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    A couple of photos, camera casing and RPi roughly where it will go and printing the top outer casing. Printing in cheap PLA, low resolution, for prototype.
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    The dew heater consists of resistors arranged around the lens and attached to the bottom part of the cover. I don't have a photo of this. The wires for the dew heater and Peltier TEC are taken out through a hole in the bottom together with the USB cable which connects to the camera. These were fed in through a ventilation gap up under the barge boards and into the inside of the roof. Here they connect to the control box with a 4 pin connector. The control box is screwed to the inside of the roof. Inside the control box, at the top is a buck converter to drop 13.8v down to 5.1v for the Raspberry Pi. Plugged onto the GPIO pins of the RPi is a HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) which carries components to control focussing, camera cooler and dew heater - more of which later. The left hand twin cable is the main power input from the observatory main supply.
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