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    Hi all, This is a image of Jupiter I imaged on 1st May 2018. I called this the back end, as in the other side from the GRS. Taken with my 8SE at f33 with the Skyris 618C CCD. Clear Skies. MG
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    Thank you all for your responses, I value each of them. I have this morning ordered a Astronomik 2" OIII filter, Rother Valley Optics currently has them at the best price. Accordingly I won't end up buying another OIII filter so this should save me money in the long term, and I'll be hopefully spoilt in my nearby countryside dark skies with some fantastic nebula views I'll add the Astronomik UHC filter to my collection on another pay day, and also perhaps the Baader Neodymium moon and sky glow filter too but that requires further research. Best regards Andy
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    The moon was amazing last night with an illumination of 14.6% I think these are the most beautiful moons of all with a very thin crescent like that, these are favourite of all! especially when the body of the planet is dark but visible. There must be I name for that phenomenon (which I obviously ignore) The sketch came out of my 200x1000 Newtonian with my 25mm eyepiece, 40x, no filters used only the very best and pure image of the eyepiece and telescope. This sketch is not a detail exercise, it's about the global view, the illumination, the dark body shade, the position in the sky too (In the middle of 2 trees close to Venus with some haze around it) It's a souvenir of this beautiful moon, feelings are involved. I am very happy with that low power observation. I hope you like it too!
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    Here is my quick processed image of Jupiter almost 4 nights ago, just wanted to test my Mak more and more, Jupiter is nearly easiest to image than Saturn [the worst] and Mars, i won't talk about Venus or another planets, so what do you think about my image so far? Equipment: SW 180mm Mak, ASI385MC both on AZ-EQ6, 10801 frames, AS!3, Registax and Photoshop.
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    Taken from 4th planet from the Sun. Unguided. Oh come on!! If I didn't post this, someone else would have!
  6. 3 points
    Had some great views of Jupiter with the OOuk 14 reflector a few weeks ago. A newt/reflector can produce some stunning views if the mirror it at ambient temperature and well collimated. The views of Jupiter a few weeks back in the reflector were certainty the best I have seen this year with incredible belt detail and the GRS showing so well ,and the colours so varied. The reflector certainly proved its worth that night on planetary, and combined with the great seeing conditions that we were lucky to enjoy. A Newt is such a great bargain when you compare it to the APOs out there. What is a quality 6" to 7" APO , many many thousands. A quality newt in that range well under a thousand pounds . If you can afford just one scope then a quality newt/reflector at decent aperture is the way to go IMO.
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    Read back. The SkyTee II isn't manufactured Skywatcher/Synta. That aside, the AZEQ6 is a class above any other SW mount I have owned. You really should look into the facts rather than jumping to conclusions based on labels
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    I would agree with earlier posters, I doubt the dust storm has any significant impact on the current brightness of Mars. The positioning and approaching opposition are the dominant factors. I do hope there is not a global storm as it will spoil the chances of getting great views of the surface.
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    I've seen that in supermarkets too - you need your wits about you when shopping!!
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    Fast, cheap, good. Choose any two.
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    Hi all picked up a 10” Mak Newt from a friend, i had one a few years back but sold it ! A mistake on my part there super heavy and do take a while to cool, but boy oh boy the image through these scopes are incredible contrast etc.. the scope needs a bit of TLC cleanup etc but a bargain, sat on a Gemini 41 observatory mount on a homade tripod Stuy
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    The eyepiece will be fine at F/5.9 - it's practially as well corrected as the Nagler 31 which is good down to F/4ish. The tension control handles will probably be enough when viewing objects reasonably high in the sky but you might get some "nose droop" when viewing objects at lower levels. With the Skywatcher dobs using a steel tube (I think) some folks use a heavy magnet on the bottom part of the tube as required.
  13. 1 point
    Very sound advice. My dob will keep me happy for years to come. I have a few ambitions, like seeing the full Veil complex in a single FOV, that will require a good wide field scope. That’ll probably bring about a frac purchase. For the foreseeable, though, it’s just me and Dob and I’m perfectly happy with that (cue music: just the two of us...)
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    Really clear images there. Steve
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  17. 1 point
    Hi Sean. I ended up picking up an Atik 383L+ (8300 chip 8MP) so I cant wait to get it set up and running
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    Who’d a thunk that an ex tennis player would be good for astronomy too! Great report. Only managed a brief bino look at the moon and Venus, and then later on in the C8 before clouds closed in 10mins after setting up!
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  20. 1 point
    Awesome images, Martyn! Some of the best Saturn I've seen so far. Sharp Cassini Division, cloud detail, even a hint of Encke! Bravo! Reggie ?
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    and just to wet appetites here is the ISS just now
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    Nice sketch. Well done! Managed a nice binocular view last night of the moon and Venus in the same field of view in my 7x50 Marine binos too, and later on a brief look then through my C8 SCT, which was shut off quickly by clouds alas!
  25. 1 point
    Much better than my first attempt at M13. Magnus
  26. 1 point
    Definitely. This has been noted in quite a few threads recently. It certainly seems to reduce the glare, but also helps the colour show through because your cones are still being stimulated by the ambient light.
