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  1. From the album: Aurora

    Aurora was fading a little when I took this RAW 5 sec image with my Canon 600D DSLR. Taken from the Fjord-side Sculpture Museum in Reykjavik October 2017. I quite like silk like affects you get on photos after the most intense auroral activity has just finished.
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  2. From the album: Aurora

    Lots of light pollution in Reykjavik but even the John Lennon 'Peace' Laser came off second best to the Aurora Borealis. I guess Reykjavik Astronomers have a tough time! Animated GIF created from: Tripod mounted -Canon 600D DSLR -EOS 18-55 lens, 10 RAW images - F3.5, f=18mm. ISO1600, 5 sec exp. The images were taken from the coast pathway which runs the length of Reykjavik Harbour, looking towards the Sculpture Museum and bird watching promontory. A fantastic night of dancing lights.
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