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    Changed Profile Picture for 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11. It's a Hasselblad, used on Apollo 8. It was used to take the Iconic Earth Rise Image.
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    Finally getting around to some observing with the AA 102ED-R. Which end do I look down again?
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    Have now published my speculations regarding the 2016 Perseid Shower after 'graphing the life out' of my sdr radio meteor reflection data. This is what happens when you let an old artist loose in a shed with wires and concepts he barely understands. Probably a lot of 'balderdash' but I enjoyed playing with the data whilst it was raining outside. If you are interested please follow the link to my LVST (Lowestoft Very Small Telescope) site . LVST Perseids 04 Aug to 16 Aug  2016 Please excuse my references to Jodrell Plank Observatory staff - I get a bit silly when I'm bored and make things up! Comet the Observatory Cat exists but she or he does not belong to us or to Mr Schrodinger, who does not actually live next door. Unless God or the police move me on, I hope to do similar stuff on a comparative basis with 2017, 2018 and 2019 data (and also for different meteor showers). ~On the other hand I might just get out more! I attach my favourite data plot for those that like graphs!
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