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    Currently wellplaced to the south in Cetus is one of the first variable stars to be discovered in antiquity eg Mira = omicron Ceti "long period VS". It's currently about minimum light [AAVSO] of m9.2 but due to it near IR radiation as a red giant on my unfiltered 20s image it appears grossly brighter by many mags and tinted bluish. Visually it appears as bright as the marked star to the left. A degree or so west in Quasar Q0214-033 @ m16.8 hiding close to a mag 13.5 star @ distance of 3.7BLY - see inset. The captured light began its journey when primative life began on Earth ! Two faint gx to the SW, Nytecam
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    After months of reading and thinking what scope to get I got a good deal on a new Skywatcher Skyliner 250px auto-tracking. I'm so happy! Now I just have to wait for the clouds to go away here in Sweden... It just fits in the trunk of my Kia Cee'd 2015 Great! I don't have to leave my wife or kids at home, no telescope in the seats I used the foam from the original box to build a support for safe transport.
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    Another from last night, same subject, same scope but different camera. The scope was Meade 125EDT with the QHY IMGOH mono at prime focus. This is a mosaic of 8 panes, each pane 800 from a 1000. Its a little noisier than I usually like, I should have taken longer runs (about 2000 frames) but I was trying to get all panes in before a bank of cloud came over. In fact the cloud was just encroaching on the last part of the southern highland pane. Still it was enjoyable taking and processing the image
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    Ta folks, I'm pleased with it. Had to do the mosaic manually as the panes wouldn't photomerge in PS. Oh and the 125 is a typo, should be 127 doh me and my sausage fingers
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    I use the linked program, put in your location, tick off what type of DSO your looking for and it will display a list of what you can see...... http://www.whatsup.ricksastro.com/
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    Great shot with the 125 there Phil
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    Good stuff. The first of many cracking sessions for you with the new scope I hope.
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    Lovely report, just shows what the very best basic Newt can do. Check out beta Monocerotis and NGC 2301 ("Hagrid's Dragon") next time you're in Monoceros, Nick.
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    Following on from Sara's brilliant image of this, I have a wider view. 45x2 mins each RGB. 65x3 mins Lum.
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    A red dot finder for the individual to use works fine and doesn't risk aviation.
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