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    Hi Guys, I've seen some fantastic images posted on here this year which never fail to inspire me to get out and try to capture some images myself. I haven't had too much time or luck with the weather to get out this year and obviously summer limits options, as many have said Saturn and Mars opportunities are sadly becoming quite limited. Still I thought I'd share my efforts, which whilst not a patch on what I've seen posted is still a big step forward from my captures last year. I'd appreciate any comments or advice that people can offer. These were captured using a Skywatcher 150P + EQ2, ASI120MC, videos centred and cropped in PIPP before stacking in Registax-v6.
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    Excellent result... love seeing great results from fellow DSLR astro imager.
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    Welcome to the mosaic club (aka league of nutters)
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    The Purple Proms look pretty cool Dave, well done mate.
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    I have noticed that between the Prom and Filament below there is a small stitching error. A bit disappointing, but always improvements to be made.
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    Cracking mosaic Pete, very sharp indeed.
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    great shots Dave, lovely prom action mate .well done. thanks charl.
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    i built the Orrery model, found that to be good quality overall. Got some duplicate issues because of an issue and swapped out some pieces that improved the running of the model - so not completely precision made, though with anything mass produced they'll be running to tolerances. I cancelled the Earth-moon subscription, one such model is enough for me. I received the first few issues and was also disappointed with the quality of the Earth, is like a painted ping pong ball
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    Hi friends,i posted my shot to last night. wo 80/500 sd II canon 550d no mod eq5 syscan 45x60" iso 1600 7dark 4 bias unguided.
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