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    So after much hacking and generally using a successive approximation approach with DSS and GIMP I am (not quite) proud to offer my first attempt at Ms81 and 82. My second attempt when the weather clears is bound to be better, but in the meantime: Obviously there's some vignetting and I'd like to have got more detail in the spiral arms, but of course all criticism welcome. Details: WO FLT 110 with field flattener, Canon 750 (unmoded), HEQ5 guided with PHD2. 5 x 300s lights, 6 darks, no flats.
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    Those prices seem high; I'd be willing to undercut all those large companies by at least 20% (I'm just a small business so have low overheads and can offer these incredible prices direct to you; the public). As an extra incentive, I'll throw in planning permission for a 10 bed moon mansion free with every hectare bought, guaranteed to be near a good moon school. For the purchase price you'll get a set of genuine looking deeds (look a bit like a clipart I downloaded from google but ignore that) and your name in a genuine register that is free for anyone to view (as long as they come round my house) and definitive proof that your money has been well spent. You'll also get a detailed photo of your plot (downloaded google image with red "x" on it). Any takers?
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    The latest in my attempt at round stars with my nt150. It looks as though I'm getting somewhere although the light frames still show some elongation. When stacked, the elongation is reduced. Not sure why. All the frames were ok until the tube crashed into the mount, 5 minutes from the meridian. Not sure about the halos on bright stars when I use a filter on the nosepiece.... 700d + nt150l, 30x150s ISO800
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    I was eyelided out
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    If you own your own property and deeds, you own the space above it . That's enough for me ! Nick.
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  7. 1 point
    Hi, other Ben. My C5 has that type of ring, I made this tool to unscrew it; just a slab of woob with two holes and two dull nails:
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    Ok this is the core of the Heart Nebular shot using my Orion Optics VX10 reflector on a NEQ6 goto mount, with belt drive mod. Shot on 550d Canon which I have astro-modified using the Baader filter mod. I use an Orion thin off axis guider with a QHYL-II mono camera as a guide camera. Attached to that is an Astronomik UHC filter which is used to get rid of the light pollution. The Pictures were shot using APT on my laptop. This is 240s x9 shots on Friday 17th November 2017 before the clouds took over. This is probably the second time I've got the kit working all together, I've only ever managed 40minute exposures so far. I've got a Ha filter I've yet to use and I still have not got round to making that Bahtinov mask . :-) Maybe I can add some data to this at a later date. I'm not particularly happy with the stars, I think the camera train is slightly crooked. Which is why I'm getting the red halos. Anyhow all a good learning experience.
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    Most of my data is usually useless.
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    Yes, the Hubble palette maps Sulfur to red, Hydrogen to green and Oxygen to blue. Other professional observatories use a variety of different mappings. Olly
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