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    I have several PC processor coolers of various sizes and I'm thinking a small air blown cooler is going to be more efficient than my 90mm x 90mm x 60mm passive cooler, particularly as the passive cooler is not in it's most efficient orientation. Once I get the ZWO camera I think I shall set up some comparison tests. I have a 60mm fan cooler and 50mm flexible air duct and one option might be to put the cooler in the ASC and feed relatively dry air from the scope room through the flexible 50mm ducting. I also have 100mm air ducting but that is fragile and intended for indoor use and I doubt it would stand up to storms outdoors. The north side of the ROR has acrylic sheet for a window and it wouldn't be difficult to cut a hole in it - I have various size hole saws - so it occurs to me that I could cut a round hole near the apex. With my large 3D printers I could print a pretty large housing that could actually go into the scope room. Of course, there is still the problem of sealing the astro camera from the heatsink air side. This is a rather old photo of the north side of the observatory and shows nice pristine window panes. ATM they are broken at the bottom and covered in mould or something and I expect to be replacing them with new acrylic sheet sometime soon. So I can cut the hole before fitting the new pane.
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    I haven't used my casing yet... but I just printed a two-part base and glued the halves together. A USB cable goes in through a hole sealed with hot melt, there's a pocket for silica gel pouch(es) and I made a foam gasket for the dome. Hopefully sealed! Must try it out some time, but I only have the one suitable camera.
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    I'd suggest exterior grade silicone sealant rather than hot-melt I think. James
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    ZWO ASI 120MC-S ordered and on it's way.
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