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    I can FINALLY say with 100% confidence that I was able to locate 46P/Wirtanen. The last few times I've tried with binoculars, I thought I had seen it, but wasn't absolutely sure. Last night, no doubt about it. I could see it with averted vision from my Bortle 5-6 front yard. I could also easily locate it with a small pair of binoculars. I looks very similar to a nebula or a galaxy. I also managed another first last night and got a couple of pictures of a comet. The first one is a single 13-second exposure at ISO3200 using my Canon 750D and an EF-S 18-55mm lens at 55mm. The second image is 10x10s exposures with the same camera, lens and focal length, stacked in DSS and processed in Photoshop. I didn't really feel like getting out my Skyguider Pro and messing with polar alignment so I could do longer exposures, but maybe I should have. Still, turned out pretty good and I'm happy that I can finally say I've seen it and have the image to prove it. Tell me it doesn't look like a smiley face winking at you!
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    Hi everyone. New moon and clear skies so we got an opportunity for something vague and watery. Thanks for looking and any/all comments and suggestions for improvements most gratefully received. canon 700d: 2 hours @ ISO800
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    Hi Guys, I thought I would share with you my first DSO taken with my new Orion 8" Ritchey Chretien F8 Telescope. The frame is made up of 12 x 4min shots, no light or dark frames, using my Sony A7Rii camera. The camera had the long exposure noise reduction switched on, which does help to reduce the total number of stars captured by the camera, as the Sony A7Rii does tend to overdo the number of stars captured. The telescope was mounted on my trusty skywatcher NEQ6 mount and the guiding was via PHD 'of course' via my skywatcher ED50 guide scope. The shots were taken from my back garden in Stowmarket, Suffolk where I believe I am a Bortie 4 location, so the skies are mostly dark, with just a little light pollution from the main town, no filters used. My normal telescope is a Skywatcher ED100 Pro Esprit F5.5, which is an incredibly sharp scope, but with a wide 550mm field of view, great for capturing the whole of Andromeda but a struggle with smaller images like the Iris Nebula. I will say the Orion RC scope did need to be collimated out of the box, which was a little disappointing, and it was not just a little out of collimation, it was a long way out, but with the use of a collimating tool, I soon had it dialled in. First impressions of the Orion Ritchey Chretien 8" Telescope are fair, not super impressed, as it is nowhere near as sharp as my ED100 Esprit, but then this is to be expected based on price and telescope type, however, the pictures it has produced are pretty good, if you downscale the full 42MP from the Sony A7Rii camera, as can be seen in this picture. I purchased this 8" Orion Ritchey Chretien OTA mainly for Planetary work, but as yet I have not had a chance to 'get onto' a planet, fingers crossed some clear nights will arrive soon, so I can try. I welcome comments, many thanks Jamie
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    Think this version is a little less garish!
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    'rain, rain, all around, so let's all have a drink'
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    Cheers, I will have to set up, photo and then post.
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    The 24mm APM UFF is no where near as good as the 30mm. First off, it's not actually flat of field. I have to refocus for the edge, if you can believe it! It is wider than a 32mm plossl at the expense of some edge vignetting and indistinctness (a 27.5mm effective field stop based on my measurements relative to said plossl). It's as if they pushed the design a bit too far. I measured it to have a 63 degree visible AFOV, but an effective AFOV (eAFOV) of 66 degrees due to magnification differing across the field. With the eyecup folded down, it does have 17mm of usable eye relief, so it's quite easy to use with eyeglasses. I haven't encountered blackouts or exit pupil finickiness. There might be some edge astigmatism, but I would need to double check that before I say anything more on that point. Stars definitely don't remain pin sharp to the edge. The last 5% becomes mushy. In the central region, I'm still evaluating it. So far, it's no better or worse than a plossl in that region based on my limited time with it under the stars. I haven't written much about it because I'm still developing my opinions about it. I'm mostly disappointed it isn't flat of field as claimed and yet costs a lot compared to other 24mm options out there. The 30mm APM UFF is definitely flat of field, so I don't know what happened with this eyepiece's design.
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    I bought their 3LT X5A Tony to carry my Nikon D5000 and at the same time bought the Manfrotto detailed in my signature. Stability, mobility and some pretty weird places to stick a camera resulted in me wanting to keep the Manfrotto. I just felt the Manfrotto was better for my needs, and how it can be placed ( horizontal for example between two structures? ) but I don't actually recall testing the physical stability over long term exposures back then, so the 3LT was put up for sale, but I still have it (sale withdrawn) and will use it to mount flash heads, or spare binoculars which is where the Manfrotto excels just now, especially with the 222 tiger grip. As for your own stability testing, send the goods back or ask for an extension of service (in writing ) if you physically can't test the goods for yourself in the time given. The test that Jojo204 suggests and possibly ideas from other users will hopefully find you a quicker solution.
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    There is just something fundamentally wrong with a sentence that contains both Friday night and shopping ? ? I popped out for a while with the 10x50s last night but the sky was quite milky and I had no luck finding it.
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    Well it's always nice to help someone spend their money! First question is... what's your budget?
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