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    Very happy with it! Wish the sky were clear, but as we all know, when we buy astro equipment, it's cloudy! Argh! The telescope was collected from David Lukehurst at noon and then we travelled back to Cambridge. John Nichol primary mirror: 37mm thickness, Suprax. Hilux coated. Optics 1/8 PV wavefront 1/27 wave RMS. Strehl .95. Secondary mirror: 62mm MA. Here a few photos:
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    Our latest delivery of iOptron mounts will land at Heathrow tomorrow so should be with us within one week
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    Hi everyone, I joined nearly a year ago but never said hi, shy, lol. My background in astronomy started when I was 11, now 60. I've been out of the hobby for sometime, probably near 15 years. I've owned several scopes in the past, mostly meade SCT 10 inch and 12inch. Have built over the years 3 run off roof observatories. Used to use film using slide version pushed to asa 800. I've loads of slides from the 90's when I used to manual guide my scope up to 45 mins just using my eye and a cross hair 12 mm eyepiece with an off axis guider. I've done a little planetary imaging in the early 2000 using a tucam webcam too, image of Saturn taken back then with the tucam and 10 inch meade. It's a different era now with tech on scopes and imaging camera's but I'm hopefully getting to grips with technology and software. I bought myself a second hand Neq6 last year and anow orion UK 12inch f4 Newtonian which I have modded so that it can be used as both a deep sky Imager at f4 and a planetary Imager at f20. So far things are looking good scope wise and performing well. I just need to get to grips with using phd to eventually guide scope and software to develop the images obtained by the scope. Now instead of a run off roof observatory I've bought myself a second hand 2.7m pulsar observatory. A few tweaks this week with pier hight and polar alignment. Well that's me from the year 1969 to 2019 plus hopefully several more years, lol. BTW, I've found this site the best for advice, willing people to share their wisdom and genuinely nice people, so thank you in advance also of probably some stupid questions from me, Ella
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    Another avi of the transit on 21/06/2019 of Io, shadow and GRS. Now, all I need is an ADC, some clear sky and an airline ticket for the southern hemisphere! Chris
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    Popped out for a quick session on Friday night and there was a lovely Noctilucent Cloud formation to the North, so I popped my camera on a tripod and recorded it. The video was using a Canon SL1 at 22mm f4 taking 265 shots between 23:49 and 00:30. I used Pixinsight for a curves tweak and some unsharp masking and then Videopad to string it all together and add a bit of music. The red light in the foreground for part of it is me setting up the dob. It doesn’t really add to the ambience- but it led a pretty good session despite needing to do a bit of cloud dodging. Noctilucent Timelapse.mp4
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    Thanks Philip, I have an ETX90EC that, like you, I use on holiday trips. This looks much better than my current cobbled together arrangement of holdall and foam. Item ordered, great price. John
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    I also save image files direct to a NAS device over Gb network, and hopefully I may be able to answer some of your questions, as I've just had a notice that my order has been shipped !! really surprised, as there are some reports that nothing would be shipped this year !!
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    Hi everybody, yesterday I was lucky enough to try the Nikon WX binocular, 10x50 version. In fact, at one of my local star parties, I incredibly found a lucky owner of this precious pair of binoculars and together with 3 friends we asked the owner to let us try it. Obviously, we only had a few minutes each to observe and therefore my judgment is extremely limited. Actually, what shocked me the most, more than visual quality, contrast and sharpness (the seing of the evening wasn’t exceptional) was the monstrous field of view. Really huge and above all the high AFOV has created a unique and extraordinary sensation of immersion. I hope to have still in the future the possibility to observe with this wonderful instrument. I would therefore like to know if anyone is lucky enough to own this super binocular or if, at least, someone has been able to carry out a longer visual session and can therefore share his/her feelings about it. There are not many reviews of this binocular out there and I also read somewhere that WX has already been discontinued by Nikon (not sure about that). Thank you 883
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    New parts with selfmade linear bearings. In all(36) 5mm holes sits a axis + ball bearing 5x8x2.5. All these 5mm holes are reamed to the correct size, so the axis are press-fitted in the units. On the right the old system with these LMUU8 linear bearings and on the left the new system, with adjustable bearings. I use this system also in all my printers btw. Works perfect.
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    Apparently Saturn is quite calm, you do not notice any outstanding activities in your atmosphere. This photo although there are still some artifacts, I was very pleased to have been very clear. Even in color the hexagon and eye of the polar hurricane stand out well, bands on the globe defined and ring with well cleaned divisions, being highlighted the C ring that shows weakly in its characteristic blue color steel. https://www.astrobin.com/full/411565/0/?nc=
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