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    Heya, It was raining all morning with total cloud cover. Went to town and ran errands instead. But, to my surprise, around noon, the sky cleared up and seeing was pretty good. Managed to get some data on AR2733, it's starting to calm down and the umbra are fading, but the plage is still large and there's activity going on. There's some rather nice prominences around the limb, but one particularly interesting one making a show. B&W: Color: 150mm F8 Refractor Daystar Quark Chromosphere & PST Etalon ASI174MM + 0.5x Focal Reducer Very best,
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    I guess I would be totally out of imaging at the moment if I didn´t have my 3 nm Astrodon Ha-filter. First clear nights in over 2 months and of course that darn evil orb is up there, bright as ever! Managed to get a total of 76*5 minutes and I guess this is about as good as I can get it considering the full moon. Really can´t wait to get my hands on some O3 and S2 data for this one now! Oh, if only I could afford Astrodons for those as well... The field of view of my Sigma 500mm lens really fits this target! Thanks for watching, hope you like it Gear used: ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool @-20C Astrodon 3nm Ha filter Sigma 500/4,5 EX DG HSM tele lens ZWO EF lens adapter ZWO EFW-8 filter wheel Orion Magnificent Mini Autoguider Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro Synscan
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    I would think it unlikely if the light pollution was such that it wasn't worth going after fainter DSOs. When I've seen the nebulosity before it has usually been a fogged up eyepiece or objective . I guess you would need to map out where you saw it to see whether it was real or not. In theory it should need transparent and dark skies to spot.
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    I have used FLO several times and certainly not aware of any discount as such for SGL members. We get first notice of any discounted items on one of the threads. FLO Clearance Offers TBH their prices are so competitive I don't think there is much they could discount further. If I am wrong then watching this thread with interest . Steve
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    I hardly know where to begin. There's the small and large magellanic clouds, eta Carinae nebula, coal sack, tarantula nebula, omega centauri, 47 Tuc, Jewel Box.
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    Great report Dom. Eta Orionis is actually a rather close pair - about 2 arc seconds is the split I think, maybe a bit less. Maybe there is a 3rd more distant member of the group though ?
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    Thanks for the suggestion man, I would use sequator to stack my next target.
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    There's always one.....I'm actually from the UK. Moved to Australia 16 yrs ago. The view of the Milkyway is quite spectacular from the southern hemisphere.
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    First light with my new Atik 414EX with the C5 on the AZ GTi. Having just got the spacing right the set up with the Optec Maxfield x0.33 focal reducer. I haven't produced any flats yet, so there was some noticeable vignetting towards the edge of the frame. Very pleased with the result. This image was 26 frames of 5 second exposures, stacked in Sharpcap. Final image cropped in GIMP. Almost full moon as well, so looking forwards to a dark sky night to see what results I can get from this set up I still think its amazing what you can get from a C5 on an Alt-Az mount!!
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