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    This is my first ever M51. 50s subs 20Lx15Dx10B (still not flats). Taken with a Nikon D7200 at ISO 1600 on a SWED80+0.8FR. Processed with PI and a little PS. I quite pleased with the results and wanted to share although I know it can be better :-) Thanks for watching!
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    A great M51 there, it's nice to see these galaxies with plenty of space, literally, around them. The great expanse
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    Thanks Demonperformer (; it was a pleasant session. The Gemini report yes I don't have sketch for it. ); But I have a sketch of Tau 88. The star in the middle is the visual pair from 29x power. 2018-03-19 -Update : apparently the faint star close to the middle star from the sketch (T88) is NOT part of a multi star system, only 2 close stars. (But on the other hand, a beautiful pair, of course)
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    Venus and Uranus will be in conjunction, less than 4' apart, close enough to fit within a low power telescopic view. It will be a challenge to see Uranus at magnitude 5.9 in the evening twilight. Use Venus as your guide. A great astrophotography event!
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  6. 1 point
    Congrats! Hope everyone is doing well!
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    Thank you... initially we thought that it was going to be twins, so... I being known as Mars, was going to call them Phobos and Deimos... but when I mentioned this to the wife.. the look she gave me made me, for some reason, think of a big bang... so I (I dare say "wisely") retracted my suggestion HAHA
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    Very nice image. An all-time favorite! I have to admit I prefer RGB image over the Hubble palette. Bummer about the supernova - it felt SOOO close!
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    That's a fabulous image. I am in the process of getting my hands on a Canon 500d to mod for A, so particularly interesting to see you have used a molded canon plus filters.
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    Very nice, one of my most favourite experiences was imaging the Rosetta!
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