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    Shouldn't be to difficult get him to look at Jupiter/Saturn and a couple of DSOs and I'm sure he will love it We managed to stay out until 01:00 then I spent a good hour talking him through all my sketches and objects he could see at a later date. "I like what you've put, I still can't wrap my head around seeing those clusters with my own eyes and jupiter, can't wait to go round again " That's the message he sent me when I sent him the link to this report Its true whenever I've seen something utterly mind blowing which is most sessions it takes me days to get my head round what I've seen what a hobbie/passion to have Richard
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    Fixed the stars Barry-- a whole reprocess. Data is kind of lean though.... Better Ken?
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    I wonder if it was a Lyrid meteor ? The shower was at it's peak a few nights ago, and they are very bright. Always a thrill to see. andrew
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    What !!!!!! the hoovering can and must wait As my run has got longer I have been a bit one minded and have left guests while I captured a disc in fleeting blue patches. Good results
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    don't fret I did not miss out yesterday and today just a backlog of processing to do prominences is the word you are looking for, and yes I did have to spell check it myself
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    Just thought I would introduce myself. Im Matt and have an Celestron astromaster 90EQ. look forward to seeing your posts
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    Hello and a warm welcome to this friendly forum from a German dobsonaut. Your scope will give you and your family great views and years of pleasure. Clear Skies Stephan
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    Thats very nice - and collimation of an SCT isnt something I'd want to tackle! Also looking at the info I see you have AS!3 - I thought that was a typo but looking it up I see theres a new version. How did you find it compared to v2?
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    thx guys I have ordered the one I said now, the drive size was a concearn but I thought just buy an external hard drive to store everything, that one in morgan computers looks a nice little thing and a good price too my only concearn is 4 gb ram
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