Down to the south Mons Bradley a beautiful mountain massif in the Montes Apenninus region. Hidden in this mountain massif lies a near perfect round crater Conon. Great stuff, the day light lets it pop out. realy nive crater in the middle of a moutain region. Next up Rima Hyginus, 220 km long and showing lots of detail, I guess that the the position of the sun was just right tonight. Just a little bit more south the Rimae Triesnecker, crater Triesnecker (25 KM) is a eye catcher on it's own. So many canals in that area, there's a lot to explore. I really enjoyed that area. Last object, Crater Walther (almost 140 KM). It has a offset central peak. Only the top was lit by the sun leaving the rest of the crater in darkness, a stunning view. Great evening following the terminator. Also made a picture to test the focus range. greets Gert
  30. 3 points
    Lunt 60mm D/S chameleon cam 151 frames stacked in AS3 prodded with imppg and poked with PS Do the clicky thing for full res
  31. 3 points
    I've been wanting to find a way to use the finder mount that came with my Takahashi FC-100DL but have it easily removable from the scope for transport and storage. I'd fashioned a DIY method which used a low cost Skywatcher compatible finder shoe bolted to the Tak finder mounting plate with spacers to ensure that it cleared the various bits of other tube hardware. This worked and enabled me to use a Skywatcher finder mount with the scope but it was a little inelegant on the scope and I wanted to use the Tak finder mount with it's fore and aft triple screws which do a great job of holding a finder just where you want it to be and having it stay there. I'd considered Takahashi's own FQR-1 quick release mounting plate but I was a little put off by the price tag of nearly £100. I'd noticed what looked like a neat alternative manufactured by ADM on the First Light Optic's website for less than half the price of the Tak FQR-1 and also it's matt black anodised colour scheme matches the black finish focuser that my 1st run Tak FC-100DL has fitted. For quite a while the ADM unit was not in stock at FLO and my own solution worked so I made no further progress. A short while ago though the FLO website showed them in stock so I decided to treat the scope to one. I've now fitted the adapter to the scope and the finder mount base and very neat it is. The finder is a stock Skywatcher 6x30 RACI which I find works well with this scope - it fits into the Tak finder mount easily and is held very firmly by the 2 sets of adjustment screws. To remove the finder / finder mount you unscrew 2 holding screws and it slips straight off. The machining and finish of the ADM adapter is of very high quality. The two holding screws have matching recesses drilled into the base part so the finder is held very precisely in position while being easy to pop on and off the scope. A quality item I think First light is tonight and, so far, with the Moon the only target viewed, the finder and it's new mounting arrangement seem to be performing admirably. I'm waiting for dark to get onto some nice double stars and to get the alignment of the cross hairs of the finder spot on with high power eyepieces. With the design and machining quality of the ADM finder mounting adapter, I'm expecting that this will be a one-off excercise which will be maintained each time the finder is removed and re-installed onto the scope. A nice piece of kit and a worthy addition to this lovely refractor
  32. 3 points
    Hi everyone, Not the most inspiring of images, but I was pleased to get out in the back garden to an unexpectedly clear sky. I rushed it a bit unfortunately. (I'd just bought a 2nd hand 20mm Tele Vue eyepiece on E-bay. It wasn't the ideal focal length for this last night but I wanted to check it was ok so stuck with it). I must remember to spend more time on maybe a smaller area soon. Maybe just one crater next time. Anyway, here's a quick sketch I did of a small area of the moon, near the terminator again. All the best.
  33. 3 points
    Nice to catch AR2741, before the working week resumes. Lovely blue skies 1st thing this morning, the seeing was a bit up and down. Evostar 120mm, DMK21au618, Continuum filter, X3 Barlow. Best 15% of 5000 frames. A lovely light bridge visible across the Umbra, splitting the spot in two and some nice detail in the Penumbra.
  34. 3 points
    If I set the bar low enough it will encourage others to try.
  35. 3 points
    Hi, Lunar X @high res. Lunar X, like Lunar V is not a real lunar feature. it is a short lived transient phenomenon. Only visible during a couple of ours around First Quarter moon. For many it is a challenge to view or image as you only have a short amount of time during each lunar cycle to observe it. Below image is made during less than favorable conditions, mostly lots of wind and mediocre seeing. Equipment used: CFF CC300 f/20 ZWO ASI 174MM Astronomik Proplanet 807 IR pass filter. processing in Autostakkert, Lynkeos and Adobe Photoshop. Enjoy the image. feel free to share your thoughts. Wouter.
  36. 3 points
    8.25 - 9.00pm - sky clear and light - Moon just after first quarter - got the ES ED80 out for a change, with its very wide views. I used the 30mm ES 82 deg and the big UWA Meade 20mm, giving respectively 5.13 and 3.42 deg of field. Compared with recent lunar views using the 8SE with these EPs, the RoF was now far less noticeable, being way off to the edge of the wide views, and the central views were less washed out (not white/clean) than before. Indeed, in the wide view, the Moon looked lovely. Concentrating on the terminator (most detail in that light): x80 - Ptolemaeus, with craterlet Ammonius in its floor. Under that, Alphonsus, with its central peak. Next below - Arzachel, with magnificent terraced walls, central mountain, and craterlet. Up to x160 - a further tiny crater showed up west of Ammonius; ridges and craterlet to south in Alphonsus; and a couple of extra craterlets in Arzachel. The (presumably deeper) crater Alpetragius between Alphonsus and Arzachel was largely in shadow, with just a tiny white spot revealing its central peak. Different 'scope, different views, different opinions/performances of EPs. All good. And I shall return soon when it gets darker! Doug.
