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    I can't say that it's finished but here's 29 hours and 31min of LRGB on the NGC3718. I have 7 hours of Ha data that I didn't manage to add because I felt I was losing more than gaining with it. I'm sure that at some point I'll manage to add it but for now I'll just leave it to LRGB. Hope you like it. Emil
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    I have found this exceptionally difficult to process and have spent about 6 hours processing it so far and I am still not happy with it. I may start again from the beginning. Imaged with KAF8300 and it is so much more noisy than the Atk460. I am still feeling my way with the processing of this. To keep the IFN you can't just drop the black point on these subjects. I either seem to blow out the cores of the stars and of M81, or I pull those back and then lose the IFN.... It is not perfect but ideas and thoughts welcomed.
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    Been running the Graves meteor setup for a number of days over the past couple of weeks to "see" what is reported to be the best of the daylight meteor showers, the Arietids. Pleased to report that I wasn't disappointed. Although the setup wasn't running for the exact same periods over the observation times, the results seem to confirm the max around the 7th June. Individual rates from the observation sessions are, 23 May, 190 meteors in 13 hrs ~ 15/hr 01 June, 290 meteors in 15 hrs ~ 20/hr 07 June, 140 meteors in 4 hrs ~ 35/hr 08 June, 304 meteors in 10 hrs ~ 30/hr 09 June, 188 meteors in 9 hrs ~ 21/hr Chart of results here- Anyone else been busy? Les
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    My dog and Cat were regular observers with me, my dog would stay for about 40 mins but would head back into the warm once she had seen the milky way and Andromeda, the Cat would stay with me all night. Alan
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    This is the first set I bought for my 8" OTA. On my shoestring budget, I was pleased with them. The good thing with them is they fit my camera adapter for eyepiece projection imaging. Slowly, I'm acquiring more expensive eyepieces, but these are still my primary eyepieces. This is a single image through the 23mm and a 1.5 barlow. Definitely not the superb images I see here by others, but you start somewhere.
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    Great image! In support of your colours: I had a shorter attempt (3 hours) at it in March this year with my Esprit 150 and ASI071 (OSC). I think my colours match yours quite well:
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    Well said Stu, I think this topic does ask some good questions regarding the seeming lack of interest by the various countries to get Man back on the Moon. I suspect NASA simply ran out of ideas at the end with what could be done with the technology available too them so the later missions ended up as a PR exercise with a shopping trip to grab some Moon rocks. Alan
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    IC1396 in Hubble palette. 10 hours each in Ha, SII and O3. Small noise reduction as the data didn't need much. Gradients removed, not much background so it was quite difficult to do effectively. Combined in PI, colour adjustment in PS then back to PI for final colour tweaks. I left the green in as I prefer the transitions between the colour, SCNR turned everything a bit 2 tone for my liking. Hope you like it! https://astrob.in/409612/0/
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    Brisk 1.4 degrees C, sky darkened before midnight giving some stunning and intoxicating views. This time of year is to me , unmissable. We get shots of late winter favourites and UMa hovers at the zenith. Waiting for the whole Summer Triangle to fly high and there's Hercules, Ophiuchus , CrB and the claws of Scorpius to enjoy. Don't miss the bright and wide double Graffias here , hovering south and higher than Antares and a faint view of M4. Hercules provided a great start with the multiple ΟΣ 341, what a view ! I had to get round the back of the shed to pull down some long honeysuckle to clear the southern view. From the house I'd glimpsed my target , thin cloud coming in and Jupiter appeared . As it cleared the roofs it was rock steady and huge Currently a huge 46"! It held x320, although the views were crisp at x160. Even in widefield I could pick out Ganymede parting and the jet black dot of Io transmitting. Very very worthwhile either waiting for or getting up for. The southern pole was very dark, a lot going on in the equatorial region with both bands having dark edges. South is over the town and the seeing soon bubbled with more cloud entering. Jupiter is a mesmerising sight just now. Below are my notes. Even without a filter , M27 looked huge and bright. Of all the clusters , I'd rate M5 (globular) and Graff's as spectacular. "La Superba" YCNv showed as a brilliant glowing coal, a really beautiful sight. Always worth looking at Cygnus clusters , NGC 6819 giving powdered glass. A night just full of different targets. Our hedgehog turned up early for a snack ( hedgehog food from Morrisons ) and a noisy drink. Just a completely dazzling few hours and Jupiter , oh wow ! Clear skies , get those scopes out ! Nick.
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    What he said ^
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