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    Hi Everyone This is my 2nd attempt on M31. Shot through the economical achromat Orion ST 80A on NEQ6 Pro. I know, technically the photograph may not be perfect, but for a newbie like me, the photograph was really rewarding. This is an integrated exposure time of 52 minutes with 4 dark frames and 4 bias framed stacked in DSS. I was so excited when the stacked image popped on the screen. It almost filled the entire FOV. Later I did some post processing in Lightroom, being careful not to tamper the original data much. One more thing I realized while attempting in this photo. That is, how correct it is when we say, that dark skies matter a ton. I took this photograph from a hill station in the Indian Himalayas called Mukteshwar in the state of Uttarakhand. The sky was absolutely clear and the M31 was visible to naked eye. I would really welcome suggestions on how to improve and take better image using the same scope i.e. ST 80A. Please please advice......looking forward... Regards Pankaj
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    Hi Every one I was lucky enough to catch IC 443 (Jelly fish Nebula )on the Thursday just gone, 105 minutes of L subs 1 x bin and 20 minutes of rgb at 2 minutes subs at bin 2, I found this one of the hardest things to process, don't know why, I must have had several re takes on trying to make this look as natural as possible , but the red background was over whelming, I don't know if the red is naturally there or not but I ended up with this in the end, Taken with a Atik 383L and Ewf2 filter, 2 inch Baaders rgb filters scope was the WO Zenithstar 71ed 2013 with R/f @F4.7 FL 325mmall on top of a Sw Neq6 pro Thanks for looking and clear skies to us all Paul Bigger https://www.flickr.com/photos/kazastrophotos/23649578303/in/dateposted-public/lightbox/
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    The result of a quick data gathering session on Friday night - I knew the clouds would be in by 9pm and they made an appearance just after 8.30. I don't mind so much though when it's an accurate forecast! It's 7 x 300s lights, 25 flats and 25 bias. It's quite a major crop because I'm still getting nowhere with the slight tilt caused by the undercut on my Baader MkIII MPCC. I must get round to sourcing an extension tube. Anyway, quite happy with it for just 35 minutes of data but I've possibly gone a bit over the top with saturation again? Software used was the demo version of StarTools so this is a low resolution screen grab. It was finished in PS CS4 with a dose of HLVG and a bit more noise reduction. Thanks for looking, all c&c very welcome.
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    Yeah that's all you need, just make sure that it states it can focus to infinity. I can't recommend the takumars enough someone who does them credit is a guy on here called knight of clear skies If you have time check out some of his pictures. Good on the wallet aswell so you can be up and tracking.
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    Can't believe I pop out to a kids birthday party and you lot have passed the 10,000... With a not very interesting post I might add Chris seems you got both the 10,000th post and the 10,000th reply! Greedy man!
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    It's my fault as well. It's falling as rain rather than snow because Monique and I bought a four wheel drive this year. Hehheh. Olly
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    If the cool box is sufficiently stocked with beer you shouldn't notice the cold.
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    I think I found the mount that I want. It has great reviews and was wondering what your experiences are with it if any. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=979343&gclid=CJ-Nwa7mn8oCFQIHaQodhgoHkQ&is=REG&ap=y&m=Y&Q=&A=details Pros, cons, in the middle? Let me know. I'm ready to order. Almost want to just buy it right this second!!
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    Or, why not steal some Hubble data to improve your images? While waiting for clear skies (today we got 20 cm of snow), I have like apparently many other Stargazers played around with old data. After realizing that I could not do much more to improve my latest M42 image, and trying to get inspiration from the numerous M42s published on the net, I stumbled on what Wikipedia says is "one of the most detailed astronomical images ever produced: NASA/ESA's Hubble Space Telescope version of the M42 that took 105 Hubble orbits to complete. Even if it is a mosaic, it is far from capturing the whole nebula and the Running man is way out of reach. So, I decided to join forces with NASA and ESA and expland their field of view a bit. It was also a good Photoshop exercise for me. Here is my latest version of M42 and the Running man. Here is the Hubble M42 And here they are living together in perfect (?) harmony
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    Much to my surprise, yesterday evening the skies suddenly cleared, and I couldn't resist getting the 15x70 bins out. M42 looked really nice, and M35, M45, M31, M34, and M36, M37, and M38 followed quickly. M33 was lost in the slight haze westwards, and M32 and M110 were also not spotted. The Double Cluster was lovely, and M81 and M82 were also very nice indeed. M101 was too faint, but I did get a glimpse of M51. I ended up on M44 (Praesepe). Nice to see the stars are still out there, even though I hadn't time or energy (having just returned from Switzerland) to set up the scope at that late hour.
