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    Hi Every one I was lucky enough to catch IC 443 (Jelly fish Nebula )on the Thursday just gone, 105 minutes of L subs 1 x bin and 20 minutes of rgb at 2 minutes subs at bin 2, I found this one of the hardest things to process, don't know why, I must have had several re takes on trying to make this look as natural as possible , but the red background was over whelming, I don't know if the red is naturally there or not but I ended up with this in the end, Taken with a Atik 383L and Ewf2 filter, 2 inch Baaders rgb filters scope was the WO Zenithstar 71ed 2013 with R/f @F4.7 FL 325mmall on top of a Sw Neq6 pro Thanks for looking and clear skies to us all Paul Bigger https://www.flickr.com/photos/kazastrophotos/23649578303/in/dateposted-public/lightbox/
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    Hi All I'm looking at my first scope. I'm in Dublin so in the middle of the city and we dont have any astronomy shops to go to, so looking at them is difficult! Anyways, I have a few ideas in mind as to what I want to do. 1. Look at the solar system 2. Some DSO 3. Be able to do some astrophotography. I have some ideas but someone might be able to steer me in a better direction. I was looking at the http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-200p-eq5.html From what I can see its upgradable but I don't know if I could get away with http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-150pl-eq3-2.html I know that the EQ5 mount is better than the EQ3-2 but that the heq5 is whats really needed for AP. Would I get away with an EQ5 ? The 200p is about my budget at £419 / €556. Its over €700 here in the one online shop we have ! I've seen it elsewhere for £389 incl delivery I have a Canon EOS - D60 camera I dont want to go down the GoTo road. It might be easier but I wont learn a whole lot and I'd rather put the money elsewhere. I had looked at Dobs but for tracking the EQ is where I want to be I did get a pair of Celestron 20x80 binos and saw some dual stars around Orion but they are not collimated so going back to Amazon. I might be able to get some help with them at the net Astronomy Ireland workshop next week. Thanks in advance
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    Or, why not steal some Hubble data to improve your images? While waiting for clear skies (today we got 20 cm of snow), I have like apparently many other Stargazers played around with old data. After realizing that I could not do much more to improve my latest M42 image, and trying to get inspiration from the numerous M42s published on the net, I stumbled on what Wikipedia says is "one of the most detailed astronomical images ever produced: NASA/ESA's Hubble Space Telescope version of the M42 that took 105 Hubble orbits to complete. Even if it is a mosaic, it is far from capturing the whole nebula and the Running man is way out of reach. So, I decided to join forces with NASA and ESA and expland their field of view a bit. It was also a good Photoshop exercise for me. Here is my latest version of M42 and the Running man. Here is the Hubble M42 And here they are living together in perfect (?) harmony
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    Gina, Obviously meant in jest and I think this thread would benifit massively from any thoughts or input you may have. Gareth.
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    As above, difficult to say without an image to look at. A steady hand with the clone tool if there is one in Gimp.
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    Ok, So this is the revision, More data (older data that I had originally chucked) and more time taken over the processing, Im alot happier with this revision. Its a shame uploads seem to rub off a bit of the sharpness of these images. None the less, here it is. Looking forward to receiving my small frac for much larger FOV as I think this image has alot more to it!
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    I have found that a red torch preserves dark vision better, but you must use it at a dim setting. Just enough light to read charts or change eye pieces.
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    Good final result CVA. If you remember, could you tell me what the details were to get this image with your Logitech cam?
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    Very nice lunar close up. You caught it right on the terminator.
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    I never hesitate with refractors. Coatings on glass are hard. In fact they can be harmed by corrosive chemicals both man made and natural so regular cleans are routine for me. However, I'm far more circumspect with aluminium coatings on mirrors. In this situation I'm the original minimalist. Olly
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