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    Photo made with an unusual configuration, without powermate, which in my opinion, loses much in resolution to win in the field. Note that sampling is not ideal we have a Jupiter more like a painting than a real photo. Even so, I was surprised to have been able to catch albedo spots on Ganymede and even with an exaggerated 500% resize still got pretty good. Http://www.astrobin.com/full/293158/0/?nc=
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    I didn't do too badly last night, I kept my subs to 60 seconds and was rewarded by tighter stars. First M60, M59, and lots of galaxies including the 'Siamese Twins' - this area isn't as popular as Markarian's Chain which is slightly to the west. 101 subs: And 64 subs of the Whale Galaxy: I think teh whale has come out much better despite being fewer subs) I decided to call a halt to the whale and go for a Comet, but while i was swapping over two things happened - cloud rolled in but more dramatically I heard a woman shouting 'get down on the ground' etc., then lost of torches, noise and dogs as the police arrested a burglar some 100 yards away out of sight in the dark woods and went hunting for his accomplice. I don't think they noticed me, I was only some thirty feet away at one point and not hiding, but I was behind a garden fence!
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    just add like damo said, he didnt get chance but m51 and m101 were jaw dropping m101 looked like a star fish that had been dried out in the sun the arms were amazing. not that we look from dark sites but jupiter was taking nearly 500x mag in my dob and this is when it was still low in the sky not quite south yet. i have never seen colours in jupiters moon's like that. unbelievable night, calv also spotted m13 naked eye
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    Note the other advantage of a big Dob...........when the sun gets too much it provides cooling shade, try that with your frac
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  6. 4 points
    I love those discussions. If someone asks for a simple way to connect over USB, there is always someone proposing to remote control a PC. If someone asks for PC remote control, there is always someone suggesting USB repeaters or extenders. So funny. Well, it is nice that there are several ways to do it. And nice that we help each other... Christer, SWEDEN
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    You guys have a great place, I love the trees and gravel road, it reminds me of here! I could feel at home in this place, fantastic report.
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    Hi All, Something wrong another nice clear night but very cold. peter
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    it also helps if you appreciate just how faint these objects are. Sometimes they appear as a very very faint grey smudge easily missed or dismissed as a floater or bit of mist or cloud. As you look at the area for a longer period of time the details tend to begin to pop out. The quality of the sky varies even in light pollluted skies some nights are better than others I have seen the Ring Nebula as a very faint disc but I only suspect that I can detect the ring and then only with averted vision. I can see two of the Leo Triplet galaxies as round blobs but cant see the third. I can see the Whirlpool Galaxy as two faint ovals but cant see much of the spiral arms. In my skies galaxies and nebula are underwhelming and quite frustrating ,and if my only targets can make for a disappointing night, but clusters, doubles , planets still have that wow factor. A good book that has realistic images of target and finder maps is the Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders by Robert Bruce Thompson and Barbara Fritchenman Thompson
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    I've read the same information somewhere, probably in a review about diagonals. However a couple of years ago, a group of friends and i had our scopes set up for a side by side compare. One of the scopes was a Takahashi Sky 90. We spent the evening looking at the moon, Venus, Jupiter and numerous star images to try and define any differences. The Sky 90 was the weakest of the scopes as it just seemed to lack the punch of the other refractors. Part way through the session, I suggested to my friend who owned the Sky 90 that he should try a different diagonal. Without giving any consideration to the short F ratio of his scope I handed him my Tak prism to try. The planetary performance of the Sky 90 with regard to the level of detail on Jupiter was instantly, and very noticeably enhanced. He chucked his mirror in the bin and bought a Tak prism. Now I'm not suggesting that the same result would occur on other short refractors. It may be that the Tak Sky 90 is a special case, as its lens configuration is different from the similar looking but longer FS series. On the Sky 90 the two elements have a greater seperation than the Fraunhofer FS. This was done i believe to allow better correction of various aberrations that would normally occur in such a short focus scope. The Fraunhofer lens design of the FS series of fluorite refractors reach their lower limit at F8, as any shorter and the level of CA would be unacceptable. By altering the lens design slightly and widening the seperation between the elements, the Sky 90 still maintains excellent control of CA. The alternative would have been for Tak to have used a Steinheil design for the lens, which allows excellent colour correction at shorter focal ratios, as in the modern FC series. I have seen some truly awful diagonals in my time, most of which were prisms made by or for Celestron, so i suppose prism quality could play a very important roll in short refractors. Mike
  11. 2 points
    I was up at 5 today to get some lunar and solar, maybe a little Venus, Mercury and Saturn too. But despite the good forecast it was cloudy. I did get a 10 minute gap on Venus though and although the seeing was poor I got a sketch done. It was that wobbly that what little detail was there was totally indiscernible so the sketch does nothing but record the phase. 9b pencil, blending stump and putty eraser on my decent sketchpad. A little tidy up in Photoshop after scanning and a colourised version as well for fun..