  27. 1 point
    Couple of ADM dovetail bars and a piece of aluminium bar across the top. Then bolt one of these to each side and stick a saddle on top and job done. Or drill and thread holes for counterweight bars. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p3898_TS-Optics-Counterweight-Shaft-with-Dovetail-Plate---Balancing.html
  28. 1 point
    Thanks, I took this about 8 weeks ago.
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  30. 1 point
    Very wise, Andy. The number of times I've done something on the cheap and then then ended up spending more.......!!
  31. 1 point
    But not nearly as elegant as the Panther TTS. Made me think of War of the Worlds ?
  32. 1 point
    Sadly I see that a lot when shopping. Twin packs costing more than 2 single packs, 650g costing more per kilo than 450g etc etc.
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    I suppose I'm lucky that my RPi-based weather station is close enough to the house to connect to the WiFi ?
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    Here's is a slightly different palette--the blue has less green. Not sure which I prefer.
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    I was out until 4 trying to capture some details on Mars when I also decided to catch Saturn. The conditions were ok (besides the bright summer sky and high air humidity): No clouds, seeing was ok. I took 10 stacks with different Barlow lenses, and again, the best picture origins from a stack I took with a 3x premium barlow. I am happy with the result, but of course I still need to learn how to show the Cassini Division more clearly.
  37. 1 point
    My Tele Vue Genesis kit with 25mm Baader Symmetrical Plossl, Baader 30mm Eudiascopic & TV 55mm Plossl in case. A Barlow is used with the 30 usually.
  38. 1 point
    I'm fascinated by interacting galaxies - and find this trio particularly colourful and beautiful. NGC 5560, NGC 5566 and NGC5569. Just over 11 hours of data, captured on the TMB in Spain. RGB all 10x600s, Lum 25x900s
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    Notwithstanding OOUK's variable reputation I know that they are capable of very good optics and I have seen some outstanding images from their ODK instruments. They are expensive and seem to exchange hands at quite a secondhand price drop. If you live that close I would have thought you could make an appearance regularly to check the progress.
  41. 1 point
    I wouldn't head out west tomorrow. There's a storm brewing.
  42. 1 point
    I just hope that the mars global dust storm doesn't eventuate. As for Saturn... have a look and spoil yourself... it's nearly at the optimum viewing distance from earth... I've already had plenty of great views of Saturn, details and features and 5-6 moons around it...
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    I remember it as being the first time I was really pleased to see the eventual rain, I ran outside just to feel it again. Visitors from arid countries often envy our rainfall.
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    Just read this on the camera forum comparing the Atik Horizon and ZWO 1600pro — cameras that use the same sensor: If you are tempted by the specific specs of the Horizon, it seems like the Horizon performs virtually identically to the asi1600pro — the extra ~£260 you are paying for is the Infinity software instead of SharpCap.
  46. 1 point
    Another +1 on what rob and Robert have said,, try what you have already,, probably surprise you how well your kit works for EAA. The utube videos are by a friend if mine Howie from Australia,, does a great job with his tutorial videos,, just does not sit still always trying something new,, he has just bought a new lens at Christmas so it will dslr related videos for a while ,, I think? You can get a free trial of backyard eos I backyard Nikon and give it a go,, and most on this route usually use the freeware,, astrotoaster ,, dss to monitor and stack images.. one of the techniques I use myself. Howie uses canon utilities instead of byeos and gets stunning results I also have the zwo asi178mc and have it hooked up to sharpcap pro,, and it works fantastic as well,,, robin who developed sharpcap keeps making it better with each release,, so I would recommend sharpcap.
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    Hi pal, I have just had a go at processing my M45 images. Using the same kit as you (Star Advenrurer, Canon 600d & a 135mm lens) @ iso 1600 34×2min lights, x20 darks, no bias or flats, camera battery run out?. Im fairly new to imaging, I stacked in DSS & processed in PS. I'm pretty hapoy with it but not quite finished. It should give you a good idea on what to expect?? Cheers Ryab
  48. 1 point
    Which version of DSS are you using ? DSS 3.3.2 are not compatible with the newer cr2 files which shows as a thin rectangular image. Download DSS v3.3.4 or DSS v3.3.6 to fix the problem.
  49. 1 point
    i So does this mean the rest of us just get the satisfactory ones, and you get a hand picked perfect example?. This does seem to of opened up the flood gates here and a can of worms by Badder. I and everyone else will want a hand picked perfect example too , I suppose this means Baader going through hundreds of boxes until they find a perfect one?? .
  50. 0 points
    I can confirm that the rollers and tubes in the picture are the original design. I can also confirm that contacting Pulsar would be a waste of your time. They will tell you, as they told me, that they do not offer any solutions for the original style dome. They have few spare parts and no information about the old rotation and shutter designs. I had saved the instructions that used to be available online for the Rigel rotation system (which itself changed design at least two times for the early domes)and emailed copies to them myself. I posted a query on SGL months ago to see if anyone had information on the Pulsar/Rigel shutter system for the old 2.7m 2-piece shutter but got no replies. I asked a couple of companies that still have web pages showing the old design but they had no information either. So I'm afraid that it's either DIY or a 2nd hand system but I've only once seen the latter offered separately from a dome. I fully agree that it's very poor customer support - and I've told them so.
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