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    A surprise clear sky tonight pursuaded me to get the 12 inch dob set up. Wispy cloud now and then but the impromptu session delivered some good galaxy viewing in the Coma / Virgo area and also Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and Draco. Nice run down (or is it up ?) the Markarian's Chain with 11 galaxies showing then headed up for the Black Eye Galaxy and others in Coma B. Back to the fringes of our own galaxy for the Messier 3 globular cluster (Messier's first actual discovery apparently). On to Ursa Major practically overhead so M51 was showing two strong cores and more than a hint of spiral structure. M101 also showing well as a large somewhat unevenly illuminated patch with hints of a knotty structure. Ursa Minor and Draco revealed more galaxies (didn't note which I'm ashamed to say) but the Cat's Eye Nebula looked very bright and sharply defined with it's central star gleaming. Hercules had cleared the conifers so M13 and M92 globulars could not be ignored. Both looking wonderful at 199x and 265x - close to their photographic images with the 12 inches of aperture. Backing off the magnification a little to catch galaxy NGC 6207 in the same field of view as M13. Finished the session with the good old Ring Nebula as Lyra moved out of the Bristol skyglow and finally a Summer favourite - Albireo in Cygnus, with strongly contrasting coloured stars despite it's relatively low altitude. Post-session Googling found this very recent Sky & Telescope piece on the Markarian's Chain which might be helpful for those who wish to explore this rich area of the sky - and now is the time to do that ! https://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/yanking-markarians-chain/
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    Hi, here is last nights shot at M101. This is a luminance run only and was to test to see if the central Halo was still there, and it is, grrrr. I have a sneaky suspicion it is coming from the edge of the secondary mirror. I have pretty much painted everything else matt black, so far. Anyway, Here is the Luminance run. Subs: 10x 300sec, 5x 420sec Processed in Pixinsight. BIAS, DARKS and FLATS applied. Cheers Paul
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    Indeed. I'd missed this one altogether, so an interesting watch. James
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    Well done Pete, I chickened out. Dave
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    Lovely set of images David.
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    The theme for the 25th challenge - April 2019 - is Solar! Start Date: 1st April 2019 End Date: 30th June 2019 Rules: The theme this time is 'Solar' - the sun is treating us to a nice spot at the moment so this challenge is dedicated to the sun. Prize: A personalised mug for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places featuring your image kindly provided by our sponsors FLO and a virtual trophy for your signature. -- RULES All data must be captured and processed by you (no collaborative entries). Data must be captured during the challenge start & end dates. Multiple entries are allowed but please start a new topic for each entry. Multiple submissions of the same image, processed differently, will not be accepted. -- To enter please start a new topic with your image in the ‘Imaging Challenge #25' forum (each challenge will have it’s own). Please post as much information as possible - when it was taken, how it was captured and processed, etc. The info won't necessarily be used for judging but will help fellow SGLers looking to learn and improve their knowledge and technique.
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    John It was one of those very transparent nights! I went out and spent two hours looking at loads of galaxies in Virgo across to Hercules. Sounds like you had an excellent session as well. Mark
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    +1 for Puppy Pads. I have three, plus a thermostatic controller. I have had my Mount, OTAs and Cameras out there for 10 plus years. Works a treat. Set up time? 5 minutes tops. Cheers Ian
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    First solar session result from last Sunday. The video is a series of 5 second AVIs, recorded every 30s, over a period of 17 minutes. I only used 16 of the 34 frames due to cloud and/or poor seeing. Manually aligned and processed in PS, and now noticing now that my alignment drifted off a bit. Still it is nice to see solar changes in such a short space of time. Thanks Adam Solar-Timelapse-.mp4
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    Heya, Not much sizzling other than a pretty nice big prominence grouping. Had a little time with it this morning. The full disc in CaK Very best,
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