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    I guess I would be totally out of imaging at the moment if I didn´t have my 3 nm Astrodon Ha-filter. First clear nights in over 2 months and of course that darn evil orb is up there, bright as ever! Managed to get a total of 76*5 minutes and I guess this is about as good as I can get it considering the full moon. Really can´t wait to get my hands on some O3 and S2 data for this one now! Oh, if only I could afford Astrodons for those as well... The field of view of my Sigma 500mm lens really fits this target! Thanks for watching, hope you like it Gear used: ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool @-20C Astrodon 3nm Ha filter Sigma 500/4,5 EX DG HSM tele lens ZWO EF lens adapter ZWO EFW-8 filter wheel Orion Magnificent Mini Autoguider Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro Synscan
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    Processing this was a bit of a challenge to say the least. My Comet only stack left very noticeable blue streaks near the Pleiades and I couldn’t remove them. They were even worse after I’d removed the large light pollution gradient near the bottom. So I cheated a bit, well it seems like cheating. I split both images in two, then used Gradient Merge to recombine half of the Comet only image with the good half of the Stars only image. I’ve darkened the background quite a lot to try and hide residual star streaks in the bottom half of the image, so don’t look too closely. I was very pleased to catch it with The Pleiades in the early hours of Sunday Morning. The rain and the absence of some street lights had improved the subs compared with my previous comet image. Its the same set up as before, Canon 450D, 135mm on Star Adventurer, F2.8 ISO400 about 1.5 hours of 30 second exposures, processed in PixInsight. Hope you like it.
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    NGC 1514 is a planetary nebula in the constellation Taurus that was discovered by William Herschel on November 13, 1790, describing it "A most singular phaenomenon" and forcing him to rethink his ideas on the construction of the heavens. Up until this point Herschel was convinced that all nebulae consisted of masses of stars too remote to resolve, but now here was a single star "surrounded with a faintly luminous atmosphere." He went on to conclude "Our judgement I may venture to say, will be, that the nebulosity about the star is not of a starry nature". It has since been conjectured that the nebula in fact envelops a tightly orbiting double star with a period of up to 10 days. Gas is presumably expanding away from the larger star of the pair. 15 hours 30 minutes total capture R 20x300 G 20x300s B 20x300s Ha 21x1800s Image captured remotely at Alcalali, Spain APM TMB 152 F8 LZOS, 10 Micron GM2000HPS, QSI6120ws8
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    I was exhausted and so almost didn't shoot the eclipse at all. When I decided to, I did it as simply as possible, and napped through much of it. Still, some images resulted! These are all with a Pentax K-5iis at 200 ISO, through a Stellarvue SV70t. 1/640th, 10, 10, and 1 second, respectively.
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    Hi. I took this last night before the clouds arrived in the early morning. It was taken with my ED80 @F7.5 and my modded canon 1000D DSLR. It is the sum of 3.5 hrs of imaging time in subs of 450 secs. Camera temp stayed around 12-15 degrees. Calibrated with Darks/Flats and Bias. Their are halo,s around some of the really bright stars. Thanks for looking. Mick.
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    Heya, It was raining all morning with total cloud cover. Went to town and ran errands instead. But, to my surprise, around noon, the sky cleared up and seeing was pretty good. Managed to get some data on AR2733, it's starting to calm down and the umbra are fading, but the plage is still large and there's activity going on. There's some rather nice prominences around the limb, but one particularly interesting one making a show. B&W: Color: 150mm F8 Refractor Daystar Quark Chromosphere & PST Etalon ASI174MM + 0.5x Focal Reducer Very best,
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    I've been imaging the Heart & Soul over the past few/several weeks as and when there have been breaks in the eternal clouds. I am not fortunate to have a permanent setup so every session requires getting everything outside, setup, aligned and on target with all the variability that entails. I am also not as diligent as I should be about ensuring I am smack on target each time; I've lost too many hours of clear sky to plate solving so rely on comparing past images with tonights snapshot. This is 34x10mins of Ha on the Heart and 29x10mins of Ha on the Soul - so over 10 hours - (I have an equivalent amount of OIII and slightly less SII as well) - all taken with Samyang 135mm + Atik 428ex on an NEQ6 Pro. Having spent what seems like 10 hours trying to stitch this lot together in PI with only a modicum of success I decided to invest in an APP Renters Licence. Voila! Just 45 minutes following @swag72 concise but excellent tutorial in the August Sky at Night Magazine produced this! I took the APP integrated image into PI and applied MLT noise reduction and a multi-incremental stretch in HT. As an image it certainly won't win any prizes but I am seriously impressed with how easy it was to achieve this end result in APP compared with PI. I am sure it is possible to achieve an equivalent result in PI but I may not live long enough. Adrian
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    Managed to bodge together an animation from the other night, comet 38P passing the Eskimo Nebula, once again the clouds arrived. Sorry can only manage mono. Dave
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    Finally the sky had played nice, cleared the sky just when the eclipse had begun, literally crisp clear sky. Thank god I kept faith and had the rig set up just in case the clouds were to clear. It was well worth getting my fingers numb it was -4’c taken with 130pds on NEQ6 with canon 6d, 10s shot
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    Another clear night!!! I've had another go at a mosaic. This time I went for the Rosette and Cave area. My mosaicing skill still need working on. I've tried to get APP installed, but it doesn't like my firewall (apparently). I couldn't get ICE to work in two dimensions. So I am carrying on with the Gimp. This mosaic consists of 6 panels. Each has 10 minutes of Ha data binned 2 x 2. I've also overlaid the image onto a screenshot from Cartes du Ciel. Clearly, I should have rotated the camera 15 degrees clockwise, but I didn't know what to expect. The Cave area is much dimmer than the Rosette, so I used DDP to brighten up the dimmer stuff.
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