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    Is it Jupiter? And the first one looks to me like hand-held camera shake on, say, a 1/4 second exposure... Cheers, Magnus
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    With all due respect please pay the little extra and get either FDTI (Real not fake) or CH340 RS232 adapter - most "cheap" adapters use the prolific chip which if you search this site and many others have a history of problems with Windows - especially Win 10. Heck what's the extra £5-10 pound when you have paid (I assume here) over £900 for the mount (new price). ?
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    You managed to pull something decent out Dave given the conditions. Don’t forget this is just a quality graph of the frames in that particular AVI relative to each other and is not a guide of absolute quality.
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    Pete, I also use the T2 tilter for solar with my ASI 174 and ASI 1600 cameras. With the tilter installed, just in front od the camera, I find the easiest way to "tune" the tilt is live on the monitor... Apply a little tilt and look for the reduction in the NR...repeat until they just disappear... only takes a minute or two and then you very rarely have to re-set the tilt. HTH
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  6. 1 point
    Stacking software is amazing. The developers deserve medals for their work.
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    Here is how to fit the rail in case you've made a mistake somewhere. It shouldnt slip regardless of how much weight on it. Might be worth checking if you have that problem.
  8. 1 point
    Impressive images. Those dark skies do look very attractive too. Thanks for the info and sharing your images.
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    No pointers from this green thumb but a pat on the back for lots of detail up close. A whale of an image. (Sorry.)
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    @xtreemchaos, @Pete Presland, @Davey-T, @Altocumulus, @Ibbo! <---- hmmm the tagging didnt work Thanks guys my solar imaging has been a bit sparse of late, the days getting shorter, leave home before sunrise and get home not long before sunset If the weekend isn't clear, I can go for weeks between imaging Activity around AR2740 was good, it was easy to see changes in the small filaments and bright areas even over a 30 min period One thing this last imaging session proved was that the ZWO Tilt Adjuster solved the Newtons Rings issue when using higher magnification with the Televue powermate ? Having many bands across the image was driving me nutz haha Dave
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