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    Hi Guys I thought that this one might raise a smile on a cloudy afternoon. My precious ES 82° 24mm got a bit of a daytime knock back in November. After much cursing, I replaced it in its case and hoped for the best... Fast forward to Dec. I retrieved said eypiece. Popped it in the Dob with trembling hands - the view was awful. Deeply sad as this was a favourite eyepiece (and £200 off to the seaside). Wondered if it was just poor seeing. Tried again a couple of days ago. Same result. Although I was surprised to see Owl nebula standing out on a hazy night. I resolved to take it apart and realign the elements as there was nothing to lose. Today was the day so a close inspection revealed something strange...... I feel a right muppet, but it couldn't have worked out much better.
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    Wow Gina, that's... bizarre. At 280C you should be printing puddles of plastic not having difficulty getting layers to stick together! I would suspect you aren't getting the temperature you think and the sensor is telling porkies! You're right about the sticky spray, it does need to be stone cold before it releases. A fan is a good idea, or I;ve seen freezing spray being used, or I actually remove the glass from the bed as that cools much quicker on its own. ChrisH
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    I'd never heard of Lunar X til Joseki mentioned it. It's a great trick of the light and one that I hope to observe in reality providing the clouds stay away at the right time! It reveals itself about 11 seconds into the vid, with Rupes Recta making an appearance 17 seconds onwards. Martin
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    There are a lot of repeated rumours and falsehoods in astronomy that get re-repeated with the telling. The alleged inferiority of spherical mirrors seems to be one of them. Spherical mirrors are easier for manufacturers to mass produce cheaply. In telescopes of around f6.9 with an aperture of 130mm (5.1") there should be no discernible difference between a spherical or parabolic, apart from the fact that the spherical mirror in the Explorer has a longer focal length effectively making it more powerful. Plus the OTA is slightly longer. I also believe spherical mirrors suffer less from problems like coma. I have no compunction to swap my spherical mirror OTA with a parabolic one. When you get a telescope of 150mm or more I would opt for a parabolic mirror, most telescopes above 6" have them anyway. The only advantage to the SW Explorer with a parabolic mirror is that the OTA is more compact. The disadvantage with the parabolic mirror is that it only has a focal length of 650mm. It depends what you prefer.
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    Don, Those are awesome results. The richness of the color is super. You are really tempting me to get an OSC camera to play with. Of course, your results also confirm that the rules for EAA are no different than for visual observing- there's no substitute for aperture!
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    Great image Peter, but I do not think Chris' Atik 383l+ can be called a "planetary camera"
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    Good work. These days I'd be tempted to gather all the imaging time on a single image. It won't make for many images a year but the one or two that you get will be easier to process with less noise.
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    Heads up - a Celestron NexImage 5 colour CCD has just gone up in the classifieds for £120 - good price!
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    Aww man, that's bad, I did that once, it was bad lol. Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
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    I know you said you don't want adapters but m42 super takumars are amazing for the price if you change your mind. Other than that I'd try and avoid zooms they tend to produce poorer images compared to primes but you also pay for it. Alot of people on here go with the m42s,once you've got the adapter it's no different than attaching a lens.
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    See, you can't tell me can you lolSent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
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    Delphinus. It was the first constellation I recall seeing as a small child. I didn't know its name then. To me, at the time, it was the Skinny, bent kite.
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    As above, difficult to say without an image to look at. A steady hand with the clone tool if there is one in Gimp.
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    Very nice indeed, a great looking AR :) Alexandra
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    Hang on a sec, mark posted he was off to walk the dog, cmon, no one cares lolSent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
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    Interesting thread to follow, goes over my head but what you don't expose yourself to can never be learnt.
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    great job there Gerry...pulling the 15" from up your sleeve!!...clear skies!