  37. 3 points
    That's a very neat job. It looks great. Funnily enough, I made a little aluminium plate for my Skywatcher 6x30 finderscope yesterday. First time that I have ever drilled and tapped a hole. In the plate, not the telescope of course. Much more comfortable with the 90 degree finder when I used it last night on the Moon. The adjustment screws on the Skywatcher are so much easier to use than the Takahashi ones.
  38. 3 points
    c80 ed and 450d 18 mins total,just a bit of fun.
  39. 3 points
    Quick grab today and single stack, I got beat by the clouds. Do the clicky thing for full res.
  40. 3 points
    bit of sun here thismorrning not the clear that was forcast but intermittent cloud with fazey seeing but the ars are looking very nice and thats what Pipps for weeding the bad frames eh. kit starwave 102f11, st120 f5, quark, asi120mc. ta for looking , clear skys charl. AR2741. WIDER. st120. AR2740 st120. Prom upper oncoming limb. 102. prom upper off going limb. 102.
  41. 3 points
    Far from ideal conditions this afternoon, cloud and rain dodging plus highly variable seeing. Nonetheless worth a try as there are a couple of nice active regions at the moment. I was pleasantly surprised as to how well some of these came out, the FD could be better but the 2.5x AR pano stitched and looks ok Weather took a turn for the worse at this point and I had to pack up quick to avoid getting wet.
  42. 3 points
    Hi everyone Not had the little 130 out for too long. We used an old eos 450d which a visitor had brought along. It made an interesting comparison with our 700d. The 450 seems more sensitive -we took 4 minute frames- perhaps at the expense of noise. Has anyone done a dslr sensitivity comparison I wonder... Thanks for looking and any 450d users do share your experiences...
  43. 3 points
    Today I have started to install the wiring fo rthe motors and sensors. And have managed to stumble on a couple of omissions from Scopedome!! There is a fair number of interconnecting cables and as I am not a expert in building them, I got the pre-wired cabling.... Now, one of the first lessons I had in fault-finding problems is to try and blame someone else.. So here goes. There are two limit switches for the shutter travel and they are both in one bag. My builder buddy (apportioning the blame now...) pulled the limit switches out of the bag and just fitted them randomly. So both domes have jumbled up limit switches. Now, Scopedome didn't include a wiring schedule and the controller box doesn't identify the functions on the connectors, just the numbers... I guess they thought the scheme was foolproof, but they didn't realise they had sold the domes to me!! The second issue uncovered is the control box does not have any mounting points on the dome wall. I don't fancy trying to screw it in place, in case it goes through, so I get to make some little wooden stand-offs and glue them in place. Lucky for me, I got some floor paint that seems to match the dome walls perfectly so I can cover it up well.. Here's a couple of pictures of progress today. Gordon.
  44. 3 points
    Hi, I made a full mosaic of the lunar terminator from North to South. Equipment used: CFF CC300f/20 ZWO ASI 174MM Astronomik Proplanet 807 Processing using Autostakkert, Lynkeos and Photoshop. For the mosaic 11 panels were stitched manually in Photoshop. The conditions were far from ideal with lots of wind and rather poor seeing. There for sure is a point were even an 800nm IR filter has to throw the towel in the ring. Enjoy the image. Feel free to share your thoughts. Wouter.
  45. 3 points
    Great report. It was an unexpected clear night for me also. I was checking out the terminator from Klein up to Aristoteles with my Maksutov. Very good views and held up to high magnification well. Lunar X and V very prominent also.
  46. 2 points
    I haven't updated this for a long time. The small platform has been built And the Bay Tree given a severe pruning. The Palm might also be due for the chop, but I hate cutting down trees without good reason. My neighbor is OK with giving her tree a good pruning as well. The big tree will have to go, but I will plant two or three dwarf / semi-dwarf fruit trees in its place. The landscaper is coming on Tue to finish the rendering on the platform, and discuss the further work in the garden. I might be able to squeeze a 2.2m square obsy in, oriented N/S/E/W, with the run off rails forming the top of a pergola.
  47. 2 points
    Hi A lot of activity today. Good sign, may be the new cycle is coming, Lunt 80. Full disk ASI1600mm, close ups asi120mm Thanks for looking
  48. 2 points
    Nice one! No matter what anyone says, it'll be worth all those thousands you will soon be spending.
  49. 2 points
    Correct Nigel, still I find it strange that float is used to make these correctors in the first place. But on the other hand it is 'only' a corrector and not like refractor's primary lenses a set of components to 'produce' images. Another thing I've tested in the past is whether plain float can be used as a diagonal in a Newt. Answer Yes/no. We always buy our float glass (to make our Newt-telescopes) in a company nearby (Glastec). They do cut their glass with a water-jet. I've seen that machine. Seen it while it was cutting glass. The least I can say, that is a im-pres-sive machine..! Anyway, in one of my orders (to start a new course a few years back) I added a file in my mail and asked them to cut me diagonal mirrors. These diagonals were suppose to be used for 130mm long focus Newt's. The idea was to make these scope as cheap as possible, so I thought : why not..? I anticipated lots of bad flats, so I ordered 100 flats 25mm diameter. Negligible cost. I checked all these flats with an interferometer. And guess what... If you take 1/4 lambda as a standard acceptable flat, well nearly 30% could be used. To be clear these flats were ok but only because they were so small. I doubt if I would get that same amount usable mirrors if I would have ordered say 40 or 50mm diameters flats. After been cut we also check for strain and striae. Not once we received a bad blank during all the years we bought from that company.
  50. 2 points
    Fab report and images, Stu Have had a little post lunch session. It’s noticeable how much both spots have moved since yesterday. The smaller spot which is like a trail of small spots seems to be fading. I guess this may just down to its position on the disc. The kids all came over for a look. Here’s my eldest at the eyepiece. Note the Harry Potter “observing hood”
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