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    TS130 f6.6 G3-16300 Riccardi APO Reducer und Korrektor 0,75x SkyEye Observatory 70x300 L 40x300 R 40x300 G 40x300 B
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    Greetings! Today I will be sharing with you all, the coolest galaxy in the night sky: Messier 51- The Whirlpool Galaxy. I gathered a total of 17 hours of data (14hrs Lum, 3hrs RGB) under bortle 4.5 skies. This was a very quick process with the RGB but the color turned out exactly as I wanted it to. I may re process this again but I’m extremely happy with these results! This wasn’t supposed to be a project until late March or April but I just couldn’t help myself. Hope you all enjoy one of our galactic neighbors Equipment: Astro-Tech 8rc (.82pix/") CEM60 gem Atik 414ex monochrome ccd QHY5L-ii autoguider Astrodon LRGB
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    Eagle and Swan: I was never really happy with the processing of this data and couldn't put my finger on what was wrong so I had another go. It also got me thinkiing about the summer skies which was no bad thing in the dead of winter! I hope the stars are now better and the emission nebulosity deeper. HaOIIILRGB. Atik 11000 mono/Tak FSQ106N. High res data for the Eagle added from ODK14/SXVH36 and for the Swan from TEC140/Atik 11000. Olly
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    Dear all, this morning, the mid-range and high clouds vanished for a bit more than an hour. Our terrace was still in shadow, so I carried the telescope to a sunny spell in our courtyard. So I could do a natural charcoal sketch of the sun with a wonderful faint but pretty large prominence. For that and some other prominences, I used a tiny rubber 'brush' tool to catch the faint character on paper. Here's the result: Telescope: Lunt LS 50 THa B600 PT Eyepiece: Celestron X-cel 10mm Date & Time: February 13th, 2019 / 1015-1100 CET Location: home courtyard, Dusseldorf region, Germany Technique: natural charcoal on white Hahnemühle Ingres mould-made pastel paper Size: 24x31cm Clear skies! Achim
  5. 14 points
    Just a ten second exposure with a Fuji XT2 with XF16mm lens wide open. Want to get more into this very wide field malarkey. Just need more clear skies...
  6. 14 points
    A wee ditty I just threw together to mourn the sale of my Dobsonian Ode to Big John I saw some epic sights with you Vega shone like crystal blue Jupiter’s belts were an awesome sight The Great Double Cluster set the eyepiece alight Orion nebula just can’t be beat And Saturn the best astronomy treat I’ll miss you Big John and the stuff you did track But I’m getting old and so is my back.
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    I took the opportunity of a short clear spell on Sunday even though the Moon was out. I only managed to get 14 subs at 300secs but I am relatively pleased with the result. Taken with modded 1200d and ED80 400ISO and including an IDAS HEUIB-II filter. Processed in APP with tweeks in Affinity Photo. Normally I wouldn't have bothered with the Moon out but there has been so very few chances to image lately. Hope you enjoy. Peter
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    I have recently changed from DSLR to a Zwo ASI294MC Pro cooled camera. Ultra pleased with the initial few images, now the intention is to get a good few hours on targets. Much less noise and easier to use than a DSLR - saving up for a long time was well worth it. I decided to go for OSC due to so few clear nights, ease of use and NB is still an option albeit not so effective. Here are my first images. These are all around 2 hours exposure, 240s subs unity gain and -10 ( I have wanted to say that last bit for so long ) CCD/CLS filter. 200PDS on a guided NEQ6 The 294 and PDS are working well together. The 80ED is up for a test next. M100. M101. Leo triplet. M64. Thor's Helmet and an 8 panel mosaic of the Flaming star and Tadpole nebula. I have also switched stacking and some processing to APP, still processing mostly with Star Tools. Some tuning to do with processing skills yet. Thanks for looking. Nige.
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    Finally got my first chance this year (this winter in fact) to get the scope out. With the moon being out in full glory I decided to have a shot at this instead. I was suprised just how quick it was moving compared to others I had photographed in the past, and took a bit of figuring out to get an exposure that I was happy with.
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    Did this yesterday and it's still sitting here unposted forgot to push the post button Not much to see today and rubbish seeing with it. Dave
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