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    I have always struggled to keep the localisation of the various lunar Maria (plural form of Mare) in my mind, not to mention their correct order. So I've cobbled together for my own use some kind of mnemotechnical sentence/advice, which may be helpful for others too. It starts at the eastern half of the moon and gives a (loosely) coherent order of the maria: "When the waves (M. Undarum) and spumes (M. Spumans) of a life's crisis (M. Crisium) have brought you right to your margins (M. Marginis), follow Admiral Smyth's (M. Smythii) fecund (M. Fecunditatis) advice: Take a sip of nectar (M. Nectaris) - beer, Single Malt, Valpolicella Ripasso (the last one's for you, Rune!), and you soon will feel how tranquillity (M. Tranquillitatis) and serenity (M. Serenitatis) arise in your mind. So you can withstand upcoming mist (M. Vaporum), rain (M. Imbrium) and cold (M. Frigoris)". Feel free to continue with the remaining lunar maria! Stephan
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    Now that’s good to hear Gerry jetstream - mirroring what you see from your amazing skies with a big dob Only on emission nebulae I think. On galaxies (particularly spiral) you would be way ahead. Although I was pretty pleased with my views of the needle and Sombrero galaxies recently. I’d be very interested in how your views of globular clusters compare with my images? They are meant to be a good object for NV. I do really want to get the NV under a moonless dark site - so far I’ve just been doing London or the moon has hampered the views.
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    I've just seen the travelling Museum of the Moon exhibition in Leicester, and I highly recommend it. It's a high resolution 7 metre diameter 3D model of the moon that you can walk around, and it's simply gobsmacking. I took along my Vixen 2.1 x 42 super-wide angle binoculars, and Pentax Papilio 6.5 x 21 close-focussing binoculars and spent hours looking it over - great views of both near side and far side. I think it's in Leicester for another week, and in Glasgow for an extended period starting some time in May. If you're into lunar observation you'd be crazy to miss it.
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    TBH I dont know. I fitted the Rowan belt kit to my HEQ5 and it was definitely worth it - much quieter, smoother slews, better guiding - I would expect the same to be true for other mounts but I dont have first hand knowledge.
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    Thanks Demonperformer (; it was a pleasant session. The Gemini report yes I don't have sketch for it. ); But I have a sketch of Tau 88. The star in the middle is the visual pair from 29x power. 2018-03-19 -Update : apparently the faint star close to the middle star from the sketch (T88) is NOT part of a multi star system, only 2 close stars. (But on the other hand, a beautiful pair, of course)
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    Thanks. You're a smidgen further north than me, but only just. I'd promised myself some solar observing to avoid freezing at night. I'm still getting frozen! And wind burnt! This can't be normal. But at least I can see what I've just tripped over. A frozen extension cable!
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    Just did a little bit more processing on this image seems a little less blue now and a bit crisper.
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    Venus and Uranus will be in conjunction, less than 4' apart, close enough to fit within a low power telescopic view. It will be a challenge to see Uranus at magnitude 5.9 in the evening twilight. Use Venus as your guide. A great astrophotography event!
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    So what your saying is with the dec axis unlocked the dec will move in one direction (clockwise) when the bolts are slightly over in 2-8 position and will move in the other direction (anti-clockwise) when the bolts are in 10-4 position. If this is the case, it's all to do with balance, the clamp bolts being heavier, offset the balance and causes the movement. nothing to worry about. Steve
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    Very nice, one of my most favourite experiences was imaging the Rosetta!
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