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    M31 I captured last autumn, even though I only have FL 420mm it seems like it still don't fully fits in the image. Astro Tech AT 65Q Canon700D Baader mod 5x120, 33x360 at ISO 800 Hope you likes it
  2. 4 points
    Hi, A few of my Saturn Images shot during the end of June 18. Saturn was very low in the sky at the time, heatwave weather, and as I shot the images it looked like the planet was bubbling in witches soup, due to the warm turbulance. Images one and two shot though my Intes-Micro MN56 Mak Newt. Images three and four shot through my Vixen VC200L. Camera: The basic Altair Astro GPCAM ARO130C AVI's run through Autostakkert, saved as Tiff's, tweaked in Registax and then GIMP.
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    Have a great time! I'm off to Lanzarote and will be taking my travel set up for the first time.
  4. 1 point
    great shot under the conditions mate, ive had the day off due to cloud. thanks for the view. charl.
  5. 1 point
    a rear view with the clothes peg mod. very technical, i'd probably lose you if i went into detail how i made all the calculation to make it work.
  6. 1 point
    The evolution includes the mount so that bit is sorted I've owned a C925 for a while. It's a lovely scope, quite a big beast and needs to be properly cooled and collimated to deliver its best. You will notice a big increase in resolution and brightness moving between the two. One challenge with planets currently, and for quite a few years to come is that they are very low from the UK. This means the advantage of larger scopes is somewhat muted due to the much thicker layers of atmosphere we are having to look through. You probably would not get a dramatically bigger image of Jupiter, but when the seeing is good, you should see alot more fine detail. It tends to be that you have to want longer for the moments of good seeing but the detail and colour seen should be much better. The 925 should be dramatically better on globular clusters, showing much deeper resolution of stars, and planetary nebulae such as m57 should also be much more satisfying. It will struggle on the larger clusters due to the long focal length and inherently narrow field of view. As others have said, there are much cheaper routes to more aperture such as a 10" dob. This would probably give you similar performance, with less cooldown required and more versatility due to the shorter focal length. You obviously lose the goto, unless you get a goto dob! It is always good advice to 'try before you buy', whether that is visiting a show room or a club or an outreach event. Take your time, but also don't get frozen with uncertainty. I hope that helps a little Stu
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    The Zenithstar 61 is only 1.5kg, the swsa can handle 5kg. at the moment i have a skymax 90 + asi290 and my canon 760d with ballhead and 55-250mm lens and it handles it very well.
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    Bob's knobs really help
  9. 1 point
    You have clearly captured the propeller it's easier to see in the cropped image well done.
  10. 1 point
    Unfortunately there's a lot of well-meaning but totally wrong advice posted on the 'net from folks who don't really understand EQ mounts. You certainly don't need spirit levels for any of it, that's for sure! Anyway, as Steve says, with an accurately polar aligned mount, all you need to do is manually point the scope where the system thinks the first alignment star is, and then tell the system to park the scope. It's really that simple.
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