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    Those prices seem high; I'd be willing to undercut all those large companies by at least 20% (I'm just a small business so have low overheads and can offer these incredible prices direct to you; the public). As an extra incentive, I'll throw in planning permission for a 10 bed moon mansion free with every hectare bought, guaranteed to be near a good moon school. For the purchase price you'll get a set of genuine looking deeds (look a bit like a clipart I downloaded from google but ignore that) and your name in a genuine register that is free for anyone to view (as long as they come round my house) and definitive proof that your money has been well spent. You'll also get a detailed photo of your plot (downloaded google image with red "x" on it). Any takers?
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    I have finished rendering the video for the time lapse clips that I shot last night on top of the old railway viaduct that spans Nidd Gorge in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I set up at about 7pm last night and finished at 6am this morning. All the images were shot on my Sony A7Sii and Samyang 12mm f2.8 Fisheye lens, all exposures were 30 seconds at f2.8 with the first clip shot at ISO 12800 and the second clip at ISO 6400. Towards the end of the second clip a couple of insects decided to crawl on the lens! In the second clip the foreground and background movement was created by my Rhino Camera Gear Evo carbon slider with Motion and Arc, I also made a star trail image from the first clip and I have included this in the video. I took just over 980 images altogether. The video can be seen at the link below and is available in HD and 4K Best wishes Gordon
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    The latest in my attempt at round stars with my nt150. It looks as though I'm getting somewhere although the light frames still show some elongation. When stacked, the elongation is reduced. Not sure why. All the frames were ok until the tube crashed into the mount, 5 minutes from the meridian. Not sure about the halos on bright stars when I use a filter on the nosepiece.... 700d + nt150l, 30x150s ISO800
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    If you own your own property and deeds, you own the space above it . That's enough for me ! Nick.
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    I was going to recommend a SCT but 250 is not enough... it would be much smaller. Just get the 200p and enjoy the views... if I can lug around a 14" dob than I'm sure that the 200p is more than manageable.
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    I always find polar scope the worst when having the M/N 190mm on the mount as the mount needs to be at its lowest, it's not the getting down there it's getting back up.
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    Nothing to beat bins for real astronomy! My cat doesn't play with my feet, but does lay out presents for me while I'm observing. A huge rat last week.. Chris
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    And here is another version. Not quite sure how I got here but it looks OK, if a little pink. I think I added a luminence layer twice! No more reprocessing... honest!
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    Great report Iain and great descriptions of the objects. I viewed the California Nebula again last night but this time with the Heritage 130P. I found the cheaper Sky's the Limit H.Beta filter gave a better view than the Thousand Oaks H.Beta filter. The former filter showed more stars so I guess wider bandwidth and the Nebula was clear. The Thousand Oaks has a 9nm bandwidth which maybe too dark for the 5" scope. Anyway an interesting night.
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