  12. 2 points
    Shouldn't be to difficult get him to look at Jupiter/Saturn and a couple of DSOs and I'm sure he will love it ? We managed to stay out until 01:00 then I spent a good hour talking him through all my sketches and objects he could see at a later date. "I like what you've put, I still can't wrap my head around seeing those clusters with my own eyes and jupiter, can't wait to go round again ?" That's the message he sent me when I sent him the link to this report ? Its true whenever I've seen something utterly mind blowing which is most sessions it takes me days to get my head round what I've seen what a hobbie/passion to have ? Richard
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  14. 2 points
    Took this image about 2 hours after sunset as it seems like that has been the sweet spot for seeing, after that things get worse even though the planet is getting higher in the sky. 200 mm at f25, Firecapture set at 80% gain and 30% of 7790 frames with a less aggressive processing than I usually use.
  15. 2 points
    A great weekend, pity we only got barely two hours . Even more annoying is ....I think that was the best sky I've seen in two years. Whale in the finder,brilliant!...
  16. 2 points
    Fixed the stars Barry-- a whole reprocess. Data is kind of lean though.... Better Ken?
  17. 2 points
    First attempt imaging jupiter earlier this month.
  18. 2 points
    Jupiter from the 8th of April 2017. 6 x 2 minute avi (50% of 3000 frames each) derotated in Winjupos. C9.25 with ZWO ASI 224MC and ASH ADC.
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    Hi all I'm taking my next huge step after years of visual observing thru my wee etx 80. I am delving into astrophotography. However I have hit a snag in my research, I am wondering what type of dslr mod is required? I seem to find different mods at different prices. I have just purchased a EQ6 Pro mount and ordered a Orion ED80T CF which is a triple APO , i will be ordering a guidescooe and cam shortly. I have DIYd a 120Ah leisure battery pack consisting of 6 x car charger plugs and 4 × USB. Im an electrician, so it shouldn't blow.... The camera i am planning on buying is a 600d, is this a decent dslr? And as above, what modding does it require? Ill probs buy one used off one of the sites that sell them pre modded. The camera wont be used for daylight photography. Is it worth modding a dslr? Or should i just buy a starshoot G3 or similar priced colour CCD. I will be taking most of my images from the UK dark site at Ennerdale Cumbria as I live about 5 miles away. Hope you guys can help Rob
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    Thanks I did call it the end but was persuaded elsewhere that there was enough sun on it to claim it
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  22. 1 point
    Jupiter 08.04.2017 Celestron 8SE and QHY5L-II colour camera 800 frame AVI with best 50% of frames stacked in RegiStax6
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    Thank you. I intend taking as many as possible. At this stage I cannot see there being any real issue with regards drainage, there is actually more room on that side that it looks in the photo. If this becomes a problem or looks like it could become one then a simple drainpipe system can be constructed to divert the water to a better area. No conduit in the end. I worked out that I should not need it as everything is going to be very close to the pier and I have instead got a cable strip like you use in offices to run the few cables needed along the floor. If this needs to be added at a later date there is enough clearance underneath to run a small pipe. Main power and Ethernet will be coming in from the far side of the conservatory into the far corner of the obsy. They will then be run in trunking along the wall to master sockets and an extension then run across the floor to the pier.
  24. 1 point
    I wonder if it was a Lyrid meteor ? The shower was at it's peak a few nights ago, and they are very bright. Always a thrill to see. andrew
  25. 1 point
    Moonlite spec (from FLO)... FeatherTouch spec (from Lunt)... That suggests that the Moonlite is 5mm longer than the FeatherTouch when racked in. I think the standard focuser is 48mm, which means the Moonlite is adding 5mm to a situation where the inward focus is already too short
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    re: Elan Valley The most impressive line up of scopes I have seen before, would have been at home in the battle of Waterloo Damian as an Artillery Barrage ha ha, great detailed report as ever, pity you all didn't get more clear time with the sky, but non the less it sounds like what you all did get was quality. eric
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    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/371796972652 This is the link to Ebay Neil - Wham heavy duty Bambox. Very sturdy box, I am pleased with it.
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    Sunglasses sounds logical, also saves me a few quid I will swap between sunglasses and changing the caps and see whats most effective. The seller has included a red light which is a bonus Great tip, thanks very much for that She's a bit cold to be my mistress Not sure how men can afford more than one woman anyway! I have looked at the EQ platform, doesn't look too difficult however I feel it needs to have fairly accurate measurement to be any good. I think a nudge every now and again will do me.
  29. 1 point
    Nice work. This is a great inspiration for me as I have the same combo ( although a Powermate 2x ) and have often wondered how the big planet would stack. I have a HEQ5, may have a tad too much vibration at these magnifications.... Sean
  30. 1 point
    What !!!!!! the hoovering can and must wait As my run has got longer I have been a bit one minded and have left guests while I captured a disc in fleeting blue patches. Good results
  31. 1 point
    Go-on then I'll take 'em both - PM incoming
  32. 1 point
    don't fret I did not miss out yesterday and today just a backlog of processing to do prominences is the word you are looking for, and yes I did have to spell check it myself
  33. 1 point
    Hi Simon, my experience is that you lose a couple of mm of back focus with the Moonlite compared with the stock helical. I could just reach focus with the Pentax before the upgrade - now not possible. It's a lovely focuser, but the Feathertouch may be a better option if you're worried about some of your eps reaching focus - cannot confirm this, but just going by what I've read
  34. 1 point
    Another thought: does the Pentax have a T-thread adapter? If so you might be able to remove the eyepiece holder from the blocking filter and screw the zoom onto the t-thread?
