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    i made this filter for my Evostar 120, made with plywood and Baader solar film nd50. Scott
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    That's how I read his post. Of course with the duo that would only produce a bicolor image
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    Remarkable image Peter well worth the effort. Bob
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    My original idea indeed was along the lines you are suggesting - having both Ha and OIII. On the other hand - very nice mono image could be produced with Duoband and mono, and even very fine bicolor NB can be produced without Ha and OIII filters if one has both mono and color cams - Luminance would come from mono camera and duoband - color data would come from color camera and douband - you don't need narrowband filters for Ha and OIII - camera will split duoband bands into Ha and OIII via use of bayer matrix on the sensor. So there are a lot's of possibilities to play around with, for this particular filter.
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    If you are talking about Teleskop-Service, then yes, very good service so far!
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    I'm pretty sure it is a sphere of gas and the ring is from looking at the cross section of it.
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    That’s another advantage of astrodons, they are reported to be 1:1:1 which makes things very easy. Rodd
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    It would be great to be able to say it's a Turdus, but alas i don't think it is Magnus
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    Hi all. I haven't been around for a while (in the obs or on SGL), no real reason just astro imaging has taken a back seat. I have been collecting data for this image since the 16th of Jan, bit here bit there, so today I decided to put together what I have so far along with some old green and blue data from 2013 (lp filtered red red data is still missing). shot with my SXVFH9 and 10" f4.8 newt on an eq6. L= 43 @ 600 seconds Ha= 15 @ 1200 seconds G = 16 @ 240 seconds B= 15 @ 240 Very rusty in my processing routine and using Ha as red was a challenge Thanks for looking. Mike.
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