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    Finally after 2 years of struggling to get all things to work at the same time (including the weather!!) I managed to get a picture that I am pleased with although it wasn't what I originally tried to capture the roof of my house took care of that. When I first started down this frustrating hobby (2years newbie) I never realised how much of a struggle it would be to get anything worth looking at as there is always something packing up or user error, pa, software problems, clouds, laptop, leads, mount, camera the list goes on and on. Anyway rant over please have a look and advise on how to improve especially in the processing department any comments good or bad welcome. Forgot to add equipment used Heq5 pro, zwo174mc, sigma 85mm f1.4 - 30x4s, 30x8s, 30x16s stacked and bodged in DSS. Thanks Phil stars2.TIF
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    Still got my old film cameras would love to dabble again especially with modern guiding. At the end though I was just digitally scanning slides I'd just taken- so thought may as well just shoot in digital anyway...... My Ektachrome 400 Hale Bopp
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    Yes, beer with plenty of lime shoved down the neck!
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    Hi! Here in Barcelona, we have a terrible nigths...so I spend some time re.processing images. This it would be my 5th astrophoto I ever took. I like to read coments to improve in the future. Haw you see the guiding? Noise? Etc... Equipment: SW Ed80, Canon 450D (not modified yet), ASi 120MC with 60/230 for guiding, HEQ5 mount. Thanks a lot!
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    Probably the best seeing we have had so far this year, but still only 6/10 with a lack of really fine detail captured. The STZ looks bright and bounded by a dark SEB edge. Peter
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    Lunar mosaic 01/11/2017 22:49 Mosaic of 4 panels GSO 0.20 m Sky-Watcher NEQ-5 Pro SynScan mount QHY5L-IIC + IR cut filter GSO focal reducer 0.5x f: 500 mm f/2.5 4 panels Click to see at high resolution: https://www.astrobin.com/full/336729/T/?nc=user Matteo Vacca Milis, Italy http://vaccamatteo.weebly.com/ https://www.astrobin.com/users/matteovacca/
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    Folks on here are happy to help, but what is the problem you’re trying to sort ? Sounds like you are trying to do imaging, so is the issue that parts won’t fit together, or maybe you cannot get the camera to focus. Have you tried to view visually with an eyepiece in the diagonal ? Some pics would really help, together with some more explanation if poss. Hope you sort it, Ed.
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    This is a good and topical post to have.... ironically about 90% of this year's clear skies have occurred in the last fortnight or so, just as twilight creeps ever closer to both sides of midnight. Might be an ideal time to image the open clusters and get the Messier log sheet filled in.
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    A fine looking image, especially from these shores!
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    15 x 900s HA 14 x 900s Oiii Canon 40d, ED80, EQ6. @Xiga suggested this target, certainly an interesting one, and a challenging one. I've done my best here, maybe one to come back to (or not!) Thanks for looking!
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