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    Hi Matthias Looks pretty good to me! Wish I could take something so good... I dunno, maybe a tiny bit green and a weeny bit bright. It's all a matter of taste, I suppose. I did a quick adjustment in Paint.net - shifted the green a little in levels and pulled the curve down a little bit: Yours is probably better! Images never look so good on here anyway. I usually post mine as .png. It's worth calibrating the monitors you use for image processing - there's usually a built-in routine for doing that. Louise
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    Tried a few settings but doesn't look any different
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    I asked the same sort of question beginning of 2014 963 comments later. New scope brings the bad weather [emoji17] http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/207446-when-is-this-weather-going-to-end/page-1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Never known so much rain! Had a clear night a couple of nights ago but have s stinking cold and windy was done in so didn't go out.
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    Hi Pankaj That M31 looks like it has a lot of promise! You're right about dark skies - something most of us can only dream about! I'm sure you're image could be much improved with better processing. Not sure if you stacked in dss? You can use various stacking algorithms to improve the signal/noise. Also, there is the option to align the histogram after stacking, and increase saturation to much improve colour. The ST80 is a good little scope but it is an achromat with strong coma. Coma can be improved using the Startools lens function. Startools is free to download but doesn't let you save until you get a paid version (about Australian $50, I think) . Startools has lots of image processing functions. It's a good idea to take flats too. Also, you should think in terms of >20 calibration frames. Louise Edit: Here's a quick and dirty reprocess of your .jpg in Paint.net:
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    :d Olly, you know that I love the Linear .............. I guess that the point I was making (and I do not dispute what you have said) is that of you have an EQ6 working well, then you will not see a massive guiding improvement on the Linear in my opinion. If the EQ6 is inconsistent, then yes you will get consistency with the Avalon of that there is no doubt. If you want 10 subs, you ask for 10 subs ........ whether that consistency alone is worth a number of thousand of dollars is a decision to make.
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    There have been a couple of submarine films shown on T.V. during the last week. Coincindence or what? Just saying like.........
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    Just a note on the older Lodestar cable issue, i run one but use Pulse Guiding so it only has the USB cable connected, EQMod does the pulse guiding with PHD, I'm not about to try to explain how, but its mentioned in the EQMod help file...it does work with my ST-80/Lodestar very well.....
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    Difficult to forget Endyminon as you have done such a good job of imaging it but you are right that is a fascinating little crater below it and thank you for the detailed explanation.
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    Best go clear all the emails out of my inbox now from tapatalk telling me about all your Rubbish posts Chatting about nothing. I don't think you should give Chris anything for the 10,000 post as it was Rubbish and Iv just cleared 41 emails Mark
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    Great observation & drawing, Nick Go well! Jeremy
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    Well done Mark... There will be a WADAS certificate for the 10,000th. But it has to be an amazing post! It'll go today. Only 20 left!
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    Just a golden dated oldie, "History of Astronomy " by Patrick Moore. It's just classic, with many photos from the 200" Palomar. Just a lovely comfortable read. It's great to retrace steps, the Herschel legacy lives on and many a night has been spent observing their discoveries, Nick.
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    Martin, Hope you are carrying a scope with you. We do an annual vacation to Hawaii and couple of summers ago I had the most incredible observing night on the Big Island. After the family fell asleep I setup my AT72ED on a manual Alt Az mount on the beach. A brief shower had cleared the air and I think the NELM was around 6 or 6.5. I cruised the star fields of the milky way and was able to observe all the bright nebulae. It is amazing how much you can see in a small scope given dark skies and good seeing. Just an incredible experience. Hiten
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    Wow! My jaw dropped with those captures! Stunning to say the least!! I didn't win the lottery last night, otherwise I would have also been on the next plane to Hawaii!
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    Very nice lunar close up. You caught it right on the terminator.
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    Certainly the Skywatchers 9x50 has a fixed eye piece.
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    I never hesitate with refractors. Coatings on glass are hard. In fact they can be harmed by corrosive chemicals both man made and natural so regular cleans are routine for me. However, I'm far more circumspect with aluminium coatings on mirrors. In this situation I'm the original minimalist. Olly
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    This is a 45 minutes exposure (90 x 30 sec, ISO 2200) using a Nikon D810A with a Nikon 200mm f/2.0 lens at f/4.0. I stacked the images in Pixinsight and then processed the final image in Photoshop. No darks, bias or flats was taken or used.
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