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    Apologies for uploading a lot of 'old' data, no time at the time to go through all of it & have only just done so. Some ok some not so great but thought I would share them as our star is pretty quite at the moment with surface action. Thanks for looking. 399.tif
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    Of some interest to fans of bright nebulae, http://www.webbdeepsky.com/publications/free/ Nick.
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    I didn't mean to offend him. It''s just that when he said it's one he made, without giving any more info, it gave the impression (to me at least) that it was home made. Although looking at it, nothing could be further than the truth and is better made than all the skywatchers I own.
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    One of my top objects M45, Those lovely Blue stars embedded in that nebulosity makes a splendid Image, I never tire of seeing picture of those lovely ladies. The ED80's are such fine telescopes. I think you must have had your Focal reducer in their Dave, is that correct ?
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    very nice indeed Dave, will be giving this a go soon
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    Yes I'm imaging NGC 1499 and watching the auroral display in Shetland on the Internet http://www.shetland.org/ Worth a look :-) Good luck imaging tonight. Cheers, Steve
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    What a great report and ensuing thread. It really brings home how the beauty of our skies can be enhanced by a dark site - and completing the M&Ms is a bonus! There is no doubt that the single best piece of 'equipment' for improving observing is (almost ) free: a dark sky site. Many members of the forum repeatedly advocate this - Steve (Swampthing) especially, and i believe them. I've not been able to do any observing lately but have been avidly reading the forum and am making plans for the winter season. My back garden is not bad but my wife's cousin lives on a farm not far away, but far enough to get away from any suburban LP. The plan is to take the Dob over there and store it in a barn ready to go when clouds permit. Here's hoping....
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    Another beautiful warm day here at Pencelli. All the pitches just freshly cut and looking good. I'm all set up for hopefully another clear night tonight.
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    If full automation is beyond you, Gina, then I may as well give up on that aspiration right now!!!!
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