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    First full disc of the year, poorly processed but I'm going out night time imaging now. Dave LS60DS Skyris274
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    Astronomy software such as stellarium and cartes du ciel (cdc) will allow you to enter equipment data and show you field of view for a scope/lens and camera combination. This will make it easier for you to select targets and locate them. You will also be able to judge when they go out of view. In the eastern sky Orion is visible, with all its objects, and we're moving towards Leo, which means galaxies. Generally, messier objects are larger/brighter, but there are also some nice ngc objects just waiting to challenge you. An alternative to the Pleiades (m45) is the beehive clyster (m44), but it may be too extended for your scope. Ideal for imaging with a lens (150 - 200 mm), to set it in context. Have fun hunting.
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    Much better than nothing David and much more than you would have got here.
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    Many thanks for the sound advice all ( Xplode - thanks especially for taking the time out to look into the FOV options for me) I was kind of expecting that tone of response, as I know I'm already a classic case of "all the gear but no idea" Lol. My main driver for the question was due to my impatience of never really getting enough time to apply to astronomy, mainly due to poor weather, but also other commitments, and hoping that investing in top level kit was the quick answer to amazing astro photographs. Tracking and stacking are definitely weak points for me, so I'll persevere with those in the first instance, and save my money. (Hmmm, maybe put it towards a faster scope.. Doh, this is such an addictive hobby!) Thanks again.
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    From the album: Out and About

    Its rare for Oulton Broad to ice over nowadays but my partner Toot has just taken this rather lovely photograph with her I-phone of Venus shining brightly over a frozen Broad.
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    250x2.5s frames on the tripod with the 50mm at F6, ISO 1600 last night stacked in DSS and processed in Photoshop. Quite pleased with this seeing as it was from the front of the house right into the city light pollution.
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    So why do 8 minutes? I would do more, shorter subs. Might make the processing easier. Once you are sky noise limited (which it sounds like you might be in a couple of minutes or so) there is no point whatsoever in taking longer subs. NIgelM
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    Digging back through my old photos - Orion Australia and UK You'll note that both are cloudy!
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    So far I haven't managed to see M31 - I guess my goto isn't quite 100% aligned. Either that or it's beyond the equipment I have ATM. I have managed to resolve the 4 galilean moons and the 4 stars of the trapezium! (not too bad for a total newbee!) I've even taken photos of them!! But M31 still eludes me! By the way can anyone tell me why the stars are triangular in shape? Is this focus or camera shake? Cheers MZ
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    I have been playing around with time lapse photography. I took 280 - 30s images of Orion rising. I have done 3 different versions and added them to 1 clip... 1 No trails, 2 short trails, 3 long trails. I have a feeling I will be doing more as it was fun processing. Not bad for a first attempt at time lapse. Hope you like. Nige. Orion rising x 3.mp4 edit. Not sure how to load mp4 ? might have to load to YouTube first :/
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