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    I recently aquired this lens, a 200mm F4 Asahi Super Takumar and did a quick M42 with it. I stopped down with a step down ring (to F5.4) and I'm not sure if some of the background colour is vignetting from that or if its the dust that surrounds the nebula. 60x 1 minute Lights 60 x Darks 100 x Bias 100 x Flats Imaging camera: Canon EOS 500d (unmodded) Mount: HEQ5 Stacked with DeepSKyStacker. Processed with Pixinsight. The next thing to try is a powerful UV filter to try and reduce the violet chromatic abberation. let me know what you think.
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    Up for sale in pristine condition is my ZWO ASI120MC usb2 colour camera. In excellent pristine condition, with no marks on either camera or box. Due to a shift away from imaging this is now no longer getting any use off me. Bought just under a year ago off FLO. Asking for £85 which includes postage in the UK only. Payment via PayPal friends and family, or Direct bank transfer. Thanks for looking! Gus Now Sold. Many thanks!
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    Very nice review ,well done. Bob.
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    Is that the Horsehead to the top left as well? I quite like it how it is to be honest.
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    Checked at 2am, 3am, even sleep walked and checked at 5am....nope, still dismally cloudy.
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  7. 1 point
    NV really is a game changer!! You are really going to have fun with that setup. Paul
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    One of my favourite object pairs, and a lovely image of them at that! Well done
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    Looks very nice - I like that. Carole
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    This was a bit of an experiment - but by the time I'd finished with some lunar stuff I was getting pretty frozen, so I didn't really complete it. The idea was to get Uranus with moons using longish exposure, then do Uranus again with Powermate and shorter exposure, then do a composite having rescaled the background. I did the first shot at native 1000mm, but then packed up. I need to find a warmer hobby - or a warmer climate maybe. Normally I do AVIs, but for this I did a series of 100 TIFFs, not sure why - seemed a good idea at the time. Gain 422 -bit random. Stacked in DSS, didn't process. SW Quattro 10 + ASI290MM. (red filter) Not really very exciting but amazing to think that Ariel is only about 725 miles in diameter and is 1.76 trillion miles away!! Hmmm - Is that really right?
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