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    I think DS imaging is thriving. I say this because I run a very small business, no more than a cottage industry, in which I offer facilities to all kinds of amateur astronomers and the take-up is mostly (but not entirely) from imagers. It was like that from day one, thirteen years ago. Well, that's me and my business. What about here on SGL? Yes, I think Barkis may have a point in implying that imaging has slipped a bit and Maximidius may have a point in suggesting a cause. Cause, effect? Hard to distinguish. Chicken and egg. Let me go off on a tangent which many will find predictable and yawnworthy, coming from me, but if you believe something (and I do) you should say it. There are too many people 'out there' advocating DSLR imaging. The arguments have been rehearsed to death but this is a predominantly UK forum and the UK is plagued by light pollution. The only high powered weapon against LP is narrowband and the only high powered way to do narrowband is with a mono camera. At the moment that probably means CCD but change is in the air. DSLRs are getting better, some are downright excellent in fast F ratios, but I strongly suspect that they lie behind an undercurrent of despair amongst UK imagers. Mind you, I haven't been back to the UK for a while (I've 'gone native!!!' It might be Monique's cooking...) so maybe it is also the weather. But we have one major magazine which strikes me as wedded to DSLR when that simply is not the way forward for many UK imagers. Don't beat me up over the price of the kit. I know what stuff costs and I can do nowt about it - but I recommend CCD. Voila. Go on, throw things at me!!! Olly
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    This has been my view of the Sun for about 2 hours with the clouds hardly moving, did catch a sundog while I'm waiting. Dave
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    Here is my first go at the WIP file I posted earlier in the week. Quite happy with this, although I think I may have a second go as I think I've clipped some background data. I've been using PI for a while now and I've just bought the new book which is currently in print (Inside Pixinsight). I've not got fully to grips with the linear phase processing yet before the first histogram stretch. The attached image has had most of the processing (noise reduction, sharpening, etc) performed in the non-linear phase. Comments and constructive critique are welcomed as always... Richard
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    As you say superb in full size. Dave
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    Excellent Ca-K David, looks like you had the best of the weather today. Dave
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    I am a visual only chap. So have no reason to be I this part of the forum, except that I really enjoy the images. The like button gets hit if I like it. I can add nothing technical. But if I were qualified, I would feel a bit uneasy about offering constructive advice unless the OP has specifically requested feedback. Paul
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    Thank you so very much Helen ...I haven't and couldn't have said it better myself.
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    I thought it was a cracking image and to my eye (im colour blind) the colours look great. Well done!
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    The real question to ask yourself is: "Why am I posting my image on on an internet forum?". Is it: Showing part of the night sky in a new light? Recognition of the work you've done? Appreciation of imaging an unusual target? Or showing what amazing equipment or processing techniques that you possess.... etc? If you really want feedback on your technical abilities, there is the "Getting started in imaging section", where replies are frequent. Other than that. I personally think that, in a large majority of cases, we are all looking to massage our egos to varying extents.
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    Some nice strong colours and well presented iamge. Only thing i would query is your focus or your star management during process there are a couple of doubles in that image (one in the trunk and the larger one to the upper right) but there are merging into a single star. If you can control this issue and tighten up a little it will improve the overall feel. If it is focus issue and not processing then sorting will also reveal/capture more data across the whole image. Paddy
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