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    It's hard to be content with what you've got, or can afford , I have a 10" SCT that I'd like to replace with a 10" RC and 10 Micron mount and a 100mm refractor that I'd like to replace with a nice trip apo and another mount and an Atik 314L+ that I would like to complement with larger chip camera. I'd also like to move house to darker skies. Failing winning the lottery (unlikely as I don't do it) I'll just have to carry on saving up. The conclusion is that I've only scratched the surface of the capability of the stuff I have at the moment and there will always be bigger, better stuff out there, so just dive in and buy something, anything, it will give you hours of pleasure, and you can always sell it and move on. Dave
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    My biggest gripe with goto is that it's not portable enough for me. If it was I would have it. From a dark site its great fun finding things . But from a city site it's not nearly so easy. Star hopping is much harder when some of the intermediary steps are drowned out by city light pollution
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    I finally got around to finishing my lunar mosaic from April 20th... http://zoom.it/CkFj#full
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    That is one great Picture Tim. I'm a real fan of mirror telescopes due to the price/light gathering ability, but the crispiness with that apo is definitely worth a few extra hours of imaging time./Lars
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    That's great news Mike. Look forward to hearing the story from Pat around the next SW star party bonfire.
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    That's a nice bit of kit, Lee......Wonder how it would look on an eq3 mount? Gary
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    Wait until you have amassed 50 posts Edit: Too slow again!!!
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    Welcome to SGL The comparison of sizes of different objects in the solar system (and indeed in the universe) always astounds me. I have some images of Jupiter from last year with various moons in transit across the face of the planet. When you think that those tiny-looking moons are a very significant proportion of the size of the Earth it's quite astonishing. The same goes for the solar images that some people post with images of the Earth to scale. To think that some sunspots would swallow the Earth whole without even touching the sides really brings home the scale of things. James
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    My wife, sat next to me on the sofa, doubts I could cope with another!
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    Oooh, eos_movrec runs on all platforms including Linux. It looks like this records uncompressed at full resolution. You have made my day Devilgas! Hmm, I wonder if it can be ported to Android...
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