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  36. 1 point
    I clearly have a different model then. Bit strange, really. Maybe some barrel from a star diagonal fits. If that is the case, you could use a 1.25"-T2 adapter, with an ND3 filter screwed into the nose piece.
  37. 1 point
    It definitely would have been a problem with your scope Damian, and bitter cold haha
  38. 1 point
    I havnt a clue mate sorry, if there isn't a fix thay work well with a st120 and ed80 with 1,5x barlow. goodluck mate.nice and clear here thismorrning but the seeings pants.. charl.
  39. 1 point
    Hello and a warm welcome to this friendly forum from a German dobsonaut. Your scope will give you and your family great views and years of pleasure. Clear Skies Stephan
  40. 1 point
    Once you get the hang of finding things manually, it's far quicker than using GOTO I reckon. Most of my society colleagues use GOTO scopes. While they are still setting theirs up, getting the power sorted, polar aligning and picking their alignment stars, I've set my dob up and I'm busy picking off objects and showing them to guests. Tonight I found the 2 comets in Hercules in a few minutes with a low power eyepiece and my ED120 refractor. By the time a GOTO is up and running you can loose a clear patch of sky. It's clever stuff and I've owned 2 or 3 GOTO mounts but even then I've tended to use them as driven mounts only and bypassed the GOTO facility and setup. But if the facility improves your enjoyment of the hobby then thats great - go for it !
  41. 1 point
    I use a Vegemite lid ...... Just cut a central hole to tightly fit over the PST knob... it gives you much better fine control, and it's cheap!
  42. 1 point
    as in vodka?? But seriously, good to know!
  43. 1 point
    Hi. Yes I agree with open clusters. It took me ages just to find Jupiter. If you have stellarium, and can find naked eye stars in the finderscope, try finding a dso that is in the same field as a naked eye star. Then you can be (reasonably) sure you have the right place and just wait a while at the eyepiece. Good luck.
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    Thats very nice - and collimation of an SCT isnt something I'd want to tackle! Also looking at the info I see you have AS!3 - I thought that was a typo but looking it up I see theres a new version. How did you find it compared to v2?
  45. 1 point
    You're not stupid and it is a common problem. Apart from M13, the other objects you list will be very difficult in light polluted conditions. Try M92, M57, M27, M15, M31, these are considerably brighter.
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    On the 24th of January 2017, some user of the Liverpool Telescope decided to spend a few frames on Thor's Helmet. This is the only data on this object in the LT database and it consists of seven 120 s exposures, 3 with a Ha filter and two exposures of each of Bessell V (green) and Bessell B (blue). That is not much data but also not much work to stack, so I had a go at it. So this is a 14 min HaGB image. Thus, I put the Ha data in the red channel (since there were no red filter data), which probably explains the slightly unusual colours. All done in PS CS5. This is of course a rather noisy image (pixel peepers should stay away) compared to the Little Dumbbell that I recently posted with 3.6 h of LT data. Still, I am slightly amazed what a big scope can collect in 14 minutes. The scope is a 2 m RC f/10 (so 20 m focal length!) equipped with a 6 x 6 cm (15 µm pixels) 18 Mpix CCD camera (normally run at 2x2 bin) of the brand e2v, which I think is chilled to -100°C.
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    Well I'm now officially a EPDM convert. That stuff is great, and really easy to install. Got the roof covering on the warm room done today, and got it trimmed out and some guttering on. Couldn't finish the guttering as I couldn't get the down pipe outlet, but going to try to get the tomorrow. Managed to get hold of some half decent cladding so set about getting the front wall finished. Took a while but really happy with the result.
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    From a purely theoretical ( and not exhaustive ) point of view:- A mirror doubles the surface error so a 1/10th wave error becomes 2/10ths wave on the wavefront A prism also has a reflective surface so it also has the same effect as the mirror. However, the prism also has two plane transmission surfaces which will, individually, affect the wavefront only half as much as the surface error, so x2 1/20th is 1/10 error. Thus a prism could have a 3/10ths error on the wavefront if all surfaces are 1/10th wave. In addition, the two plane surfaces of the prism act as a plane parallel window and to a converging wavefront this will add some spherical aberration and the angled light will also undergo some dispersion in relation to the wavelengths of light, i.e. chromatic aberration. These last two effects will have very little effect on the final image as the distance over which they can operate is very small. Of course, not every diagonal will live up ( or down ) to these expectations. Nigel
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    Good review Dan. TBH I always wondered how he did it at the price he does, now I know....................... He doesn't. Not surprised, but disappointed for you
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