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    Still got my old film cameras would love to dabble again especially with modern guiding. At the end though I was just digitally scanning slides I'd just taken- so thought may as well just shoot in digital anyway...... My Ektachrome 400 Hale Bopp
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    The planets are poorly placed for a few years so bear that in mind and budget for an ADC.
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    You should be able to get a good setup for under your budget. I’m more of a deep sky imager so I’m probably not best to give advice on planetary imaging. I have done a little bit and it takes time and practice to get good at imaging, money can’t buy these things! Do you have or have somewhere to create a permanent setup? A Skywatcher EQ6 derivative would be considered a good mount, and use up about £1000 of the budget.
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    There is no one thing that is at all difficult in imaging. The only problem is that there are lots of not-very-difficult things to get into place and working. Just take your time and tick them off one by one. Olly
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    Folks on here are happy to help, but what is the problem you’re trying to sort ? Sounds like you are trying to do imaging, so is the issue that parts won’t fit together, or maybe you cannot get the camera to focus. Have you tried to view visually with an eyepiece in the diagonal ? Some pics would really help, together with some more explanation if poss. Hope you sort it, Ed.
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    You'll have got yourself a lovely kit there. Wish I had the £1800 to get one of those. First thing I would seriously suggest is getting you hands on Sequence Generator Pro. Whilst I have an electric focuser, it isn't good enough for computer control (I don't trust it, long story) Even without that, SGPro will give you a completely different way of working. Much better than trying to get things going with other methods. Combine it with PHD2 for guiding and you should have a lovely setup.
  7. 1 point
    Hey! I just got my first telescope and have viewed the moon...which is amazing! Ive found jupiter and can clearly see 3 of its moons but the planet itself is lacking detail. Not sure what im doing wrong...was hoping to see cloud rings and red spot. Can anyone help? Also having trouble aligning scope properly
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    Hi, welcome. I like Meteoblue for astronomy: https://www.meteoblue.com/en/weather/forecast/seeing/canberra_australia_2172517 Meteoblue shows cloud cover, sky darkness, seeing (stability of the atmosphere), temperature, et cetera. To plan observations I use Stellarium. That's a free planetary program: http://stellarium.org You can set Stellarium so that it only shows objects in reach of your telescope, or go a bit deeper and play Hubble telescope. NASA has a great tool for finding out what the Moon has to offer at any time: https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/4604 Works like a great atlas. Set the time you want, click update, and click on the updated preview to download an accurate, annotated Moon map. Clear skies and see you again soon.
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    Had a bash at adding colour data to my earlier luminance data on M13, taken a while ago with the ASI178MM and APM 80mm F/6 triplet on my EQ3-2 mount. I got just 20 minutes in 60s subs per band, and the luminance data was roughly an hour, so just 2 h of data, but I am quite pleased with this first attempt. Most processing done in Astro Pixel Processor, with some final tweaks in GIMP More data should get me a cleaner image, no doubt.
  10. 1 point
    15 x 900s HA 14 x 900s Oiii Canon 40d, ED80, EQ6. @Xiga suggested this target, certainly an interesting one, and a challenging one. I've done my best here, maybe one to come back to (or not!) Thanks for looking!
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